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period, the thermometer (Fahren- nimum temperature was nearly as
heit’s) having, in the course of a few great as in some of the preceding
days, ranged from 74° to 29o. The months, a difference of 38° having
vicissitudes of the previous month been experienced in the course of a
were hardly less remarkable, the ex- few days. In our climate, where such
tremes being 76.5° and 42.5°. But violent alternations of heat and cold
these distempers having generally are comparatively rare, these remark-
proved spasmodic, unmixed with any able vicissitudes could hardly fail of
inflammatory or congestive tenden- generating an unusual number of dis-
cies, speedily yielded to anodyne eases, and of proving very injurious
medicines. It is a remarkable cir- to delicate health and feeble consti.
cumstance, that in December the ex- tutions.
cess of the maximum above the mi.

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As a proof of the prodigious im- range and influence, have this year pulse given to human opinion, on been characterised by great vigour matters of religion, by the British and activity, and, in many instances, and Foreign Bible Society alone, it been attended with very consideris only necessary to mention, that able success. New societies have since its establishment in 1804, it been established; former institutions, has issued, or caused to be issued, whose means were limited, have been 9,437,088 Bibles and Testaments, in liberally subsidised, and stimulated one hundred and twenty-six different to renewed and increasing exerlanguages and dialects ; and as a tions; the distribution of the Scripfarther proof, that the means of this tures has been greatly extended, powerful institution are neither im- both at home and abroad ; men of paired, nor its zeal and industry re- talents, learning and industry have laxed, we find, upon turning to the been sought for, and liberally remuaccounts and documents, published nerated, for superintending or underin the Appendix to the Report for taking the translation of the Scripthe year, that the nett receipts a. tures into remote, barbarous, and mounted

to L. 94,306 : 17 : 10, comparatively unknown dialects : which, added to former balances, the translations of the Scriptures into placed at the disposal of the society, the languages, and dialects of India, the enormous sum of L. 125,335, China, and the Indian Archipelago, 138. 4 d.; and that, in the course of are, by the exertions of the Missio1819, the issues of Bibles and Testa- naries at Serampore, and other perments exceeded those of the prece- sons, either directly retained by the ding year by 65,930: the gross num. society, or occasionally supported ber having been 260,031 copies. by it, in a state of great forwardThese are facts of gigantic dimen: ness; and, in a word, no pains seem sions, and require no comment. to have been spared to promote the

The proceedings of this society, great object for which the society throughout the vast extent of its was instituted,—the indiscriminate

dissemination of the Holy Scriptures have also increased both in number among all classes, orders, and na- and efficiency; and in Hanover, tions of men on the earth !

under the patronage of the Duke of The most reinarkable feature in Cambridge, no less than 12,000 the religious intelligence of this copies of the Scriptures have been year is the organization of a Bible distributed among the people. WithSociety at Paris, under the imme. in a period of nine months the Bible diate patronage of the French Go- Society of Frankfort on the Maine vernment ! The_Marquis de Jau. distributed 4916 Bibles, and 2161 court, a peer of France, and Minis

Protestant, and 1260 Catholic Tester of State, is president. The Bri- laments. An edition of the Bible, tish Society, together with a dona- amounting to 10,000 copies, is nearly tion of L. 500, have placed at the ready for distribution in the kingdisposal of this infant institution 500 dom of Wirtemberg; and in Saxony German Bibles, and 300 Testaments; the same number have been recently and 1000 French Bibles, and as many completed. At the suggestion of Testaments, of Ostervald's version Dr Pinkerton a new edition of the from Basle ; together with 1000 Tes. Lithuanian and Polish Bible is about taments of the same version, from to be undertaken by the Königsberg the stereotype plates at Paris, to Bible Society.

in Denmark the enable it to commence immediate same zeal is displayed, and great pro. operations. The example of Paris gress has been made ; 5266 Danish has been followed by Bourdeaux, Bibles and Testaments having been Montauban, and Nismes. In its issued. His Danish Majesty has given second year the Bible Society of 4000 rixdollars in aid of the socieStrasburgh distributed 689 Bibles, ty's funds. The Sleswick Holstein and 1119 Testaments. Various edi. Bible Society already enumerates tions of the Protestant Scriptures 108 Auxiliary Societies and Associaare printing at Paris, Montauban, tions, and has distributed 12,000 coand Toulouse; and of the Catholic pies of the Scriptures. The ComNew Testament of De Sacy, stereo. mittee of the British Society pretyped at Paris, many thousand copies sented this thriving institution with have been distributed among the the stereotype plates for Luther's Catholics in different parts of German Bible, in consequence of France. The United Netherlands which an edition of 10,000 copies Bible Society has announced a dis- has been commenced. In Sweden tribution of the Scriptures nearly the number of copies of the Scripdouble of that of the preceding year. tures, distributed in the course of the In Switzerland the Bible Societies year, has equalled that of the two are also in full operation ; that of preceding years united; and the NaBasle, in particular, has seven presses tional Society has found a zealous constantly at work, in printing three patron in Bernadotte. An edition separate editions of the Bible. At of 10,000 copies of a quarto Bible is Neufchatel and Lausanne, they are about to be commenced. But it is occupied in printing the quarto edi- in Russia that the operations of these tion of Ostervald's French Bible; societies have been most brisk and aand it is calculated that from Con. nimated. Translations are undertaslance alone 30,000 Catholic Testa. ken with promptitude, and supportments have issued. The B ed with liberality. Io Petersburgh Societies of Germany and Prussia alone editions are preparing in eleven languages ; and during last year affiliated and kindred institutions have 72,000 copies were printed in eight been received, but they present little different languages. The total, either that is either interesting or useful. printed, or printing by the Russian In America, there is certainly great Bible Society amounts to fifty-nine scope for the exertions of the soeditions, comprising 270,600 copies, in ciety's benevolence. The American twenty-one languages !

Bible Society appear to be sensible of Such is a rapid outline of the the force of this truth ; for they seem progress of Bible Associations in at last to have begun to bestir themEurope. In the East, the co-opera- selves. No less than ten presses were tion and benevolent intentions of the at work for the purposes of the society Parent Institution have also been when the last report was drawn up. pretty warmly seconded and ac. This affords us much pleasure ; for we knowledged. The Calcutta Auxili. had believed that America was the ary Society has completed two edi- country of the whole world where re. tions of the entire Bible, two edi- ligion was least regarded; nor are we tions of the New Testament, and a yet satisfied that our opinion was al. small edition of St Matthew's Gos- together unfounded. pel, in four Asiatic languages, the The Bible Societies in the West Armenian, the Malay, the Hindosta- Indies appear to be in a very quiesnee, and the Bengalee. A revised cent state. This was to be expectedition of the Malay Bible, in the ed. It is impossible that the plantArabic character, had been commen- ers can ever cordially co-operate in ced, and measures taken for printing introducing, Christianity among the a version of the New Testament by black population. Negro slavery the Rev. Mr Pritchett in the Telinga would be in peril; and who would or Teloogoo language. A new socie- be so insane as to compare the com. ty, designated, “ The Sumatran Bible forts and consolations of Christianity, Society," of which Sir Thomas Stam. dispensed to a poor African, with ford Raffles, Governor of Suma- the indispensable luxuries of sugar tra, is president, has been formed in and rum? A priori, we should have that island; and liberal subscriptions said, that Christianity and slavery have been already obtained for its were incompatible; but the example support. China

presents little more of America has cast a doubt on the than “ the pleasures of hope.” The truth of this, as of many other judge Scriptures, translated into Chinese, ments and opinions which men had both at Serampore and Canton, have formerly held. A cynic, however, been as extensively disseminated, as might allege in defence of our axiom, the nature of circumstances, and the that the Christianity, like a good most watchful and jealous, because deal of the pretended liberty of Athe most feeble despotism upon earth, merica, is only nominal.

No man would permit. Still, even from Mr can be a Christian who buys and sells Milne's account, the benefits to be human flesh ! derived from the zeal of the Mission- The following works have been aries, and the exertions of the so. wholly or nearly completed during ciety, are merely prospective and the past year, viz. contingent.

1. The Irish New Testament in From New South Wales, from A. the vernacular character, S001 frica and from America accounts of copies, upon stereotype.

2. The Manks Bible, containing the Old and New Testament in one volume, 5000 copies.

On Thursday the 20th of May 3. The German Pocket Testa. the General Assembly of the Scottish ment, 10,000 copies.

Church was opened by the Rt. Hon. 4. The Portuguese Testament, the Earl of Morton, bis Majesty's for the use of Catholics, from the High Commissioner; and on that version of Antonio Pereira, (printed and the following day the Assembly at Lisbon,) 5000 copies.

were occupied with the usual routine 5. The Portuguese Testament, business. In truth, if we except from the version of Joam Fereira de Mr Anderson's case, which was that Almeida, (printed at Batavia,) 5000 of a minister acting as factor or comcopies.

missioner for the Duke of Gordon, 6. The Arabic Psalter, from the the proceedings of this reverend version printed at Mount Lebanon, body were, upon

the present occa3000 copies.

sion, nearly destitute of any general 7. The Hindostanee New Testa interest. Mr Anderson's case was ment, by Martyn, 5000 copies. argued chiefly on points of form;

8. The Malay New Testament in the Presbytery having taken up his the Roman character, 10,000 copies. case in his absence, without citation,

9. The ancient and modern Greek and the Synod having made a new Testament, in parallel columns, case of it altogether. The Assembly 8000 copies.

were obviously much perplexed be10. The completion of the Syriac tween what they felt to be due to Gospels and Acts of the Apostles the clerical character, and to those printed under the inspection of Dr secular interests to which the clergy Buchanan.

are as alive as the laity. All agreed 11. The Turkish New Testament in disapproving of a clergyman's enat Paris, 5000 copies : Besides va- gaging in such occupations as interrious editions of the English Scrip- fere with the proper discharge of his tures, from the authorised presses. Pastoral functions ; but the difficulty

In addition to English Bibles and of drawing the line between those Testaments, the principal works now occupations which are harmless and in course of preparation are,

those which assume a different cha. 1. The Portuguese Bible, from racter seemed equally impressed on the version of Joam Fereira de Al- the venerable Court. meida, 5000 copies.

On Tuesday the 25th, a petition 2. The Malay Bible, in Roman was read from Dr A. Small, minister character, 5000 copies.

of Stirling, appellant, against a sen3. The Malay Bible in the Arabic tence of the Synod of Perth and character, 5000 copies ; and 5000 Stirling, of date the 20th of March extra Testaments for the Nether. preceding, allowing Dr Knox to tenlands Bible Society.

der a dissent and complaint against 4. A new Translation of the Tes that part of the conduct of the Prestament into Modern Greek, by an bytery at their last meeting, when Archimandrite of Constantinople. Dr Knox was present, in which they

5. The Syriac Old Testament, received and sustained a presenta4000 copies quarto, to accompany tion and other papers, in favour of the New Testament, already printed. Mr Andrew Bullock to be minister

of Alva, in respect there was no man


date from the presentee produced, ling into two separate parishes, each authorising any persons to lay these of which may be provided with a papers before the Presbytery. After separate kirk-session.” In the sehearing parties, and a short debate, quel this motion was carried by a it was finally agreed, without a vote, great majority. to sustain the appeal and reverse the The report of the Committee on sentence of the Synod.

the means of education in great On Wednesday the Assembly took cities, and of religious instruction in into consideration a petition from jails, which was read on Friday, Dr A. Small and Mr J. Dempster, proved that the recent investigamembers of the Presbytery of Stir- tions in the South had not been lost ling, dissenters and complainers a- upon the clergy of our national gainst a sentence of the Presbytery, church. The report, however, disof date the 27th of April last, re- closes no new views. The Rev. Mr specting the election of elders in Douglas made some energetic and the town and parish of Stirling. An- pointed remarks on the experiments other petition was also given in by sometimes made on the minds of cri. three inhabitants of Stirling against minals previous to execution. These the same sentence. Parties and their were received with great impatience, counsel being fully heard, and remo- and the speaker literally overwhelmved, a long debate took place, in the ed by clamour. An argument is not course of which Dr Inglis moved, very conclusively answered by noise. " To dismiss the complaint and ap- Without meaning or intending that a peal, and approve of the conduct of criminal should be denied the conthe Presbytery, but at the same time solations of religion at a moment supersede the interlocutory judg: when their support is peculiarly nement of the Presbytery appealed cessary, and, above all, when it im. from, in order to the Assembly ports his future welfare that he should pronouncing a final judgment on be led to entertain correct notions of the whole case: And the Assembly his past conduct, we hold that it is do accordingly express their high no less abhorrent to the genuine prindisapprobation of a selection of ad- ciples of religion, than dangerous to ditional elders entirely out of the the well-being of society, that a felon congregation of the East Church of should be encouraged in the idea Stirling, to the exclusion of that of that a late repentance may atone for a the West Church; and appoint the life of crime, and that eternal felicity kirk-session of Stirling forthwith to follows such repentance as a matter make such an election and ordina- of course. But we abstain from any tion of elders as shall equalize the further comment. number of elders connected with On Saturday the Assembly were each of the respective congregations. occupied with mere business of rouAt the same time the General As. tine during a considerable portion of sembly earnestly recommend to the the sitting; and on Monday (the 31st), Magistrates and Town-Council of after receiving the reports of various Stirling, and all concerned, to con- committees, and disposing of some osider whether measures ought not ther business, his Grace the Comto be adopted for procuring a di. missioner dissolved the Assembly in vision of the town and parish of Stir- the usual manner,

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