Matthew Paris's English History: From the Year 1235 to 1273, Volumen 3

H.G. Bohn, 1854 - 516 páginas

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Página 160 - John, by the grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, count of Anjou, to the archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, barons, justiciars, foresters, sheriffs, reeves, servants, and all bailiffs and his faithful people greeting.
Página 26 - ... threw down the candles, which on being extinguished sent forth a stench, and each and all had exclaimed, " Thus perish and stink in hell all who incur this sentence,
Página 46 - Whoever is the least in the kingdom of heaven, is greater than John the Baptist, than whom there is no one greater amongst those born of woman.
Página 140 - After hearing these disclosures, John detained the Jew in close confinement. When these circumstances came to the knowledge of the canons of the cathedral church of Lincoln, they asked for the body of the child, which was given to them ; and after it had been shown as a sight to an immense number of people, it was honourably buried in the church of Lincoln, as if it had been the corpse of a precious martyr. It should be known that the Jews had kept the boy for ten days, feeding him on milk all that...
Página 287 - You may rest assured that you will either give up the castles which you hold from the king, or you will undoubtedly lose your head ;" and the other earls and barons said the same, and swore to it in a most determined manner. The Poitevins were, in consequence, in great alarm, and knew not what to do ; for if they betook themselves for concealment to any castle, being destitute of all stores and means of defence, they would be besieged, and would perish of hunger ; for even if the nobles did not do...
Página 355 - ... could not be firmly established except by the sword, and positively assuring him that all who died for it would be crowned with martyrdom. Some persons, moreover, stated, that on one occasion the bishop placed his hand on the head of the earl's eldest son, and said to him, " My well-beloved child, both, thou and thy father shall die on one day, and by one kind of death ; but it will be in the cause of justice and truth.
Página 108 - ... attendance of the servants, the orderly disposition of the guests, and the large and handsome presents. At it, too, were present persons held in high reverence and respect, whose superiors it would be impossible, and whose equals, even, it would be difficult, to find in the world. Of the nobles who were present at the banquet. This banquet was given in the great hall of the Temple, in which were hung up, according to the continental custom, as many bucklers as the four walls could hold. Amongst...
Página 294 - London, was more lukewarm and remiss than was becoming or advantageous, and by thus acting, he injured his good name the more, because he was more exalted by birth than the rest. As the hopes of the barons rested on him, his weak conduct provoked their anger, as they relied on him to justify the king with the people. Of the harsh speech of the king to the earl of Leicester The fears and anxieties of the barons were increased by the coming on of the month of July, which, with its plague-bearing lion...
Página 282 - ... that he might not be said to be ridiculing the disgrace of his father, like Ham, by revealing it, but to be anxious to hide and veil it like Shem, often recalling to memory the following brief precept : " In revealing the disgrace of thy father, thou art like Ham ; like Shem in concealing it." In his letter, therefore, as the aforesaid Robert, bishop of Lincoln, had done, he humbly yet earnestly begged of the pope " to mitigate his usual tyranny, and to follow the example set by the humility...
Página 355 - ... usual practice of his to watch by night, in preference to sleeping. He was bold in speech, and of a severe aspect; he put great confidence in the prayers of religious men, and always paid great respect to ecclesiastics. He endeavoured to adhere to the counsels of St. Robert, surnamed Grosstete, bishop of Lincoln, and intrusted his children to him to be brought up, when very young. On that prelate's counsel he relied when arranging matters of difficulty, when attempting dubious enterprises, and...

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