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Autograph Prices Current

(Published Yearly in August),


All items of note recorded irrespective of price realized.
The more important letters quoted in full.

Compiled and edited by E. H. COURVILLE.

Volume I., comprising all sales held between August, 1914 and July 1916 inclusive; and

Volume II., comprising all Sales between August, 1916, and July, 1917, NOW READY.

Some Press Opinions on Vol. I.

The Times: "Mr. Courville may be congratulated on the initial success... full of interesting documents. On every page of this carefully edited volume there is something to arrest the attention." Daily Telegraph: "Will undoubtedly supply a long-felt want be welcomed alike by collectors and bibliographers." Morning Post: "Of the greatest value to historical workers." Pall Mall Gazette: "Prove of immense service."


Publishers' Circular: "Mr. Courville has done his work so well that we feel sure this volume is but the first of a long series of annual volumes."

Etc., etc.

In Royal 8vo., cloth gilt. Price 25/- per vol. net.

E. H. COURVILLE, 25, Rumsey Road, Brixton, London, Eng.



A. (A.) See Ariosti (Attilio)

A. (T.) Carolina. See Ashe (Thos.)

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Abbot (Jno.) Jesus Prefigured, or a Poeme of the Holy Name of Jesus in five Bookes, the first and second Booke (all published), (title mounted and a few leaves waterstained), with leaf at end, faults escaped in the printing," cf., [Antwerp] 1623, sm 4to. (674), March 22, Sotheby Peters, £4 A'Beckett (G. A.) Comic History of England, first ed., woodcuts in text and 10 col. plates by John Leech, 2 vol., orig. cl., m.e., 1847-8-Comic History of Rome, woodcuts in text and col. plates by John Leech, orig. cl., n.d., 8vo. (821), Nov. 10, Sotheby Maggs, £2 2s. A'Beckett (G. A.) Comic History of England, col. plates, 2 vol., hf. mor., t.e.g., 1855-3, 8vo. (153), Nov. 1, Puttick Last, £1 6s. Abell (Jno.) Collection of Songs in several Languages, first ed., hf. mor., William Pearson, 1701, folio (4), May 17, Sotheby Tregaskis, £2 IOS. Abington (Mrs.) Life, with Full Account of her various Performances in the Theatres of London and Dublin, port., extra illustrated with theatrical prints, character ports., etc., mor. gt., uncut, t.e.g., 1888, 4to. (248), Oct. 26, Sotheby Dobell, 12s. Académie Royale. Histoire de l'Académie Royale des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, 3 vol., old French mor. gt., with the arms of Marie Josephine, Louise de Savoie, Comtesse de Provence, g.e., Paris, 1740, 8vo. (2468), Jan. 29, Sotheby Quaritch, £14 Account of several late Voyages and Discoveries. I. Sir John Narbrough's Voyage to the South-Sea, etc., maps and plates, old cf., 1711, 8vo. (2), July 30, Sotheby

Quaritch, £3 3S. Account of the Famous Prince Giolo, Son of the King of Gilolo, now in England, with Account of his Life, Parentage and his Strange and Wonderful Adventures, Description of the Island of Gilolo, etc., front., hf. roan, 1692, 4to. (249), Oct. 26, Sotheby Ellis, 12s. Account (with A farther Account) of the Great Divisions amongst the Quakers in Pensilvania, etc., 2 parts, unbd., large copies, margins almost entire, autograph signature

of Bishop Kennett on each title, I. Printed for John Gwillim, 1692-II. Printed for J. Dunton, 1693, sm. 4to. (127), July 30, Sotheby Quaritch, £26 Achilles Tatius. Opera, hf. vell., Athenian Society, 1897, 8vo. (90), Nov. 1, Puttick Barnard, I IOS. Ackermann (R.) History of the University of Cambridge, col. plates by Havell, Bluck and Stadler after Pugin and others of exteriors and interiors, costume plates, etc., 2 vol., hf. mor., m.e., 1815, 4to. (720), Dec. 13, Sotheby G. H. Brown, £12 5S.

[£6 5s., old russ. gt. (damaged), Dec. 13, 1915, Sotheby, Lot 237; £17, hf. mor. gt., g.e., July 21, 1916, Hodgson, Lot 181.] Ackermann (R.) History of the University of Oxford, col. plates after Pugin, Westall and others, including the ports. of the founders and the academical robes, 2 vol., hf. mor., t.e.g., 1814, 4to. (964), March 22, Sotheby

Edwards, £13 10S. [£19, mor. ex., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf, July 21, 1916, Hodgson, Lot 180; 16 5s., mor., Aug. 13, 1917, Sotheby, Lot 387.] Ackermann (R.) Microcosm of London, orig. ed., col. plates by Rowlandson and Pugin, aquatinted by Stadler, Hill, etc. [with description by W. Coombe], 3 vol., bds., edges entirely uncut [1808-10], 4to. (604), Nov. 8, Hodgson £22

[An exceptionally fine copy. The plates are all fresh and bright, though, as usual, they are in some cases set off against the text. The only faults are that the titles of Vol. ii. and iii. are slightly defective.] Ackermann (R.) Microcosm of London, orig. ed., 104 col. plates by Rowlandson and Pugin, 3 vol., mor. ex., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf, fine copy, Ackermann, 1808-10, roy. 8vo. (3), Feb. 7, Sotheby Maguire, £24

[15, hf. cf., title and prelim. leaves of Vol. ii. loose, old hf. cf., 3 vol., n.d. (1808-10), March 22, 1917, Sotheby, Lot 965B.]

Ackermann (R.)

Microcosm of London, 104 col. plates by Rowlandson, Pugin, 3 vol., mor. ex., borders, g.e., fine copy, 1808-10, 4to. (269), May 9, Hodgson

£18 18s.

[15, contemp. hf. russ. (damaged), May 7, 1917, Sotheby, Lot 958.]

Ackermann (R.) Repository of Arts, maps, col. plates of manufacturers' samples, etc., 5 vol., hf. cf., 1809-11, 8vo. (487), Dec. 13, Sotheby G. H. Brown, £3 12s. 6d. [£21, Vol. i. to xiv., in 28 vol., 1809-22, old russ. (broken), March 29, 1916, Puttick, Lot 86.]

Ackermann (R.) Repository of Arts, 83 col. plates of costumes from this publication, in 1 vol., hf. cf., Ackermann, 1809-14, roy. 8vo. (1), Nov. 7, Sotheby Rich, £3 Ackermann (R.) Repository of Arts, First Series, 14 vol.; Second Series, 14 vol.; Third Series, 12 vol., about 2,000 plates, including many col. aquatint views, col. costume


plates, etc., together 40 vol., complete set, hf. mor. gt., t.e.g., London, 1809-1828, 8vo. (3), March 26, American Art Association Actors by Daylight and Pencilings in the Pit, containing Correct Memoirs of upwards of Forty of the most Celebrated London Performers, illustrations, complete set of 55 nos., in I vol., hf. cf. gt., y.e., 1838-9, 8vo. (4), Oct. 26, Sotheby Dobell, 19s. Acworth (Geo.) De Visibili Rom. Anarchia contra Nich. Sanderi Monarchiam poλeyouevov Libri duo, first ed., two titles within woodcut borders, woodcut initials (waterstained), MS. note on margin of title, large copy, vell. gt., device on sides, John Day, 1573, 4to. (1005), Nov. 10, Sotheby Leighton, 19S. Adam (R. and J.) Works in Architecture, the 105 plates of palaces, architectural detail, ceilings and interior decoration, furniture, etc. (wanting the front. and without text), unbd., I76I-I791, atlas folio (273), May 9, Hodgson £41 Adams (H. and A.) Genera of Recent Mollusca, 138 plates, many col., 3 vol., hf. mor. gt., uncut, 1858, 8vo. (252), Nov. 10, Sotheby Quaritch, LI 8s. Adams (Mrs. Jane). Miscellany Poems, Preface by Archibald Craufurd of Craufordsburn, mor. ex., g.e., Glasgow, printed by James Duncan, 1734, 8vo. (436), Oct. 23, Sotheby


Hopkins, 18s. Addison (C. G.) Damascus and Palmyra, a Journey to the East, first ed., 10 col. plates by W. M. Thackeray, 2 vol., orig. cl., uncut, 1838, 8vo. (182), Dec. 15, Hodgson [19s., hf. cf., with 10 col. plates, May 25, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 195; £5 5s., orig. cl., with 18 col. plates, Dec. 13, 1915, Sotheby, Lot 7.]

Addison (J.) The Campaign, a Poem, to His Grace the Duke of Marlborough, first ed., cf. gt., g.e., by Rivière, Jacob Tonson, 1705, folio (317), Oct. 26, Sotheby Maggs, £4 4s. Addison (J.) Works, port. by Miller after Kneller, plates by Grignion after Hayman, 4 vol., old cf., gt. back, line tooling and inside edges, g.e., Birmingham, Baskerville, 1761, 4to. (289), Nov. 10, Sotheby Maggs, £2 16S.

1148., cf. gt., Dec. 13, 1916, Sotheby, Lot 84.1 Address to the Public, containing some Remarks on the Present Political State of the American Republicks, etc., by Amicus Reipublicæ," new bds., uncut, Exeter [New Hampshire], Lamson and Ranlet [1787], 8vo. (74), Dec. 13, American Art Association $12.50 Adlerfeld (Gustavus). Military History of Charles XII., King of Sweden, trans. (by Henry Fielding), first ed., port. and folding plans of battles and sieges, 3 vol., old cf. gt., not quite uniform, J. and P. Knapton, 1740, 8vo. (1376), Oct. 26, Sotheby Tregaskis, £1 4S. Admonitions from the Dead, in Epistles to the Living, addressed by Certain Spirits of both Sexes to their Friends

or Enemies on Earth, hf. cf. gt., uncut, 1754, 8vo. (8), Oct. 26, Sotheby Giles, 75. Adventures of Dr. Comicus, or the Frolics of Fortune, 15 humorous col. plates in the style of Rowlandson, new russ. ex., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf, Published by R. Blake, Bell Yard, Temple Bar (c. 1820), 8vo. (750), Feb. 7, Sotheby £7


[£2 10s., orig. bds., uncut, one plate torn, July 26, 1916, Puttick, Lot 110.] Ælianus (Cl.) Opera quae extant Omnia, Gr. et Lat., cura et opera Conradi Gesneri, woodcuts, signatures of Thomas Knyvett on title (some leaves wormed), orig. English wooden bds. and cf., with stamped borders (rebacked), Tiguri, apud Gesneros fratres [1556], sm. folio (256), Dec. 6, Sotheby Ælianus (Cl.) Registre of Hystories conteining Martiall Exploites of Worthy Warriors, etc., deliuered in Englyshe by Abraham Fleming, black letter, woodcut initials, old vell. (title missing, but supplied in MS.), Thomas Woodcocke, 1576, 4to. (251), Oct. 26, Sotheby Tregaskis, £1 IOS. Ælianus (Cl.) Variae Historiae libri XIIII., ex Heraclide de Rebus Publicis Commentarium et Graecè, ed. princeps, vell. gt., Romae, 1545, sm. 4to. (190), Dec. 6, Sotheby

Leighton, £1 4S. Eneas Silvius. De duobus Amantibus Eurialo et LucreciaOposculu (sic) ad Marianum Solinu feliciter incipit, lit. goth., double columns, 38 lines, 22 leaves, without marks [Hain 217, Pellechet 158], old French mor. gt., g.e., padded with blanks, a. u. n. (Coloniae, N. Goetz seu Conrad de Homborch, 14-), sm. folio (10), July 31, Sotheby Tregaskis, £7 10S. Eneas Silvius. De duobus amātibus cu multis epistolis amatoriis, Ad Marianum Cōpatriotă suū, lit. rom. nitida, long lines, 25-26 to a full page, 34 leaves, with signs. [Hain *218, Proctor 7146, Pellechet 150], old cf., large copy, a. u. n. (Vicenza, Giovanni of Reno, c. 1475), sm. 4to. (11), July 31, Sotheby Davis, £6 5s. Æneas Silvius. Epistola laudans Poeticam, lit. goth., long lines, 27 to a full page, 16 leaves, without marks [apparently not in Hain, Proctor or Pellechet], rubricated, hf. bd., a. u. n. (? Coloniae, Jo. Veldenaer, 1470), sm. 4to. (9), July 31, Sotheby Ellis, £6 15s. Æneas Sylvius. Epistolæ [Hain 154], contemp. cf. over bds. (re-backed), Nuremberge, A. Koberger, 1486, folio (525), Oct. 25, Hodgson Atkinson, £1 4S. Æneas Sylvius. Epistolæ [Hain 156], old cf., Nuremberge, A. Koberger, 1496, folio (526), Oct. 25, Hodgson £1 35. Æneas Sylvius. Historia Rerum ubique gestarum cum locorum descriptione non finita, editio princeps, lit. rom., long lines, 34-35 to a full page, 106 leaves, with signs., including orig. blank for aj [Hain *257, Proctor 4322, Pellechet 178], (a few leaves at end wormed), old English

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