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Disturbances in the manufacturing districts, to Mr Tierney on the affairs of the Bank,

remarks on, I. 223. Brought before Par- 137.
liament, 232. Disturbed districts, II. Excise duties, bill respecting the, before Per-
338. Disturbances at Glasgow, 381,

liament, l. 100.
Donoughinore, Lord, his motion relative to
the Catholics, I. 192.

Douglas, Mr F., his speech recommending

the abolition of the office of the two Lay Finances, state of the, 1. 36. Financial ar-
Lords of the Admiralty, I. 83.

rangements, 42. Sinking fund, 44.
Duel, a murderous one in America, II. mount of the proposed taxes, 45. Army
293. Duels at Gibraltar, 314.

estimates, 70. Navy estimates, 81. Ord-
Dundas, Lord Chief-Barov, biographical ac- nance estimates, 85. Budget. 87. Ex.

count of, I. 306. Birth, ib. Eniers as cise duties bill, 100. Army extraordina-
advocate, ib. Risé, ib. Public and pri- ries, 102. Sinking fund loan bill, 105.
vate character, 307. Death, ib. Eulogy, Sir H. Parnell's financial resolutions ne-

gatived, 111.
Dunfermline, re interment of the body of Fine Arts, II. 252.
King Robert Bruce at, II. 393.

Fitzclarence, Lieut.-Colonel, his journey

overland from India, I. 350.

Fitzwilliam, Earl, dismissed from his situs-

tion of Lord Lieutenant of the West Ri.
Earthquake, shock of, felt at Rome, 11. 504. ding of Yorkshire, II. 389.
East Indies, state of, I. 299. Admirable Foreign enlistment, debates with regard 19,

policy of the Marquis of Hastings, ib. in Parliament, I. 209.
Consolidation of the British power in, ib. Forces, military, of India, an account of, II.
Setoo, the chief of the Pindarries, devour. 304.
ed by a tiger, ib. Expedition against the Fos:er, Mr Leslie, his speech on the Catholic
pirates of the Persian Gulf, 298.

question, f. 190.
Ecclesiastical Court, Doctors Commons, Francis, Sir Philip, his will proved, II. 285.

curious case pending in, respecting patent Fraud, punishment of, II. 280.
coffins, IT. 302.

France, debt of, I. 65. Sinking fund of, ib.
Eden, John, Wolfe, James, and Wolfe, State of parties in, 256. Meeting of the

George, trial of, for the murder of Isabella Legislative Body, 258. Resolutions on
Young, II. 83. Eden and J. Wolfe the law of elections in the Chamber of
guilty, 91. G. Wolfe acquitted, ib.

Peers, 258. Debate on, ib. carried,
Edinburgh, Musical Festival as, Il. 586. 261. Presented to the Chamber of De-

Meeting of the County Gentlemen of, for puties, ib. Rejected, 263. Laws relative
the purpose of voting an address to the to the Press, ib. Debates on, ib. Pass-
Prince Regerst on the present state of the

ed in both Chambers, 266. The Budget,
country, II. 395. Rising state of the U- ib. State of the Finances, 267. State of
niversiiy of, 313.

parties at the close of the session, 969
Egypt, geographical discoveries in, by Lieut.- Disturbances at Nismes, ib. New Minis.
Colonel Firzclarence, I. 347.

try organized, II. 263. Fortresses to be
Ellenborough, the late Lord, bis will proved put in a state of defence, 295.
in Doctors Commons, II. 273.

Fualdès, a second trial relative to the assas-
Ellice, Mr, his motion on the subject of the sination of, II. 276.

Bank re-triction, 1. 146.
Etna, Mount, terrible eruption of, II. 318.

Exchequer, the Chancellor of the, his reply to

Mr Tierney, I. 42. Motion on the finan.
ces, 43. Opposes Sir J. Newport's amend. Galvanism, I. 335. Remarkable gairapic
ment, 70. Plan for the year's expenditure, phenomena, II. 281.
I. 87. "Reply to Mr Ricardo, 105. Re. Game laws, persons in custody for offences
ply to Mr Tierney, on his motion respect- against, II. 287.
jug the state of the circulating medium, Geographical discoveries in Africa. I. 349.
122. Motion on the expediency of the re- Persia, 547. Egypt, 350. New Holland,
sumption of cash payments, 125. Reply 352,

Germany, deliberations of the diet, I. 278. Moves for the re-appointment of the Com-

General state of affairs, 280, Assassina- mittee, 256.
tion of Kotzebue, 281. Congress of Carls- Hamilton, the Duke of, bis subscription to
bad, ib. Resolutions of the diet, ib.

the Manchester sufferers, II. 384. Let.
Gibb, James, trial of, for stabbing with in- ter to the Committee, ib.

tent to murder, II. 60. Guilty, 62. Sen. Hesse-Darmstadt, disturbances in, I. 286.
tenced to death, ib.

Allayed, 287.
Generals, singular fact of some of the French Highland Society of Scotland, proceedings
revolutionary, II. 284.


of, II. 219.
Geological Society, proceedings of, 11. 213. Hoax on the foreign virtuosi, resident in
Giarve, the most Rev. G. Peter, Archbishop the “ Eternal City,” II. 283.

of Jerusalem, arrives at Oxford, II. 293. Hoax, Philosophical, II. 290.

Object of his journey, ib. Success, 297. Hobhouse, Mr J. Cam, committed to New-
Glasgow, meeting of weavers at, II. 320. gate for libel and breach of privilege, I.
Reform meeting at, 379.

Disturbances 248. Circumstances attending the arrest
at, 381.

of, II. 403.
Goulburn, Mr, bis speech in reply to Mr J.

the publisher of his history
P. Grant, on the Army establishment, I. of the Hundred Days at Paris, condemn-
79. Reply to Mr Hume, 80.

ed by the Court of Assize, II. 389.
Gourgaud, General, resides at Hamburgh, Holland, Lord, his speech on the cash pay-
IL. 219.

ments bill, I. 155.-On the nature of pu..
Grain, the prices of, II. 229.

nishment, 161.
Grampound, Barnstaple and Penryn, cor.

the Ex-King of, lives in retirement
ruption and bribery proved against, in the at Rome, II. 289. His sister's splendour,

House of Commons, I. 221.
Grant, Mr J. P. his speech on the Army es- Hope, Sir A. his motion on the Windsor es-

tablishment of the country, I. 79. Sug- tablishment, I. 34. Reply to Mr Bennet,
gests means for reducing the burdens of 73.
the country, I. 94. Descants on the ex- Horrible circumstance, II. 276.
portation of gold, I. 47.

Hunt, Henry, the notorious, addresses a let.
Grattan, Mr, his motion relative to the Catho- ter to the Commander-in-Chief, II. 277.
lic claims, I. 183.

Conduct at the Smithfield meeting, 339.-
Greenfell, Mr, his speech in reply to Mr. At Manchester, 362.
Vansittart, I. 91.

Johaston, Moorebouse and others,
Grey, Earl, his speech on the Catholic ques- confined on a charge of high treason, 370.

tion, I. 195. Speech at the re-assembling Hume, Mr, bis speech on the Army estimates,
of Parliament, 229. Opposes Lord Sid. I. 72. On the Staff, 80.
mouth's bill for curbing the licentiousness Hunslet Moor, meeting on, II. 321.
of the press, 232.

Huskisson, Mr, his speech on the finances,
Grenville, Lord, his speech on the state of I. 65. On the malt tax, 97.
the country, I. 236.

Hyposulphurons acid, and its combinations

I. 335. Formation of hyposulphite of

Jime. 336.-Of potash, ib. Of soda, ib.

-Of ammonia, 337.-Of barytes, ib.

Of strontian, ib. Of magnesia, ib.
Hastings, Marquis of, bis admirable policy

of lead, ib. Of silver, ib. — Of mer.
in the government of India, I. 298. cury, 538.- Discovery of byposulphuric
Harrowby, Lord, his motion on the Bank acid, ib.

restriction, I. 164.
Hamburgh, trade of, II. 289.

Hamilton, Lord A. his speech relative to

Aberdeen, 1. 250. Motion respecting the Jamaica, a curious contest between the House
petitions from the Royal Burghs of Scot. of Assembly and the Chief-Justice of, II,
land, 253. Motion on the new Jury Court 283.
bill, 254. Brings up the Report of the Jean d'Angely, Count Regnault de St, death
Committee on the Royal Burghs, 255, and character of, II, 289,


Jews, persecution of the, at Copenhagen, JI.

Jewels, the King's, discovered, II. 270.
Insolvent debtors act, I. 201.

Lansdown, Marquis of, speech at the open-
India House, court of proprietors held on ing of Parliament, I. 9. Motion respect-

the late military affairs in, II. 279. ing the state of the country, 236.
Thanks voted to the Marquis of Hastings, Landlord, Tales of my, communication re-
ib. Terrible earthquake at Kutch in In- specting, II. 389.
dia, 325.

Lamb, the Hon. G. elected member of Par-
Improvements, II. 259. Southwark bridge liament for Westminster, I. 282. Riot
opened to the public, ib. Wire bridge

occasioned thereby, ib.
thrown over the river Kelvin, ib. Propo. Lauderdale, his speech on the opening of
sed National Monument of Scotland, ib. Parliament, 1. 13. Opposes Lord Har-
Menai bridge, 260. New Bridewell, Glas- rowby's motion on the subject of the Bank,
gow, ib. Donations to the College Mu.

I. 135.
seum Edinburgh, 261. Project for erect- Leeds, discovery of a human being at, is-
ing buildings on the Earthen Mound, Ed. carcerated in chains in the house of his
inburgh, 261. Statements by Mr Owen, parents fifteen years, II, 406.
ib. Glasgow and Carlisle road, ib. Bridge Libel, trials for, II. 6. Private, 13. Blase
over the Esk founded, 262. Caledonian phemous, 15.
Canal, ib.

Light and beat, I. 334.
Infirmary, Royal, discussion at a court of Literary intelligence, II. 243. France, s.
contributors to, II. 272.

Spain, 246. Germany, 247. Prussia, 249.
Johnson, J., Drummond, S., and Bagueley, Sweden, 250. Denmark, ib. Italy, ib.

J., trial of, for sedition, II. 3. Guilty, 5. Greece, 251.
Johnson, Robert, report relative to the exe. Liverpool, Earl of, speech at the opening of
cution of, II. 277.

Parliament, I. 11. Bill for vesting the
Itterberg, Count, the heir of the Ex-King care of the King's person in his Royal

of Sweden, his arrival in Edinburgh, II. Highness the Duke of York, 17. Speech

on the Earl of Harrowby's motion respect-

ing the Bank, 155. Opinion on the in-

crease of crimes, 161.

Riots at, II. 326.
Kotzebue, Augustus von, biographical ac- Lists of new publications, II. 497. Births,

count of, I. 307. Early indications of 517. Marriages, 521. Deaths, 528.
genius, 308. Sent to the college of Jena, Long, Mr C. his reply to Sir H. Parnell, in
ib. Progress in learning, ib. Applies to the debate on his financial resolutions, I.
the study of law, ib.
Private secretary to

General' Baur, ib. Marriage, ib. Ap- Louis 16th, the anniversary of his death ce-
pointed president of Revel, ib. Death of lebrated at St Dennis, II. 276.
his wife, ib. Superintendent of the Im. Lees, coroner's inquest on, II. 385,
perial Theatre of Vienna, 309. Return to
Russia, ib. Arrested and sent to Siberia,
ib. Leaves Russia on Alexander's ac-
cession, ib. Named a Russian counsellor
of state, ib. Leaves Russia, ib. Accre- Maberly, Mr, his speech on the subject of
dited political reporter to the Russian go- the Bank, I. 124.
vernment, ib. Assassinated, ib. Leaves Macdonald's, Mr, speech at the opening of
fourteen children, ib. Character of, ib. De- Parliament, I. 14.
tails of the assassination of, II, 292.

Mackintosh, Sir James, motion for certaia
Moritz von, travels through Per- returns of forgeries on the Bank of Eng.
sia, I. 348.

land, I, 161. Motion on the criminal laws
King, the state of the, II. 280 and 295.

164. Speech on the question of neutrality,
Kinloch, George, of Kinloch, trial of, for se- 213.

dition, 11. 405. Is outlawed for non-ap- Macglashan e, the Duke of Atholl, II. 161.
pearance, ib.

Macgregor, General, his defeat by the Spa-


niards, II. 338. Fails in another expedi. cute a prisoner with his own band, I. 303.
tion, 406.

A furious enemy to the Catholic religion,
Malt tax, I. 47.

ib. General view of his history of the
Manvers, Earl, moves the address in the Irish rebellion, ib. His death, ib.

House of Lords on the re-assembling of Mysterious occurrence, II. 320.

Parliament, I. 229.
Manchester, training to a great extent prac-

tised at, Il. 356. Reform meeting at,
dispersed by a military force, II. 361.
Particulars with regard to the state of, 365. Nation, the state of the, I. 203.
Sir F. Burdett's letter on the proceedings Navy estimates, I. 81. Ships building and
at, 369. Meeting in Palace yard relative ordered to be built, II. 401.
to, 379. Meeting at York in regard to, Newport, Sir John, his speech on the finances,

I. 69. On the malt-tax, 93.
Martin's, Sir J. B., motion in opposition to Sir New Holland, geograpbical discoveries in, by
H. Parnell, on the finances, I. 100.

Mr Oxley, I. 352.
Marquis D'Aoust v. Elmore, II. 119, 124. Newstead Abbey, II. 303. Notices of Lord
Maura, Santa, insurrection in, II, 399.

Byron, 304.
Marriages, II. 521.

Newfoundland, a destructive fire at St John's,
Meadiey, George Wilson, biographical ac- II. 360.

count of, I. 312. Unitarian in principle, New publications, list of, II. 497.
ib. Biographer of Dr Paley, ib. Writes Nismes, disturbances at, II, 286. Two of
the life of Mrs Jebb, 543. Publishes the the assassins of the Protestants at, found
memoirs of Algernon Sidney, ib. Death guilty at the assizes at Riom, II. 401.
and character, ib.

Norbury, Lord, his address at the Mullingar
Mellish, Mr, replies to Mr Grenfell, I. 93. assizes to the grand jury, on the state of
Meyer, Kinnear, Mosely and others, pro- England and Ireland, II. 354.

ceedings against, in the King's Bench, for Norcott, Colonel, abandons Macgregor, and
extensive conspiracy, II. 137.

exposes him, II. 406.
Medical report, II. 235. Treatment of in- North Shields, riots among the keelmen, II.

sanity, ib. Prevalence of scarlatina epi. 385.
demically in London and its vicinity, ib.
Small-pox prevalent in Edinburgh, 236.

Antidotes to poisons, ib. Various diseases,

O'Neil, Miss, married to William Wrizon
Moore, Thomas, Esq., serious calamity be- Becher, M. P., II. 405.
falls, II. 529.

Oldham, inquest on the body of Lees at, II.
Mount-Charles, Lord, his speech in favour 383. Set aside by a decision of the Court
of the Catholic question, I. 192.

of King's Bench, II. 401.
Monck, Sir Charles, his motion relative to Osborne, Thomas, trial of, for wilful murder,
Parga, I. 204.

II. 62. Not guilty, 65.
Mountains, the beight of the Himalaya, I. Ouseley, Sir William, his travels in Persia,

1. 348.
Monge, Gaspard, biographical notice of, I. Owen, Mr, motion in Parliament respecting

332. Mathematical talents, ib. Created bis plan for aineliorating the condition of
French minister of marine, ib. Plans the the lower orders, I. 246. Meeting at
Polytechnic school, ib. Appointments, Londun on the same subject, II. 341.
travels and discoveries, 339, Created Count
Pelusia, ib. Expelled the French Insti.

tute on the abdication of Napoleon, ib.
Depression and death occasioned thereby, Paisley, disturbances in, II. 381.
ib. Character, ib.

Palmer, John, biographical account of, I.
Monroe, James, President of the United 303. Aversion to the clerical profession,
States, an account of, II. 278.

304. Sent to London to procure an act of
Musgrave, Sir Richard, biographical account Parliament for the protection of the first

of, I. 303. A member of the Irish Par- theatre at Bath, ib. Returns with a patent
liament, ib. Is knighted, ib. By the de. conferring the title of Theatre Royal, ib.
campment of the hangman is obliged to exe- Plans for improving communication be.

on, ib.

tween different parts of the country, ib.
Memorial to the Lords of Treasury, 46. Suc-
cess of bis scheme. ib. Rise of the annual
revenue under his management, ib. At-
tempts to deprive him of the reward of his
labours, ib. He appeals to Parlian.en',
305. Resolution of, in his favour, ib.
Represents his native city in Parliament,

ib. Rise of his family, ib. His death, 305.
Palmerston, Lord, moves the Army estimates,

I. 70. Replies to the speeches of several
members, 73. Speech on the Army supply,

Parnell, reply to Sir H., 107.
Parliament, opened by commission, I. 7.
Prince Regent's speech, ib.

moved in both Houses, 8. Death of the
Queen deplored, ib. Address agreed to in
both Houses, 16. Bill for vesting the cus.
tody of the King's person in his Royal
Highness the Duke of York, 17. De-
bate on Lord Holland's motion, ib. The
bill ordered to be reported, ib. Message
from the Prince Regent, 18.

Address of
thanks to the Prince Regent moved and
agreed to, ib. Windsor establishment, 25.
Lord Castlereagh's motion, 25. Debates

Motion carried, 31, Report
brought up, ib. Discussion on the proposed
grant to the Duke of York, ib. Motion
that L. 10,000 be granted to his Royal
Highness the Duke of York as custos
persone carried, 34.

Motion relative to
the expences of the Windsor establish-
ment, ib. Lost, ib. Bill on the Windsor
establishment passed in the House of
Lords, 35. Morion in the House of Coin-
mons for the appointment of a committee of
finance, ib. Debate on, ib. Carried, 42.
Committee of finance, 43. Finance reso-
lutions carried, 69. Reportof the committee
brought up, ib. 1st and 2d resolutions
passed unanimously, ib. Sir J. Newport's
molion on the third, ib. negatived. Army
estimates, 70. Debate on, ib. Agreed to,
76. Report of the committee of supply
brought up, ib. Navy estimates, 81.
Ordnance estimates, 85.

Plan for carry-
ing the resolutions for the year's expendi-
ture into effect, 87. Motion for raising
money by lottery, 96. New duties, mo-
lions respecting, ib. Agreed to, 100. Ap-
pointment of a committee on the excise
duties bill, ib. Sums voted in the commit-
tee of supply, 101. Report of the com-
mitree of ways and means brought up, 102.
Report received, ib. Sinking fund loan
bill passes through the cominitrees, 105.

Sir H. Parnell's motion, 105. Debate on
his financial resolutions, negatived without
a division, 111. Bank restriction, 119.
Mr Tierney's motion relative to the circu.
lating medium, 192. Mr Vansittart's a.
mendment, 123. Debate on, ib. Amend.
ment cartied, 150. Bill for restraining
the issue of gold for notes under L 5, du-
ring the present session of Parliament,
130. Passed into a law, 191. Report of
the secret committee on the affairs of the
Bank brought up, 131. Earl of Harrowby
lays on the table of the House of Peers
the report of the secret committee of tbe
Lords appointed for the same purpose,
131. Earl of Harrowby's motion, 134.
Carried, 136. Mr Peel's motion on the
subject of the Bank in the House of Com-
mons, in a coinmittee of the whole House,
ib. Debate on, 146. Resolutions car.
tied, ib. Bill founded on the resolutions
passed, ib. Petition of the Common Coun-
cil of London presented to both Houses,
praying for a revision of the penal code,
160. Motion for certain returns of
forgeries on the Bank of England,
161. Agreed to, 162. Petition from
the Society of Friends with regard to
the criminal law, ib. Motion in tbe
House of Lords on the reported state of
gaols, prisons and crimes in the united
kingdom, ib. Agreed to; 164. Motion
in the House of Commons for a commil-
ice of inquiry into the state of prisons and
the prevention of crime, ib. Agreed to, ib.
Mution for a select committee to consi.
der so much of the criminal law as or-
dained capital punishment, ib. Discus.
sion on, 175, Motion carried against Mi-
nisters, 192. Report of the committee
presented, ib. Laid on the table, ib. Mr
Grattan's motion on the Catholic claims,
183. Morion lost, 192. Lord Donough-
more's motion on, in the House of Lords,
ib. Discussion on, ib. Negatived, 199
Bill for abrogating the last act brought in.
to the Lords, ib. Thrown out, ib. Bill
to abolish trial by wager of battle, brought
into both Houses, 200. Motion with re.
spect to insolvent debtors passed in both
Houses, ib. Bill for amending the bank.
ruptcy laws, 201. Motion on the poor
Jaws, 202. Motion on the state of the ps.
tion, 203. Negatived, 204. Motion on
the cession of Parga, 204. Foreign is-
listment bill, 209. Passed in both Houses,
220. Charitable foundations bill. ib.
Passed, ib. Sir F. Burdert's motions on

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