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April 15. At Bath, in bis 73d year, Rt. Hon. Sir A. Thomson, Lord Chief Justice of hisMajesty'sCourt of l-xchtquer. Hewas in point of ytars the Father of the Bench, having sat as one of the Judges many years longer than any of its present occupants. His reputation as a Judge was of the highest order, in point of legal knowledge, of perspicuity, and strict integrity of decision.—A few years back the longevity of our judges was provcibial, and a vacancy on the bench was a rare occurrence. Death, however, has lately made a great sweep in a quarter winch he bad previous!) so much spared. He Las taken away not only Heath, Rooke, Grose, Ashhurst, and others of the old school, and lastly, Chief Baron Thomson; but also made free with their junior brethren before their ermine had lost its freshness. Chief Baron Thomson was the intimate friend of Lord Thurlow, by whom his talents were highly esteemed.

April 17. In Langham-place, William Price, esq. formerly Equerry to the King, and Vice Chamberlain to the Queen.

April 18. At MauIdslie Castle, in his 60th year, the Right lion. Thomas t'armichael, Earl of Hyndford. He succeeded his cousin James in the Earldom, Dec. 21, 1787. The greater part of his time was devoted to agricultural pursuits at Westra, and to the embellishment of his princely seat at Mauluslie. He was one of the most skilful farmers in a district particularly distinguished for the excellence of its farming. Mauldslie, his patrimonial inheritance, is now separated from the Hyndford estate. It has fallen to his Lordship's sister, Mrs. Nisbet of Carfin. Sir John Anstruther, bart. succeeds to the entailed estate. The title is extinct.

April 20. After a short illness, Mrs. Tegart, wife of Arthur Tegart, esq. of Pall Mall, deeply lamented by her surviving family and friends.

In Litchfield-street, Sobo, Mr. Andrew Thompson, aged 72.

April 22. At his friends at Worcester, in the bloom of life, after a severe illness during many months of a pulmona'y disease, to the sincere regret of his acquaintance, and the heartfelt affliction of his young family and relvives, the Rev. John Wall, M. A. rector of Qua* Wolstaston and Stoke St Milbuigh. co. Salop, younger son of the late Col. Wall of Tewkesbury Lodge, co. Gloucester, and grar.dson of the late celebrated and truly beoerolent John Wall, late of Worcester, M. D.

At Ashted, neai liirmingham, in his 68th year, Mr. Francis Wheeley.

P. 189, a. The late Francis Gosling, Esq. was a character whose definition is comprehended iu "Humani Generis I)ecus." The Gentleman and the Scholar, of refined, elegant, suavity of manners; of liberality of heart and hand, of iliffusive charity to an extent proverbial. Thus shone his character expanded to the world. Iu his domestic scene, the sacred depdt of tender and endearing sensibilities, he was the perfection oftxample, conjugal and paternal. The lenient hand of Time can aloue be looked to to sooih the affliction of that suffering circle. They have, however, to enjoy in alleviation the Epicurism in reflection, that his memory and meritorious deeds will be perennially vital.—When such a man is called to Heaven by the fiat of his Maker, he leaves a void on earth rarely ever filled by commensurate aggregate of moral virtues. S.

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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending April 19.

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Suffolk 109 6
Camb. 88 10
Norfolk 107 0
Lincoln 87 10
York 79 2

Durham 86
Northum. 70
Cumberl. 83
Lancaster 95
Chester 93
Flint 91 10

Denbigh 102 2
Anglesea 70 0
Carnarv. 109
Cardigan 113
Pembroke 95
Carmart. 109
Glainorg. 108 11
Gloucest.119 5
Somerset 121 1
Monm. 123
Devon 120
Cornwall 99
Dorset 115
Hants 120

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JIBtfrenaneoul Cnrregptinbence, Xc.

'Anecdote of our venerable Monarch 387

A Projector,on the Increase of Bankruptcies388 Mr. Southey's Apology for " Wat Tyler" 389 Works of Mr. Peckitt in Stained Glass.... 392 North and South Hioksey Churches, Berks.'393 Description of Griston Church, Norfolk,..ibid.

Remarks on Ecclesiastical History 397

'Danger of Concession to Roman Catholicks 399 Churchmen attending Chapels of Dissenters 400 Interesting Remains of Old London Wall. 401 Burial Service.—Church in Dean Forest.. 402 Letters of Mrs. E. Carter.—Arbutbnot?...403 Remarkable Escape from the Rebels, 1745. 404 CompendiumufCountyHistory; Gloucesier409 Observations on the Dry Rot in Timber... 414 Thanksgiving for Preservation oftheRegent416 Bill to amend Laws respecting the Clergy 417 The Subscription for Churches in Canada 418

Cathedral Schools—Canterbury Hid.

On III Health arising from Indigestion .,..419 Spring Gun» in Private Grounds illegal....420 Remarks on the Variations of the Compass. 421 Painting of the Interior of St. Denis, &C...423 Tomb of Dagobert.—Diseases of the Ear...424

MAY, 1817.

Cornw.-Oovent. 2
Durham — Essex
Exeter?, Giouc.2
Halifax—Hants 2
Hereford, Hull 3
Ipswich 1, Lancas.
Leices.2—Leeds 2
Lichfield, Liver.6
Maidst. Manch. 6
Norfolk, Norwich
N.WalesOxford 2
Preston—Plym. 21
Reading—Salisb. I
Sherborne, Sussex
Staff.—Stamf. 2
. Wolverh. Wore.2
Scotland 24.

Renicro of Jflett #unlicatinn;s\

Curiosities of Literature, in three volumes 425 Bowode's Treatise full of Consolation, &C.429 Spence's Letters from the North Highlauds429 Park's Topography, &c. of Hampstead....431 Selections from Works of Fuller and South.436

Le Breton's Selection of Sacred Poems 437

Bowles's Reasons for Savings' Banks, Sccibid. State Lottery, and Thoughts on Wheels...438

Acadian Code of Signals 4391

Examples for Maps—Ewing's Geography..4401

Apicms Redivivus:—Irish Free Schools 441J

Literary Intelligence 442:

Index Indicatorius—Questions, &c...... 444

Select Poetry, for Mav 1817 445—4481

S?isftoricai ffjronicle.

Proceedings in presentSessionof Parliament449 Abstractof principal Foreign Occurrences..457 Country News 462,—Domestic Occurrences463 TheatricalReg.—Promotions; Preferments465 Births; and Marriages of eminent Persons 466 Memoirs of Dr. Combe; Rev. W. Hanbury;

B.Travers,esq.A.C.Murphyesq.&c.467-472 Obituary,withAnecd.ofremarkablePersons472 Bill of Mortality.—Prices of Markets, &c. 479 Canal, Sec. Shares.—Prices of the Stocks...480

Embellished with Views of North Hinicsey Church, Berks; and of the Remains

of Old London Wall, in the Church - yard of

St. Giles's, Cripplegate.


Printed by Nichols, Son, and Bentley, at Cicero's Head, Red Lion Passage, Fleet-str. London; where all Letters to the Editor are particularly desired to be addressed, PosT-rAiD.

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