Memoirs of the Celebrated Eugene Aram: Who was Executed for the Murder of Daniel Clark, in 1759; with Some Account of His Family, and Other Particulars, Collected, for the Most Part, Above Thirty Years Ago

Simpkin, Marshall, 1838 - 62 páginas

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Página 32 - Now, my Lord, having endeavoured to show that the whole of this process is altogether repugnant to every part of my life; — that it is inconsistent with my condition of health about that time; — that no rational inference can be drawn that a person is dead, who suddenly...
Página 26 - ... some attention; because, my lord, that any person, after a temperate use of life, a series of thinking and acting regularly, and without one single deviation from sobriety, should plunge into the very depth of profligacy precipitately and at once, is altogether improbable and unprecedented, and absolutely inconsistent with the course of things.
Página 26 - I concerted no schemes of fraud, projected no violence, injured no man's person or property. My days were honestly laborious, my nights intensely studious...
Página 25 - I know not whether it is of right, or through some indulgence of your Lordship, that I am allowed the liberty at this bar, and at this time, to attempt a defence ; incapable and uninstructed as I am to speak.
Página 42 - ... remember to have at first hung over five lines for a whole day; and never, in all the painful course of my reading, left any one passage but I did, or thought I did, perfectly comprehend it. After I had accurately perused every one of the Latin classics, historians, and poets, I went through the Greek Testament, first parsing every word as I proceeded : next I ventured upon Hesiod, Homer, Theocritus, Herodotus, Thucydides, and all the Greek tragedians. A tedious labour was this ; but my former...
Página 31 - Reformation, the ravages of those times affected both the living and the dead. In search after imaginary treasures, coffins were broken up, graves and vaults dug open, monu-ments ransacked and shrines demolished; and it ceased about the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
Página 28 - Court, better than to me ; but it seems necessary to my case that others, who have not at all, perhaps, adverted to things of this nature, and may have concern in my trial, should be made acquainted with it. Suffer me then, my lord, to produce a few of many evidences that these cells were used as repositories of the dead, and to enumerate a few in which human bones have been found, as it happened in this question ; lest, to some, that accident might seem extraordinary, and, consequently, occasion...
Página 31 - I hope, with all imaginable submission, that what has been said will not be thought impertinent to this indictment; and that it will be far from the wisdom, the learning, and the integrity of this place, to impute to the living what zeal in its fury may have done — what nature may have taken off, and piety interred— or what war alone may have destroyed, alone deposited.
Página 45 - What am I better than my fathers ? To die is natural and necessary. Perfectly sensible of this, I fear no more to die than I did to be born ; but the manner of it is something which should, in my opinion, be decent and manly.
Página 29 - About the same time, and in another field, almost close to this borough, was discovered also, in searching for gravel, another human skeleton; but the piety of the same worthy gentleman ordered both...

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