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every one that was bitten, when he looked upon it, lived. Now our Lord expressly says concerning this, As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so shall the Son of man be lifted up, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

Copy then, my dear children, the faith of Moses. Obey the instructions of that prophet whom he foretold. Believe in the death of that Saviour whom the brazen serpent set forth. Unless you have faith in Jesus Christ you cannot be saved. Indeed, you can do none of the things I have been teaching you, without it. You cannot feel thankful to God for the care of his providence; you cannot choose his blessed ways; you cannot be meek and lowly in heart; you cannot pray, unless you believe in Christ for the pardon of your sins and acceptance with God. And if Moses had faith in that Saviour who was only darkly and obscurely known by him, how much more should you believe in him, who live under the clear light of the gospel

There was no New Testament when Moses lived. He had no gospels nor epistles to read. Even the Psalms and Prophets were not written then. And yet he esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt. Believe then, my dear children, in the merits and death of your Saviour. Ask yourselves, why it was that the Son of God was born of a Virgin? why he was laid in the manger? why he lived so despised a life and why he died so cruel a death upon the cross? The answer is: It was for the sins of the world, and for


sins amongst the rest. My child, it was thy naughtiness, thy pride, thy obstinacy, thy love of worldly things, thy evil tempers, thy wicked heart, thy disobedience to man, thy rebellion against God, that nailed Jesus Christ to the cross, that pierced bis side, that placed the crown of thorns on his head, that crucified him between two thieves, that laid him in the tomb. He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities. The Lord laid on him the iniquities of us all. Believe then in this blessed Saviour. When you feel your sinfulness, and fear lest God should be

angry with you, then put all your trust in the death and sufferings of Christ. Trust to Him, and to Him alone, for the forgiveness of your sins; and not to any of your own doings. Look to Jesus Christ by faith dying on the cross, as the Israelites looked to the brazen serpent which Moses lifted up, that you may live.

, Young as you are, you may believe in the Saviour. When my own dear little girl was dying, a few years ago, she was sitting on my knee, I had no idea she was so near death. She was about five years and a half old. I said to her, ' Little Ann (for that was her name) must put all her trust in Jesus Christ-Papa is praying to Jesus Christ for little Ann. With these words she gently put her head back on my shoulder, and breathed her last.

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This is my last remark, Believe in Jesus Christ as your only Saviour.

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last DIRECTION to you is, pray to God to teach you, and make you feel your need of this Saviour. None but God can do this. He can open the eyes

and soften the heart of a little child; and then that child will be sorry for his sins, and feel his unhappiness under them, and be sensible how much he wants a Saviour; just as one that is sick, feels the want of a doctor and medicine, to make him well. And then such a child will come to Christ by faith, and put all his trust in him, and thus become one of the sheep of his pasture.

Thus I have shown you the wonderful birth of Moses, his choice of the ways of God, his meekness, his earnest prayers, and his faith in the promised Messiah or Saviour.

And now, in conclusion, let me beg of you, my children, that you will all be like Moses, and no one of you like Pharaoh, and Korah and his company. My anxious wish and prayer is, that you may copy the example of Moses, Who would not be happy and meek like him, rather than obstinate and rebellious like Pha

raoh or Korah? Where is there a child who would not prefer Moses, to those wicked enemies of God? Where is there a child who does not see that Moses was a holy and blessed man, useful to all around him, supported and aided by God's providence and grace; and that he is now esteemed and honoured by the whole church in every age. Whereas, what was Pharaoh? What was Korah and his company? What became of their hardness of heart, their rebellion and opposition to God? They were unhappy and discontented during life, they could not attain their wicked ends, they made others sinful and miserable as well as 'themselves; and they are held up now as warnings to be avoided and shunned by all good people. And then, my children, who would not prefer the death of Moses to the death of those rebellious people? You know the end of Pharaoh was, that he was drowned in the Red Sea, and the end of Korah and his company was, that the earth opened and swallowed them up, and they went down alive into the pit—whereas Moses died in peace, after having seen the promised land from Mount Pisgah, and was taken to Heaven, and God declared after his death, that there had been no prophet before like unto him. I am sure there is not one child of this assembly who would not tremble at dying like Pharaoh or Korah-I am sure

there is not one who would not wish to die like good Moses.

Then, my dear children, you must begin to live like Moses now,


would die like him at last. There are but two roadsHeaven and hell. Choose then the way that leadeth unto life. Go home and think over this sermon. Pray to God for his grace and Holy Spirit. It is not the will of your heavenly Father that one of you little ones should perish. 0, do not then destroy yourselves by sin and unbelief. O, let there not be one out of the two thousand children before me this day, who does not pray earnestly to God that he may resemble Moses in his life and in his death.

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