The Botanic Garden: A Poem, in Two Parts ... The Economy of Vegetation, and The Loves of the Plants. With Philosophical Notes

Jones & Company, 1825 - 203 pāgines

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Pāgina 53 - And hence perhaps may be given some reason of that common observation, that men who have a great deal of wit, and prompt memories, have not always the clearest judgment or deepest reason : for wit lying most in the assemblage of ideas, and putting those together with quickness and variety, wherein can be found any resemblance or congruity, thereby to make up pleasant pictures and agreeable visions in the fancy...
Pāgina 170 - he's safe ! the battle's won —A ball now hisses through the airy tides, (Some fury winged it, and some demon guides!) Parts the fine locks her graceful head that deck, Wounds her fair ear, and sinks into her neck; The red stream, issuing from her azure veins, Dyes her white veil, her ivory bosom stains.— •—
Pāgina 170 - Oh, cease not yet to beat, thou vital urn ! Wait, gushing life, oh, wait my love's return ! Hoarse barks the wolf, the vulture screams from far ! — The angel, Pity, shuns the walks of war ! — Oh, spare, ye war-hounds, spare their tender age ! — On me, on me...
Pāgina 173 - E'en now, e'en now, on yonder western shores, Weeps pale despair, and writhing anguish roars ; E'en now in Afric's groves with hideous yell Fierce SLAVERY stalks, and slips the dogs of hell ; From vale to vale the gathering cries rebound> And sable nations tremble at the sound...
Pāgina 169 - Pleased with the distant roar, with quicker tread Fast by his hand one lisping boy she led ; And one fair girl amid the loud alarm Slept on her kerchief, cradled by her arm : While round her brows bright beams of Honour dart, And Love's warm eddies circle round her heart.
Pāgina 13 - Hence without parent by spontaneous birth Rise the first specks of animated earth ; From Nature's womb the plant or insect swims, And buds or breathes, with microscopic limbs.
Pāgina 55 - I saw from the southeast a haze come, in colour like the purple part of the rainbow, but not so compressed or thick. It did not occupy twenty yards in breadth, and was about twelve feet high from the ground. It was a kind of blush upon the air, and it moved very rapidly, for I...
Pāgina 126 - ye rising realms record Time's opening scenes, and Truth's unerring word. — There shall broad streets their stately walls extend, The circus widen, and the crescent bend ; There ray'd from cities o'er the cultured land, Shall bright canals, and solid roads expand.— There the proud arch, Colossus-like, bestride Yon glittering streams, and bound the chasing tide ; Embellished villas crown the landscape scene, Farms wave with gold, and orchards blush between.
Pāgina 17 - Soon shall thy arm, unconquered steam, afar Drag the slow barge or drive the rapid car ; Or, on wide-waving wings expanded, bear The flying chariot through the fields of air ; — Fair crews triumphant, leaning from above, Shall wave their fluttering kerchiefs as they move, Or warrior bands alarm the gaping crowd, And armies shrink beneath the shadowy cloud.
Pāgina 57 - Weigh the long column of the incumbent skies, And with the changeful moment fall and rise. —How, as in brazen pumps the pistons move, The membrane- valve sustains the weight above ; Stroke follows stroke, the gelid vapour falls, And misty dew-drops dim the crystal walls ; Rare and more rare expands the fluid thin, And silence dwells with vacancy within.— 140 So in the mighty void with grim delight Primeval silence reign'd with ancient night.

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