The study of medicine, Volumen 3

Baldwin, Cradock & Joy, 1825

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Página 226 - Sometimes the disorder comes on so gradually and insensibly, that the patient is hardly aware of its commencement. He perceives that he is sooner tired than usual, and that he is thinner than he was ; but yet he has nothing material to complain of. In process of time his appetite becomes seriously impaired; his nights are sleepless, or if he, get sleep, he is not refreshed by it. His face becomes visibly extenuated, or perhaps acquires a bloated look. His tongue is white, and he suspects that he...
Página 226 - If he asks advice, his pulse' is found quicker than it should be, and he acknowledges that he has felt pains occasionally in his head and chest, and that his legs are disposed to swell ; yet there is no deficiency in the quantity of his urine, nor any other sensible failure in the action of the abdominal viscera, excepting that the bowels are more sluggish than they used to be.
Página 389 - If they were ulcers without any very marked appearance, and did not amend in the first fortnight or three weeks, they generally remained for five or seven weeks longer; and the only difference, in this respect, between them and the raised ulcer of the prepuce was, that this often remained for a longer period, and that ulcers, possessing the true characters of chancre, required in general a still longer period for their cure; that is, from six, eight, to ten, twenty, and even in one case twenty six...
Página 392 - ... 1. Every kind of ulcer of the genitals, of whatever form or appearance, is curable without mercury. This I consider to be established as a fact, from the observation of more than 500 cases which I am acquainted with, exclusive of those treated in the different regiments of guards, and which occurred in consequence of promiscuous intercourse.
Página 356 - SYMPTOMS.— When cancer takes place in the breast, it usually commences with a small indolent tumour that excites little attention. In process of time, this tumour is attended with an itching, which is gradually exchanged for a pricking, a shooting, and at length a lancinating pain, a sense of burning, and a livid discoloration of the skin. And, however difficult it may be to determine the precise point of time in which the scirrhus -first becomes converted into a cancer, where these symptoms are...
Página 384 - ... ulcers of the nipples must also have been primary ulcers or chancres, but from these the whole system became contaminated, for we find that pustules were spread over the whole body; and that these pustules, or that this eruption, had also seized upon the pudenda, we have proved by the statement, " that the pudenda soon after became inflamed, with a violent itching, which terminated in chancres that were attended with only a small discharge.
Página 232 - To be able to contemplate with complacency either issue of a disorder which the great Author of our being may, in his kindness, have intended as a warning to us to prepare for a better existence, is of prodigious advantage to recovery, as well as to comfort; and the retrospect of a wellspent life is a cordial of infinitely more efficacy than all the resources of the medical art.
Página 493 - The third and last stage was now fast approaching. The surface of the sore was constantly covered with a bloody oozing ; and, on lifting up the edge of the flabby slough, the probe was tinged with dark-coloured grumous blood, with which also its track became immediately filled. Repeated and copious venous bleedings now came on, which rapidly sank the patient ; the sloughs, whether falling off * Hennen's Military Surgery, p.
Página 392 - Secondary symptoms, (and I exclude trifling pains, eruptions, or sore throats,) that have disappeared in a few days, have seldom followed the cure of these ulcers without mercury; and they have, upon the whole, more frequently followed the raised ulcer of the prepuce than the true characteristic chancre of syphilis affecting the glans penis.
Página 150 - Baldwin is, that amongst upwards of a million of inhabitants carried off by the plague in Upper and Lower Egypt, during the space of four years, he could not discover a single oilman or dealer in oil.

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