The Lady of Latham: Being the Life and Original Letters of Charlotte de la Trémoille, Countess of Derby

Smith Elder, 1869 - 299 páginas

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Página 226 - Give them consistency of judgment, one heart, and mutual love ; and go on to deliver them, and with the work of reformation ; and make the Name of Christ glorious in the world. Teach those who look too much on Thy instruments, to depend more upon Thyself. Pardon such as desire to trample upon the dust of a poor worm, for they are Thy People too. And pardon the folly of this short Prayer : — Even for Jesus Christ's sake. And give us a good night, if it be Thy pleasure. Amen.
Página 226 - Lord, though I am a miserable and wretched creature, I am in Covenant with Thee through grace. And I may, I will, come to Thee, for Thy people. Thou hast made me, though very unworthy, a mean instrument to do them some good, and Thee service...
Página 244 - I stood in the Strand and beheld it, and blessed God. And all this was done without one drop of blood shed, and by that very army which rebelled against him...
Página 95 - Tell that insolent rebel he shall neither have persons, goods, nor house. When our strength and provisions are spent we shall find a fire more merciful than Rigby ; and then, if the providence of God prevent it not, my goods and house shall burn in his sight ; and myself, children, and soldiers, rather than fall into his hands, will seal our religion and loyalty in the same flame...
Página 80 - ... her life, and that so nearly concerned her sovereign, her lord, and her whole posterity, she might have a week's consideration, both to resolve the doubts of conscience, and to have advice in matters of law and honour.
Página 180 - I have heretofore sent you comfortable lines, but alas I have now no word of comfort, saving to our last and best refuge, which is Almighty God, to whose will we must submit ; and when we consider how he hath disposed of these nations and the government thereof, we have no more to do but to lay our hands upon our mouths, judging ourselves, and acknowledging our sins, joined with others, to have been the cause of these miseries, and to call upon him with tears for mercy.
Página 140 - I shall keep it to the utmost of my power to your destruction. Take this for your final answer, and forbear any...
Página 135 - I alone understand my position; be quite easy as to the concessions which I may grant; when the time comes, I shall very well know how to treat these rogues, and instead of a silken garter, I will fit them with a hempen halter.
Página 140 - I received your letter with indignation, and with scorn return you this answer; that I cannot but wonder whence you should gather any hopes that I should prove, like you, treacherous to my sovereign; since you cannot be...
Página 140 - I will burn the paper, and hang the bearer. This is the immutable resolution, and shall be the undoubted practice, of him who accounts it...

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