The Jesuits in Great Britain: An Historical Inquiry Into Their Political Influence

G. Routledge, 1903 - 358 pàgines

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Pàgina 309 - The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords.
Pàgina 37 - ... as lively members of the same in Christ our head : promising and swearing, by the great name of the LORD our GOD, that we shall continue in the obedience of the doctrine and discipline of this kirk and shall defend the same according to our vocation and power, all the days of our lives ; under the pains contained in the law, and danger both of body and soul in the day of God's fearful judgment.
Pàgina 273 - It is first to be remembered that there was really and truly a popish plot in being, though not that which Titus Gates and his associates pretended to reveal...
Pàgina 234 - There was enough said of it to startle a great many, though not universally diffused; So much, that if the Government here, had not crumbled of itself, his Right alone, with that and other clogs upon it, would hardly have thrown it down. I conclude that when he came into England he was as certainly a Roman Catholick, as that he was a Man of Pleasure; both very consistent by visible Experience.
Pàgina 36 - God's good creatures, with the superstitious opinion joined therewith ; his worldly monarchy and wicked hierarchy ; his three solemn vows, with all his shavelings of sundry sorts;. his erroneous and bloody decrees made at Trent, with all the subscribers and approvers of that cruel and bloody band conjured against the Kirk of God : and, finally, we detest all his vain allegories, rites, signs, and traditions, brought in the Kirk without or against the Word of God and doctrine of this true Reformed...
Pàgina 28 - It contradicts the account published by government: that, when he was asked " whether he " did, at that present, acknowledge her majesty to be a " true and lawful queen, or a pretended queen, and " deprived, and in possession of the crown only de facto, " he answered, that question depended on the fact of " Pius V., whereof he was not judge, and therefore
Pàgina 37 - And seeing that many are stirred up by Satan and that Roman Antichrist, to promise, swear, subscribe, and for a time use the holy sacraments in the Kirk, deceitfully against their own...
Pàgina 232 - Going one morning very early by a church, where a great number of persons were at their devotions, he stepped in; and advancing near the altar, he saw the king on his knees at mass. He readily imagined his majesty would not be pleased that he should see him there, and therefore retired as cautiously as he could, went to a different part of the church, near another altar, where nobody was, kneeled down, and said his own prayers till the king was gone.
Pàgina 37 - God, to his great confusion, and their double condemnation in the day of the Lord Jesus. We therefore, willing to take away all suspicion of hypocrisy, and of such double dealing with God and His Kirk, protest and call the Searcher of all hearts for witness, that our minds and hearts do fully agree with this our confession, promise, oath, and subscription...

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