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Imperial and Pilan fleets retire from it, ftreers, who at last surrender, is. (A). The 381. Pope Innocent IV, conducted by sea pi maging brings on disputes between the conto Genea, and almost all heir whole ficet

federale genera's, 462. Emperor visits it, destroyed by a storm, ib. Disputes in the and his proposal for a citadel rejected by the city between the Gibellires and Guelfs ; senate, 470. Disturbances there by the one of the firiner imprisoning the podesta, duke's intrigues, 482. Why the old nobi. and causing himself to be proclaimed cap lity murmur against the new, 483. Charges tain, with she issue, 385. Thrown into in the government there by its deliverer Charles of Naples' hands, who invades Andrea Doria, and the reformers chuse Autheir territories, but to little advantage, bert Lazari duke, ib. Civil diffenfions and 387. The republic excommunicated, but deligns of the old and new nobility there, afterwards absolved, who make large pur the city being divided into three factions, chases within their serritory, 388. New 487. Influence of in? popular leaders, and form of government there, by chuling a the horrid confufions caused thereby, ib. foreigner their capiain annually, 391. Dir Situation with regard to the neighbouring putes there, about ceclaring against the Ca pow:rs, and conniving at the aitempt of altalans, arise to fighting in the streets, 392. Taffinating the corsable by the baron d'AleReccr.ciliation effected there between the gre, 510. Money arriving from Spain, inGibellires and Guelss, and the pepe's en spires new spirits into the republic,'ib. Sedeavours for peace incff. Eval, 394. V10 veral circumstances concur to defeat the eneJent sedition in that city, ib. The Vere my's projects, with advantages gained by tians trke several places from the Genoese the pealants over them, 511. Spain resolves the u bile, ib. Fresh dii'urbances in that to lessen the intereit of money borrowed city, and the worsted party exiled; but an from its bunk, 512. Variar ce between the accommodation concluded, 396. New com republic and Savoy, ib. Treaty between motions, with the occ lion, ib. Hoftilities Genoa and Turin, and ihe expence of this continue between both parties, and a violent war to the Geroele, with a prodigious wa!! dificnfion between the nobles and coin built on the occasion, 516 (B). Plot of mons, with the occahon, 401. A truce the Spaniards for fuizing it discovered ; also and then a perpetual peace concluded be a dreadful plague, and a war with the cor. twixt both parties, with the lipulations, fairs of Barbary, 517. Revolution there 402. The general defolation occalioned by through Spinclo, and recoveis its independthis war very great, ib. Fresh disturbances ency,. xxxvi. 259. The king of France acthere, and the occasion, 403. New duke cepts the sovereignty of that republic, 299. elected there with the concurrence of ine Revolt of it, when Regnier and Jono are nobles, and his desire to be bound by arti both defeated, and return both to France, cles, 404. Peace concluded with the ex 301. Falls into the hanjs of the Milanese, iles, and the terms, 407. Revolution there 340. The attempts of the French against by the Visconti, with the occasioni, 410. it defeated, 370. Owing to Charles's dila. New tumults there, and a duke chofen, tory wavering counsels, wiens other reasons, with his char. &ter, 416. Great difturb 371. Relolution there, xxxvii. 151. Juncances there, with the successive chusing of iion of don Philip and Gage's armies near feveral dukes, and its territories, 4'9. in it with that of the republic, 233. Its conSurrection there against the French gover queft by the Auftrians ballet, 240. nor, 422. Total cellation of arms agreed Genoele atempt an independent trade into Into, with the dim: ge done that ciiy, ih. The dia, ix. 226. Seize on the port of Caffa, French governor iwice obliged to abandon 228. Their cowardice before Gallipoli, xii. the palace, and captains chosen, ib. New 37. Seize on Phocea, 46. Refuse to reform of government there, with faluiary ree leale Sarkan's hostages, 47. Seize on the gulations, 428. Epidemical difter.per there, iland of Chio, 51. Asisted by sultan Or429. Tumultuouis proceedings there, 437. kan, 54. Cruelty to the banished Jews, Dominion of the state accepted by the king xiji. 355 (D). War with them occafioned of France, 439. Commotions there on by the ine of Tenedos, xxvi. 98. Scize Galeazzo's death, 443. Renewal of the Lemnos, but defeated and driven from Tefactions in that city, 444. New form of nedos, 99. War with them, and their galgovernment established there, 445. King Jies taken and destroyed, xxvii. 82. After of France's designs against it frufrated, 449. their defeat on the Sardinian coast, they put Revolts from the King of France, with the their foveignty into the hands of Visconti commotions thereupon, 450. Attempts of the duke of Mila.., 83. Sea-fight between che emperor and pope Julius II. on thai city them and the Venetians, with the defeat of aþortive, 456. Taken by the Spaniards, the latter, 106. Successes of their allies who enter and pillage it, 461. With the by land, ib. Closely beset in Chioggia, and gallant resistance of a handlul of men in the beaten in the haven, 107. After Zeno's


arrival with a fleet, are defeated; they give up Chioggia, and surrender prisoners of war, 108. Rupture with them, who are defeated by Zeno the Venetian admiral, 118. Fleer's arrival at Corfu, 147. Perfuaded to lay aside their armament against Sicily, xxviii. 159. Was between them and the Pilans, with peace concluded ; after which they jointly attack the Moors in "Africa, 357. Their feet continually ernployed about the Croisades to or from the Holy Land ; and, under William Embriacus, the Genoese, by their ingenuity, greatly contribute to the taking of Jerusalem, 358. Mike a treaty with Baldwin for a third part of whatever booty is taken, 359. Coin their own money, ib. Make a new treaty wita Baldwin in Syria, with their services in that country, and the privileges bestowed upon them, 360. Begin to renew their diffutes win their neighbours, and resolve to seduce all the old marquisate, ib. Make a small alteration, and chuse eight supreme magiftrates for four years, 361. They protećt pope Gelasius II. against the emperor Henry V. with a new war between them and the Pisans about Corsica, and the different accounts, with a peace concluded, but of short continuance; and the consecrasion of the Corfican bishops decided in the Laieran council to belong to the pope, 362. The Pirans enraged at this, renew the war, with the advantages gained by the Genoese, ubo invade their territories, and peace be. tween them by the pope's mediation, 363. Add a new company to the seven old ones, and two consuls for each ; and they turn their arms against the Mours with success, 364. The emperor Conrad confirms their 'privilege of coining; they reduce Ventimiglia ; have a settlement in Montpelier, &c. with a confirmation of many privileges from the pope, ib. Their success under Caffaras against the Moors; fit out a fleet, and take Almeria by storm, as also Tortosa, 365. The republic's inactivity to what owing, 3.06. They take an oath of alle. giance to the emperor Frederick Barbarossa, and conclude an alliance with the Greek emperor, 367. The pope interests himself for the republic with three eastern princes, ib. Complete the wall of the city, and oblige one of the Moorish kings in Spain to agree to a peace, 368. Its various success, 369. Negociation for a peace how intero rupted, ib. Enter into a treaty with the emperor Henry against Tancred about Na. ples, 372. Restore the consuls ; but the dissensions continuing, Oberto d'Olivano of Pavia is chosen podesta, 373. They reduce the whole isand of Sicily for the emperor Henry, with his perfidy to them for cheir services, and a fucceffion of four podatas,

and their transactions, 374. Several privileges obtained for them in Armenia ; conferences for peace with the Pilans ineffectual, and, among other transactions, Syracuse taken by assault, 3'5. Hoftilities between them and the Venetians, with the occasion, ib. Among other transactions, the Genoese relieve Syracuse, invested by the Piran fleet, which is intirely defeated, with the loss of twenty of their vessels; with a truce and perpetual peace agreed to, 376. A cessation of hoftilities between thein and the Pisans, ibid. Enlargement of their territories, and an embassy from Armenia confirming their privileges, and civil caufas at home committed to five fo. vereign judges, 377. The enlargement of their territories gives great jealousy to their neighbours, who revolt, but submit ; with fome domestic disturbances, 378. Ambala sadors sent to the Levant, and a fleet against the Moors of Murcia, ib. A rupture between the Genoese and the emperor, 379. The la:ter hearkens to an accummodation, ib. Allo another made with the king of Ceuta, and betwixt the Venetians and Geneole, ib. Their feet taken or sunk by the Imperial and Pisan fleets, 380. Espouse pope Gregory's part against the emperor Frederick about the extent of their jurifdiction, ib. Alliance with the Venetians renewed, 382. A complete victory gained by their feet, which conducts St. Lewis to Egypt, ibid. In conjunction with the Florentines and Lucchese distress the Pisans, 383. Make an alliance with Michael Palcologus; aslift him with a fleet against the Venetians, but excommunicated, 384. Rupture between them and the Venetians at Acon, with the occasion, ib.

An accommodation at Rome between them, as alio the Pisans, ibid. The same day the Genoese fleet intirely defeated by the others ir Syria, ib. Their feet defeats the Venetians off Durazzo, 385. The success of another Acet, 386. Absolved from excommunication, and send a fleet to Syria, five of which the Venetians take before Acon, ib. They make alliance with Charles of Naples after his defeating Conrad, and with St. Lewis, whose expedition proves fatal to them, with Charles's rapacity, ib. Diflenfions throughout the whole Genoese terri. tories, particularly Ventimiglia, and its conSequence in Genoa, ib. Exiles, who had been restored, raising new disturbances, are condemned to perpetual banishment, and with their friends surprise Chiavari, but foon abandon it, 388. Alliance with Charles against the Greek emperor rejected by them, who inform him of the intended invasion ; which miscarries, on account of the famous revolt of Sicily, ib. New war between the

Pilans and Genoese; but the former submit to terms prescribed, with the occasion of the rupture, 389. Peace, after some captures by them, concluded with the Pisans, against Ugolino's inclination, whom, with his family, they farve to death, 391. Their heet's success in Corfica, ib. New rupture with the Pisans, and the occasion, with the Success of the Genoese before 'Pisa, ib. The Venetians are jealous of their prosperity, 392. Two Genoese vessels fail through Gibraltar streights westward, ib. (6). A rupture between them and Venice, with the occasion, 393. Take thirty Venetian gallies, with the vigorous preparations on both fides, 394. Their fieet gains a complete victory over the Venetians on the coast of Dalmatia, 395 (D). Peace concluded hereupon, ib. The Pilans purchase a truce from Genoa, ib. Excommunication against them, and their absolution, 396. Their animofiries sublide, 401. A remarkable revolution in their form of government by the sailors, 404. So chat at length che Ges nocle, in a tumultuous manner, create Buccanigra duke, ib. Defeat the Turks in the Black Sea, 405. With others take Smyrna; but are betrayed by the Tartars in the Black Sea, 406. Their exiles, who rejected ihe terms offered them, railing a confiderable force, send them against the English in Flanders, and most of them Nain at Crelly, 407. Fleet, in its way to the Black Sea, among other successes, reduces the isle of Chios, with a decree, on their return, in favour of the proprietors, ib. War with the Venetians in the Black Sea, and the occason of it, with the captures on each side in Castro, 408. The Genoele defeat the united fleets of Venice and Arragon off Pera; and they are beaten in their turn off Sardinia, 409. Flect, under Paganus Auria, surpriie that of Venice on the coast of the Morca, with peace concluded, ib. Join Andronicus against his father, and place him on the Imperial throne, with a war between them and the Venetians, 413. Fleet defeated, and the revolt of Visconti from the republic, 414. Fleet beat the Venetians of Pola in Istria, ib. And their further proceedings, 415. They storm Chioggia, and beliege Venice, while the Venetians, assisted by the English, oblige the Genoese to retire; and they retake Chioggia, with the successes of the Genoese in their city, 416. Treaty łatween both republics, ib. Conducts pope Urban VI. to their city, who in disgust goes 10 Lucca, 417. Many English and French joining them, they inveft Tunis; but conclude a treaty with the Infidels, 418. Revolt, massacre most of the French, and declare the marquis of Montferrat caprain of the republic, 426. Gallies, with Ladislaus

of Naples's feet, storm Ventimiglia, ib. After their making some captures at sea from the Florentines, a peace is concluded, 427. Revolt from the duke of Milan, 435, Imprudently renew their former animofities, ib. Dispose of their settlements in Corsica and the Black Sea to the bank of St. George, 439. Revolt from the French; and the king of France resigns Savona and his title to Genoa in favour of Francis Sforza of Milan, 441. Their fingular ser. vices at the siege of Otranto against the Turks, 444. Throw off the yoke of Sforza, whose forces are roated by them, ib. Persuaded by the cardinal Paul Fulgofio to put themselves under the protection of Lewis Sforza, 446. Enjoy great tranquillity, ib. Cruelty of the rebels there to the French in the upper citadel, 452. The lower gallantly defended, ib. Mutineers, their humility on king Lewis's arrival at Afte, with Charles d'Amboise marching forward, and the king's besieging the city, 453. Genoese defeated, and the Senate most humbly supplicates for peace, 454. BeSiege the French garrison in the citadel, with a bold action by Cavallo, and Toscano's ingenuity, the governor being obliged to capitulate, 459. Unconquerable averhon between the Spaniards and them, with an inftance of it, and the people attack the Spaniards, 471. Take Fiorenzo, 473. Peace negociated between the Porte and republic, also between France and Spain; with an article in favour of the Genoese, 474. Scize on the marquisate of final, ib. An epidemical discale rages in their camp, 476. Confulion of their army, and a remarkable cir. cumstance for it, 480. Indolence of the ancient nobility, whilst the new urge their demands, 488. The ancient nobility retire out of the city, with the proceedings of the new, 492. The latter re-establish the law for incorporating certain citizens with the nobility, and they levy forces, ib. Ambarfadors sent to the pope, who espouses the cause of the new nobility, and sends a legate, 493 (C). The old nobility forced to quit the city, levy troops, 494. Both face tions appeal to different courts, with an embafiy extraordinary from the emperor, 495. Several meetings of the old nobility, without any certain resolution ; and the people alarmed at don John of Austria's approach, who returns to Naples; with the estates of the ancient nobility confiscated and fold, 496. These nobility again iffue orders for all of their body to quit Genoa, with the king of Spain's answer to the ambassadors from bo:h partics, 496. The minner in which hoftilities are begun, but forced to retire by or. der of the duke de Gandia, 497. Proposal in favour of Spain, by the ancient nobility,


539 (A).

rejected by the senate, ib. A reconciliation George, St. Bank at Genoa, it origin, formaa
between the old and new nobility, and the tion, and wealth, xxviii. 426 (F).
regulations in that government, 501. Long duke of Lunenburg, defeats the Impe-
peace after this, 502. War with the duke rialifts at Oldendorp with confiderable loss,
of Savoy, and a treaty between him and and afterwards takes Hamelin, XXX. 209.
France, with the Genoese refusing succours prince of Denmark, his generosity, xxxii.
from Spain, 503. Their application for ar-
fiftance from his holiness proving vain, the duke of Lunenburg, and his military ex-
senate exerts itself vigorously, with the ploits, xlii. 221. Is poisoned and dies,
seizure of a large sum that the duke of ib.
Guise was sending to Genoa, ib. Party de · Lewis duke of Lunenburg, his early va-
feated by the French, 507. Gain several lour, xlii. 223. Marriage with the only
advantages over the Piedmontese through daughte: of Zell ; his bravery; and the
the intrepidity of the Corsicans, when prince crown of England settled on his mother the
Gabriel escapes in disguise, 525. Do not princess Sophia, 224. Forces the house of
improve their victory over the Piedmontese, Wolfenbuttel to quit the French alliance,
528. Oneille and several other towns taken and succeeds to Zell, 225. Surprises a body
by them, ib. (C). Briga, also Perinaldo, of French horse at Offenberg, and obliges
taken by them from the duke of Savoy, the bishop of Hildesheim to forbear bis op-
529. The Spanish gallies act in concert pression of the Protestants, ib. His success
with the Genoese, and Lewis XIV. espouses hon to the British crown, and electoral dig-
the part of the duke of Savoy, ib. Their nity acknowledged France, 226. He
partiality for Galeazzo, xxxvi. 173. De comes to the throne, with his death and
clare against the Florentines, and appoint character, ib.
Picinino their general, 243. Defeated by William elector of Brandenburgh, mi-
the Venetians in the Tuscan Sea, 248. sery of his dominions under him, xlii. 239.

Their hoftilities, who are defeated, 340. Misfortune attending him and his relations,
Genseric the Vandal invited ito Africa, with 240. Ravages by the Dutch and Spaniards

his conquests and reign there, xiv, 120. in Cleves, ib. The emperor seods an army
Hatred against the orthodox, and deftroys into Saxony against the Protestants, who are
the Roman edifices, 121. His cruel cha defeated, and retire into Brandenburg, which
racter di!played, 122. Persecution of the they pillage, 241. The Imperialists put
orthodox, 123. Softened by the Roman garrisons into Pomerania, ib. The edict of
ambassador Severus, and concludes a peace reftitution published by the emperor, and
with the emperor Juftin, 125. Becomes war declared by Gustavus Adolphus, ib.
more friendly to the Christians and Romans, Great contributions raised in Brandenburgla
126. Breaks the peace with them; his by the Imperialists, 242. The king of
defeat, last will, and death, 127. The Sweden enters Germany, and takes posiel-
Vandals irruption into Italy under him, fion of Pomerania, ib. The elector forti-
Xxxvi. 10.

fies Berlin against him, and obliged to deli-
Gen-loo, the twenty-fourth emperor of Japan, ver up the fortresses of Spandau and Custrin,
his reign, ix. 115:

with the king's views in this, 243. Mag-
Gen-fwo empress of Japan, her reign famed deburg taken by the Imperialists, and its
for the appearance of some Japanese deities, miseries, 244. The elector joins the Swe-

dish party, and Gustavus totally defeats the
Gentil, Valentine, his recanting his errors Imperialists, ib. The emperor sends an

twice, and afterwards burned at Bern, xxxvii. army against the electors of Saxony and

Brandenburgh, which is defeated at Lutzen,
Gentiles in Abyssinia, who and whence, xv. with the loss of Guftavus, 245. Oxenstiern

cor.cludes alliances, and his proposal about
Gennep invested by prince Henry, and, not Pomerania ; upon which, and the defeat of

withstanding the bravery of Preston the go the Swedes at Rordlingen, the elector con-
vernor, surrenders, xv. 335.

cludes a peace with the emperor, 246. The
George, a Christian physician, cures the caliph Swedes ravage Brandenburgh, ib. On the

Almansur, ii. 293. Refuses his large pre death of the duke of Pomerania, the war
sents and three fine girls, and honourably is carried into that country, and the Swedes
dismissed by him, ib.

appear before Berlin, blocking up Spandau
the patriarch, deposed and imprisoned, ii. and Custrin, 247. The elector dies, ib.

- 1. king of England, declines the fole
Fort St. (Madras) the chief English set mediation between the emperor and Spain,
tlement, deicribed, x. 230. Its disadvan-

xlii. 389.
tageous fituation, 232. Fort and White Georgi Morini, the fiftieth doge of Venice, his
Town described, 233

character, xxvii. 74. Death, ib.


ix. 120

Georgia invaded by Timur Bek, v. 247. Ra. Denmark, but the latter pardons the prince, vaged by him, 321.

Also atrelh, 335.

xxix. 440. Again invaded and ravaged, on account of Gerhard, uncle to Valdemar of Sleswick, arn. religion, 350

Seven bundred towns plun tious designs on the Danish throne, xxxii. dered and destroyed by him, 353. Invaded 241. by Kara Yusef, 393. Revolts from the bishop of Bologna, made prætor, with Pertans, 432. Reduced by Malek Shach, his tyranny and expulsion, xxxvii. 22. His üj. 260. Its wali exasperated againf Hus. cause espoused by the emperor and the pope, seyn Shah, refuses to fight for him, vi. 23. 49.

Geriah befieged and taken by admiral Watson, - irs settlement when planned, xl. 440.

and its vast plunder, X. 197.. Encouraged by the Carolinians, ib. Account German princes and bishops intreat the pope of its charter, 453. Names of :he trustees to be reconciled w the emperor, xxvi. 35. erected into a corporation, and reasons for Upon refusal, they publish the perpetual edict not employing negroes, 454. First settle at Frankfort, ib. Empire involved in great ment under Oglethorpe, arrival in Caro confufion, and a powerful association, with lina, and kind reception, ib. Progress of a list of those concerned, xxix. 2 14 (H). that colony, and arrival of its secilers, 457. Confusion and calamities throughout the Industry of its planters, 459.. Progress of empire, and the several methods for remethat colony, and new names given places by dying the public distress, 218. Marriages Oglethorpe, 460. Preparations for its de of quality, account of them, 245 (H). Diience against the Spaniards, ib. Funda orders there so great during the interregnum, mental error in is conftitution rectified, 461. that associations are formed for mutual deFurther encouragement given, ib. Speci fence, 283. Disputes about the right of men of its raw filk, 462. Several regula electors how determined, ib. Electors emtions made by the trustees, 463. Invaded brace a neutrality between pope Eugenius by the Syaniards, who are repulsed, ib. and the council of Baril, with their view Drooping state, and importance under go in this measure, 409 (E). Princes in the vernor Ellis, and the advantages from it to diet at Nuremberg refuse to act against PoGreat Britain, ib. Account of its ifards dehad, but grant supplies against the Turks, and forts, 464. Religious notions of its 442. Privately solicit cardinal Richelieu to Indians, ib. The accounts why fufpicious, defend ihem; and he sends Marcheville into 465. Its r atural productions, ib. Variety Germany, and by his means the election of of game and wild beasts, with fiih, jb, Few a king of the Romans is delayed, xxx. 173. ne's of iis hands, 466.

Electors affemble at Nuremberg, with their Georgiana fubdued to caliph Solyman, ii. 192. deliberations, and places appoioted for difInvaded by Timur Bek, v. 285.


culling a peace, 248. Princes, allembly of mountainous parts · ravaged by him, 291,

them at Brunswic, with the treaty and re293. Natives cruelly butchered by him, solucions formed there, 467. Princes asto353.

ciale, ard take up arms, under count de Gcorgians prepare to oppose the Mogul gene Lippe, against ibe Spaniards, xxxi. 152.

rals, iv. 440. The furnier defeated by them, But being repuiled, they disband, 153. Art441. Sold for two abbas per bead, v. 445. ifts, &c. intended for Russia, why stopped Cruelly ravaged by Abbas, 448. Submit at Lubeck, and the czar's ambassador imupon easy terms, 449. III created by Alp prisoned there, xxxv. 212. Mercenaries, a Arsan, iii. 260.

mutiny of them, who throw themselves into Georgis, Amhara, discovers the sham Jaacob, Parma, and Scaliger's raising the fiege therewho is beheaded, xv. 282 (Q).

upon, xxxvi. 98 (A). Pope John's death Georgilla, princess, banished by Bafilides, xv. gives a turn, ib. 313

Germans, their reconciliation with

pope EuGerbæ ille, on the African coast, reduced, genius, and the terms, xxvi. 170. Make xxviii. 417.

loud complaints against the pope, with Gerbillon feitles the boundaries between China Æneas Sylvius's jußifying hím, 179. Wimand Russia, viii. 507.

pheling's answer to his letter, and the nunGeran, St. dies, xxiv. 496.

cios expelled from Wurtzburg, 180. Their Gerard, founder of an hospital for pilgrims, character, xxix. 15. Obliged to quit Upper

xix. 27. Is succeeded by Dupin, 28. Hungary, xxx. 308. But attacked by the Gergenti, ancient Agrigentum, in Sicily, re peasants on their masch, the disturbances • volts, ii. 560. Taken by Ali Ebn Kema, ftill continue, ib.

Germany, rebellion there, xxv. 472. Anarchy • Gerhard of Oldenburgh, disturbances between there by the death of William count of Hola him and his brother Christian king of land, 489. Two competitors for that em

jii, 225.

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