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Part i.), with Index to Vol. i.-xv., together 89 vol. or parts, the last 48 in orig. cl. 1770-1906, 4to. (202), Oct. 25, Hodgson Murrays, Ltd., £13 Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings, plates (some col.), Vol. i. to xxvi., with Index to the first 24 vol., Vol. i. to xii. in 28 parts, remainder orig. cl., Edinb., 1852-92, 4to. (26), Nov. 22, Hodgson Bailey, 1 IS.

[2 12s., Vol. i. to x., cf., t.e.g., quoted as 1855-75, March 16, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 488.] Society of Biblical Archæology. Transactions, col. plates, engravings, maps, etc., Vol. i.-ix., hf. mor., g.e., 1872-87 -- Vol. xxvi.-xxxv. in parts (incomplete), 1904-13, together 25 vol., 8vo. (476), Nov. 10, Sotheby

Quaritch, LI IOS. Solemnities and Triumphes. See Mary of France Solon (L. M.) Ancient Art Stoneware of the Low Countries and Germany, one of 270 copies, etchings and illustrations, 2 vol., hf. mor., t.e.g., Chiswick Press, printed for the Author, 1892, folio (292), May 7, Sotheby

Higham, £1 128. Solvyns (B.) Costume of Hindostan, 60 col. plates, with descriptions in English and French, old russ., g.e., 1804, folio (582), Oct. 11, Hodgson

£1 8s.

[ 5s., hf. mor. gt., June 14, 1915, Knight, Frank & Rutley, Lot 1182.] Solvyns (B.) Les Hindoûs, ou Description de leurs Mœurs, Coutumes et Cérémonies, col. plates, 4 vol., cf. gt., Paris, 1808-12, imp. folio (532), Nov. 16, Sotheby Parsons, £5 [8 10s., hf. russ. gt., May 31, 1916, Sotheby, Lot 649.] Some Considerations Offered to publique view, in Behalf of the many thousand Persons interessed in publique Sales (4 leaves), new vell., Printed for Giles Calvert in St. Pauls, 1660, sm. 4to. (6049), July 11, Sotheby

Quaritch, £2 15s. Somerville (W.) The Chase, a Poem (a few leaves dampstained), cf., printed with Baskerville's type, R. Martin, Birmingham, 1767, 8vo. (263), Nov. 10, Sotheby Tregaskis, £3 3s. Somewhat Written by Occasion of three Sunnes seene at Tregonie in Cornewall the 22 of December last: With other memorable Occurrences in other places, mor. gt., g.e., by Mackenzie, No place or printer's name, 1622, 4to. (930), Oct. 26, Sotheby Leighton, £3 Songe (Le) du Vergier, qui parle de la disputacion du clercet du chevalier, lit. goth., double columns (51 lines), initials painted, large woodcut on verso of title (repeated on N 8), two first leaves re-margined (text defective), old cf. (wormed), (Lyon), J. Maillet, 1491, folio (488), March 5, Sotheby Leighton, £30

[£38, old cf., wormed, Feb. 25, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 4937.] Sophocles. Tragædiae septem cum commentariis (Græcè), first Aldine ed. (last four leaves torn and mended, mor.)

gt., g.e., tooled in Grolieresque style, Renouard's copy, Venetiis in Aldi Romani Academia mense Augusto, 1502, 8vo. (813), Oct. 23, Sotheby Merlino, £6

[£5 12s. 6d., old vell., Feb. 13, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 79; £3 10s., old mor., g.e., Nov. 1, 1916, Puttick, Lot 163; £6 15s., mor. ex., July 31, 1917, Sotheby, Lot 1037.] Sophocles. Tragediae, editio princeps Aldina, mor., g.e. (short copy), Venetiis, Aldi Romani Academia, mense Aug., 1502, 8vo. (735), March 22, Sotheby Barnard, £3 10s. [£3 18s., cf., Feb. 14, 1917, Sotheby, Lot 3244.] Sotheby (S. L.) Principia Typographica, plates, 3 vol., hf. mor., uncut, 1858, folio (434), March 22, Sotheby Edwards, £5

[£5, hf. roan, July 25, 1917, Sotheby, Lot 821.] Southerne (Thos.) Oroonoko, a Tragedy, first ed., hf. mor., g.e., by Rivière, 1696, 4to. (3215), Feb. 14, Sotheby B. F. Stevens, £2 Southey (Robt.) History of Brazil, first ed., 3 vol., hf. cf., 1810-19, 4to. (454), Nov. 16, Sotheby Edwards, £2 IS. [£2 18s., cf. gt., Nov. 3, 1910, Sotheby, Lot 439.] Southey (Robt.) Letters, comprising Essays on the Romish Religion, presentation copy to Wm. Wordsworth, with inscription," William Wordsworth, from Robert Southey, Keswick, 25 Feby., 1826," also autograph signature of Wordsworth, new hf. cf., 1826, 8vo. (832), March 22, Sotheby Maggs, £1 18s. Southwell (Robt.) St. Peters Complaine (sic) Mary Magdal. teares, wth other workes (dedicatory epistle signed W. Barret), engraved title (repaired, top margins cropped and a few headlines cut into), mor. ex., g.e., formerly Thomas Park's copy, with his autograph signature and his transcription of a poem, on fly-leaf, subsequently in the collection of Cardinal Alfred White, with his signature and bookplate, W. Barrett, 1620, 8vo. (1060), April 23, Sotheby £7 10S. Sowerby (G. B.) Conchological Manual, col. front. and 28 col. plates, illustrations in text, orig. cl., 1852, 8vo. (229), Nov. 10, Sotheby Dulau, 14S. Sowerby (Jas.) British Mineralogy, 5 vol., hf. bd., 1804-17, 8vo. (129), Jan. 24, Hodgson Quaritch, £5 15S. Sowerby (Jas.) English Botany, first ed., with occasional remarks by J. Sowerby and Sir J. E. Smith, first ed., col. plates, 36 vol. in 18, cf. gt., 1790-1814, 8vo. (45), Dec. 13, Sotheby Soames, £15 Sowerby (Jas.) English Botany, descriptions by Sir J. E. Smith, first ed., col. plates, 36 vol. in 18 and i vol. Index, cf. gt., m.e. (covers of Vol. i. broken off at joints), 17901814 Supplement to the English Botany, with descriptions by W. J. Hooker, col. plates, 5 vol., cf. gt., m.e., 1831-63, together 41 vol., 8vo. (3), Nov. 10, Sotheby Wesley, £37 [£39, hf. russ., Feb. 17, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 360.]

Sowerby (Jas.) English Botany, first ed., col. plates, Vol. iv. Vol. xxxvi., hf. cf. (some backs damaged), 1790-1814 -Supplement to the English Botany, col. plates, 4 vol., hf. cf. (back of one vol. broken), 1831-49, together 40 vol., 8vo. (228), Nov. 10, Sotheby Quaritch, £12 Sowerby (Jas.) English Botany, third ed., 1,922 col. plates, 12 vol., hf. cf. gt., 1863-86, 8vo. (31), March 22, Sotheby Quaritch, LII IOS. [11 5s., hf. mor., t.e.g., June 30, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 838.] Sowerby (Jas.) English Botany, ed. by Syme, third ed., enlarged, without the Supplement, col. plates, 12 vol., hf. mcr. gt., t.e.g., clean set, binding in sound condition, 1877-86, roy. 8vo. (149), Oct. 11, Hodgson Wheldon, £13 [£13, hf. mor., g.e., April 6, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 724.] Sowerby (Jas.) Exotic Mineralogy, 168 plates (numbered I to 169, but without No. 73, which was never issued), 2 vol., bds., 1811-17, 8vo. (130), Jan. 24, Hodgson

Quaritch, £6

[£2 2s., hf. cf., April 6, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 723.] Sowerby (J. E.) British Wild Flowers, ed. by C. Johnson, with Supplement by J. W. Salter, col. plates, hf. cf., g.t., 1876, roy. 8vo. (344), Oct. 23, Sotheby Wheldon, £1 12S. 13s., orig. cl., Nov. 10, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 121.] Spaher (M.) Survey of the Microcosme, Englished by John Ireton, 3 plates, with movable slips, cf., 1675, folio (884), Jan. 24, Hodgson Davis & Orioli, LI Sparrman (A.) Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, maps and plates, 2 vol., hf. cf., uncut, 1785, 4to. (455), Nov. 16, Sotheby Ellis, £I IS. Sparrow (A.) Collection of Articles, Injunctions, Canons, Orders, Ordinances and Constitutions Ecclesiastical, fourth ed., LARGE PAPER, front. of arms, old cf., Printed for Blanch Rawlet in Chancery Lane, 1684, sm. 4to. (354), Dec. 13, Sotheby Bull, 6s. [Speculum Humane Salvationis.] Le Mirouer de la redēption de lumain lignaige, träslate de latin en francoys . . . veu corrige et translate par Reverend docteur en Theologie, Frere Julien des augustins de Lyon, 257 woodcuts col. in the style of the block books, wooden bds. covered with cf. with Tudor rose tooling and the monogram of John Reynes, binder to Henry VII. (rebacked by F. Bedford), (Lyons), imprime p. Maistre Mathis, le 111. de Mars, 1483, folic (279), Nov. 7, Sotheby Quaritch, £150

[Collation, introduction and table 3 leaves (no definite title), Feuillet 1.-CCI., with colophon, the reverse blank, making in all 204 leaves, printed in black letter type in double columns, the initial letters rubricated in red and blue, those on a 1 illuminated, a few worm-holes in the first few leaves, 13in. by 94in. This edition in French is much rarer than the two editions printed by Veldener in Dutch in 1483 (the same year as the above), with 116

woodcuts in one, and 128 in the other. A copy of the latter, with the woodcuts uncoloured, sold in the Amherst sale for £475. Illustration of folio xc. in catalogue.] Spelman (W.) Dialogue or Confabulation between Two Travellers, ed. by J. E. Tatton Pickering, as issued, Roxburghe Club, 1896, 4to. (3394), Jan. 29, Sotheby

Quaritch, IOS.

[£14, for 28 copies, as issued, same sale, Lots 3395-3407.] Spelman (W. W. R.) Lowestoft China, plates, linen bds., t.e.g., 1905, 4to. (266), May 7, Sotheby Levine, £2 5s. Spence (Jos.) Polymetis; or the Agreement between the Works of the Roman Poets and the Ancient Artists, first ed., LARGE PAPER, port. and plates, old cf., R. Dodsley, 1747, roy. folio (735), Feb. 7, Sotheby J. A. Taylor, 10s. Spencer (B.) and Gillen (F. J.) Native Tribes of Central Australia, illustrations and maps, orig. cl., 1899, 8vo. (70), May 25, Sotheby Edwards, fr Spenser (E.) Amoretti, set to Music by Dr. M. Greene, cf. gt., Printed for I. Walsh, n.d., oblong folio (1589), May 17, Sotheby B. F. Stevens, £3 15s. Spenser (E.) Colin Clovts come home againe, first ed., title within woodcut border, mor. super ex., tooled sides, g.e., by F. Bedford, fine spotless copy, 71in. by 5in., London, printed for William Ponsonbie, 1595, sm. 4to. (283), Nov. 7, Sotheby Pickering, £39

£51, mor. ex., g.e., portion of last leaf restored, March 29, 1916, Sotheby, Lot 801; 61, mor. ex., g.e., the Hoe copy, May 25, 1916, Sotheby, Lot 391; £33, mor. ex., fine copy, July 25, 1917, Sotheby, Lot 807.]

Spenser (E.) Faerie Qveene, first ed., London, printed for William Ponsonbie, 1500-The Second part of the Faerie Qveene, first ed., containing the fourth, fifth and sixth bookes, Imprinted at London for William Ponsonby, 1596, together 2 vol., mor. super ex., g.e., by F. Bedford, W. Ponsonbie, 1590-1596, sm. 4to. (280), Nov. 7, Sotheby Quaritch, £195

[Large copy (size 7in. by 5in.), with all the additional leaves at the end, which are of rare occurrence, being pp. 601-6, which were to be cancelled, and also the four leaves printed to replace them. Space for the Welsh words at p. 332 left blank, therefore first issue.] Spenser (E.) Faerie Queene, both parts (second ed. of Part i., first ed. of Part ii.), the first complete ed., 2 vol. in I, old russ. gt., m.e. (some leaves stained, a few headlines shaved in Part i., pp. 325-326 in Part ii. defective), Wm. Ponsonbie, 1596, sm. 4to. (443), March 5, Sotheby Thorp, £30 Spenser (E.) Faerie Qveene, Printed for Wm. Ponsonbie, 1596-The Second Part of the Faerie Queene, containing the fourth, fifth and sixth bookes, first ed., ib., 1596, together 2 vol., fine copy, mor. ex., g.e., by F. Bedford, W. Ponsonby, 1596, sm. 4to. (281), Nov. 7, Sotheby

Leighton, £25

[This second ed. of Vol. i. has considerable alterations by the author, who has added some lines and omitted others, particularly the closing stanzas in the third book. Measures 7 by 5 in.] Spenser (E.) Faerie Queen, The Shepherd's Calendar, together with the other works of England's Arch-Poet, second folio ed., woodcut title (backed), ornaments and initials (ends on M 2 with the Visions of Petrarch), stamped cf., Douce" ex-libris, not subject to return, Printed by H. L. for Matthew Lownes, Anno Dom. 1611, sm. folio (609), Dec. 13, Sotheby Tasker, £4

[6 2s. 6d., cf., g.e. (broken), March 16, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 500; £5, old sheep, April 6, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 523.] Spenser (E.) Faerie Queene, ed. by T. J. Wise, illustrations by Walter Crane, with the wrappers, 19 parts in 6 vol., buckram, t.e.g., in box, 1897, 4to. (75), Dec. 15, Hodgson Tattersall, £2 158.

[1, in the 19 parts, as issued, Jan. 14, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 977.] Spenser (E.) Faerie Queene, Cambridge University ed., on handmade paper, 350 copies printed, 2 vol., orig. bds., uncut, Cambridge at the University Press, 1909, sm. folio (371), Dec. 13, Sotheby James, £1 35. Spenser (E.) Fovvre Hymnes of Love, of Beauty, of Heavenly Love, of Heavenly Beavtie-[Also] Daphnaida, mor. gt., g.e., by C. Lewis (corner of first title supplied, margin of last leaf repaired, a few headlines cut into), London, printed for William Ponsonby, 1596, sm. 4to. (872), April 10, American Art Association $360


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[The first ed. of Fovvre Hymnes" and the second of “Daphnaida,” which was first printed in 1591.] Spenser (E.) Shepheard's Calender, black letter, title within. woodcut border, on the back of which are verses To his booke," 12 wood engravings representing the Seasons, fine copy, mor. super ex., tooled sides, g.e., by F. Bedford, measures 7 by 5ğin., John Windet, for John Harrison, the younger, 1591, sm. 4to. (282), Nov. 7, Sotheby Ellis, £78

Spenser (E.) Shepheards Kalender, black letter, printed in black and red, woodcuts, russ. gt. (title defective and mended), Robert Ibbitson, 1656, folio (3232), Feb. 14, Sotheby Leighton, £7 5s.

Grosart, LARGE PAPER, Spenser Society, 1882-84, Edwards, £2 14S.

Spenser (E.) Works, ed. by A. B. 9 vol., one of 100 copies, uncut, 4to. (1188), March 13, Sotheby Spies (M.) Tractatus Musicus Compositoris-Practicus, das ist Musicalischer Tractat, musical notes, hf. cf., Augspurg, 1746, folio (1590), May 17, Sotheby Dobell, £2 10S. Spinniker (A.) Leerzame Zinnebeelden, front. and 50 engravings of emblems by Vincent Vander Vinne, vell.,

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