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And promis'd, by thy facred Deity,
His King and covenanted God to be ;
Therefore my hopes are center'd all in thee.
Ver. 9. Bebold, O God, our field; and look upon obe face

of tbine anointed.
Omnipotent, whose armour none can wield,
Zion's great buckler and defensive shield ;
Thy pure untainted eyes cannot behold
Deformed mortals in their finful mold,
Unless their names be graved on the breast
Of Zion's holy consecrated Priest.
When they his white and glorious garments wear,
Then fin and guilt both wholly disappear :
Because o'erwhelmed in the crimfon food,
And ocean of a dying Surety's blood :
They also, vested with his radiant grace,
Reflect the lufture of his holy face.
They're not themselves now, but divinely trim;
For wholly what they are, they are in him :
And hence Jeuovau's all-discerning eye
Cannot in them effy deformity.
Then look on him, Lord; and in him on me.
Ver. 10. For a day in tby courts is better iban a tboufand:

I bad ratber be a door-keeper in tbe bouse of my God,

than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.
May I possess as thy domestic child,
The house that by Jehovah's name is ftyld:
For royal glories deck those courts of thine,
Which with majestic rays so brightly shine,
That should my mind present an earth of gold,
As full of worldly joys as earth can hold;
Sweet grace fo fills my ho

house, I'd grudge to spare,
One moment here, for thousand ages there.
No earthly object shall my love confine,
That Being which poffelles all, is mine.
My spirit therefore rather would embrace
The meanest office in his holy place,
And by the threshold of his house within,
Than sit in fplendor on a throne of sin.
In Jesus' courts I'd chuse the lowest place,
At his faints feet, fo I might see his face.


Yea, though my lamp of outward peace should burn
Most brightly, yet I would incessant nourn,
While in a wicked Mesech I fejourn.


Ver. 11. For the Lord God is a fun and field ; the Lord

will give grace and glory: no good thing will be

from them ibat walk uprightly.
For God the Lord, whose courts I love to haunt,
Is ev'ry thing that empty fouls can want;
A fun for light, a shield for strength ; yea, more,
On earth he gives his grace, in heav'n his glore.
This radiant fun, of life and light the fource,
Scatters the shades by's circumambient course;
Yea, guides bemifted fouls with heartsome beams,
And gloriously irradiating gleamis.
This masly thield is polish'd bright with pow'r,
For helping weaklings in a per’luus hour.
Here's all that weary travellers would bave;
A fun to cherish, and a shield to save.
Grace also here is giv'n t'adorn the foul,
And yield to glory in the heav'nly pole.
All divine treasure to the faint is due;
Nothing's deny'd, if truth itself be true.
The treasure is fo valt it can't be told ;
Nothing that God can give, will God with-hold.
To whom he doth his saving grace impart,
To them he gives himself, his hand, his heart :
Uprightness too of heart and life does fall
Unto their share, who having him, have all.
In them the grace he gives, he still regards ;
Gives holiness, and then his gift rewards.
For to his own upright and divine brood
He's bound to grant ev'n all that's great and good,
By's own word, firm oath, and sacred blood.


Ver. 12. O Lord of bofts, bleffed is tbe man that truftetb

in tbee.
O then, Jehovah, God of armies strong,
To whom the pow'rs of earth and heav'n belong;
How vastly blessed is the fixed man,
Who by a firm fiducial boldness can,

Through grace and strength dispensed from above,
So sweetly scan the height of divine love,
As to derive his comfort wholly thence,
And on this rock to found his confidence ?
Whose faith has rear'd up for a firm abode
A stable building on a living God?
Who, spoil'd of human props both great and small,
Does chuse a triune Deity for all ?
What scrolls of bliss are in this all inroll'd,
Is too sublime for seraphs to unfold.
Sift, human wisdom, in a deep amaze!
Let rapid foods of life his glory raise,
Till time be drowu'd in his eternal praise.




A fourfold Exercise for the BELIEVER in

his Lodging.



I. The HOLY LAW; Or,
The Ten Commandmenis, Exod. xx. 3,-17.

O God but me thou shalt adore. .

No image frame to bow before. 3. My holy name take not in vain. 4. My facred Sabbath don't profane. 5.

To parents render due respect. 6. All murder shun and malice check. 7. From filth and whoredom base abstain, 8. From theft and all unlawful gain. 9. False witness flee, and fland'ring spite. 10. Nor covet what's thy neighbour's right.

II. The UN HOLT HEART, the direct opposite

to God's law, Rom. vii. 14.; Or,


The Knowledge of Sin by the Law, Rom. iii. 20.

Y heart's to many gods a flave,

Of imagery a hideous cave, 3. An hoard of God-dishon’ring crimes. 4. A walter base of holy times.


5. A throne of pride and self-conceit. 6. A Naughter-house of wrath and hate. 7. A cage of birds and thoughts unclean. 8. A den of thieves and frauds unfeen. 9. An heap of calumnies unspent. 10. A gulph of greed and discontent.


Curist ibe End of the Law for Righteousness, Rom. x. 4.

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And the absolute Need of this Remedy inferred from

the Premiffes.

HENCE I conclude, and clearly see,

There's by the law no life for me ;
Which damns each foul to endless thrall,
Whose heart and life fulfils not all.
What shall I do, unless for bail,
I from the law to grace appeal?
She reigns through Jesus' righteousness,
Which giving justice full redress,
On grace's door this motto gray'd,
Let fin be damn'd, and finners fav’d.
O wisdom's deep mysterious way!
Lo, at this door I'll waiting stay,
Till fin and bell both pass away.
But in this bliss to shew my part,
Grant, through thy law grav'd in my heart,
My life may shew thy graving art.



Which may be conceived in the following Words of

a certain Author.

UM tuus in vita, tua funt mea funera, Christe;

Da, precor, imperii fceptra tenere tui.
Cur etenim, moriens, tos oulnera seva tulifti,

Si non fum regni portio parva tui ? Cur rigido latuit tua vita inclufo Sepulchro,

Si non eft men mors morte fugata tua ? Ergo mibi certam præftes, O Christe, falutem ;

Meque suo lotum fanguine, Christe, juva

Which may be thus Englished.
Jesus, I'm thine in life and death ;

Oh let me conqu’ring hold thy throne.
Why shar'd the cross thy vital breath,

If not to make me share thy crown?
Why laid in jail of cruel grave,

If not thy death from death me free?
Then, Lord, insure the bliss I crave,

Seal'd with thy blood, and succour me.





ESPECIALLY In Times of Desertion, l'empration, Affliction,&c.

SECT. I. The Deferred BELIEVER longing for perfect Freedom

from Sin.

Contentment, when an absent Lird
Will now his kindness neither prove
By smiles of grace, nor lines of love?
What heart can joy, what soul can sing,
While winter over-runs the spring ?
I die, yet can't my death condole :
Lord, fave a dying, drooping foul.
In pain, yet unconcern'd, I live;
And languish when I should believe.
Lord, if thvu cease to come and stay
My fvul in fin will pine away.
In fin, whose ill no tongue can tell,
To live is death, to die is hell :
O save, if not from thrall's arrest,
Yet save me, Lord, from fin at least.

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