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Pelican, par Ian de Marnef, n.d.-Bisselin (A.) Les Tables de la declinaison ou esloignement que fait le soleil de la ligne equinoctiale chacun iour des quatre ans, italic letter, ib., 1559, in 1 vol., cf., r.e. (reverse of tables defaced), 4to. (7), March 3, Sotheby H. Stevens, £52 Algiers Voyage in a Iournall or briefe Reportary of all occurrents hapning in the fleet of ships sent out by the King as well against the Pirates of Algiers as others, cf. ex., 1621, 4to. (19), June 30, Sotheby Ellis, £3 15s. Alken (H.) A Few Ideas, 6 col. plates, orig. wrappers, McLean, 1825, folio (240), March 12, Sotheby Rimell, £11 Alken (H.) Beauties and Defects in the Figure of the Horse, first ed., 18 col. plates, cl., 1816, 4to. (582), April 29, Puttick Hatchard, £ 7s. 6d. Alken (H.) Illustrations to Popular Songs, front. and upwards of 170 humorous designs in col. engraved upon 43 plates, hf. roan, lettered on side, as issued, McLean, 1826, oblong 4to. (190), March 12, Sotheby Suckling, II IOS. Alken (H.) National Sports of Great Britain, first ed., 50 col. plates, mor. gt., g.e., McLean, 1821, folio (235), March 12, Sotheby Spencer, £114 Alken (H.) National Sports of Great Britain, 50 col. plates, engraved and printed titles wanting, contemp. mor. gt., g.e., 1823, folio (155), April 8, Sotheby Spencer, £59 Alken (H.) National Sports of Great Britain, 50 col. engravings (reduced in size), one end-paper torn off, orig. cl. (loose), McLean, 1825, roy. 8vo. (9), March 12, Sotheby Parsons, £29 Alken (H.) National Sports of Great Britain, 50 col. plates, with descriptions, in portfolio, Methuen & Co., 1903 (884), May 20, Sotheby Atkinson, £2 6s. Alken (H.) Right Sort and the Wrong Sort (no title), 6 col. plates by J. Harris after H. Alken, with descriptions (a few stains), hf. mor. (rubbed), Fores, n.d. (1859), oblong folio (242), March 12, Sotheby Spencer, £10 IOS. Alken (H.) Roadster's Album, 16 col. plates (should be 17), including title (one plate stained, others stained and thumbed), orig. cl., Fores, 1845, folio (819), March 12, Sotheby Spencer, £12 Alken (H.) Specimens of Riding near London, first ed., 18 col. plates, orig. hf. roan, red label on side, McLean, 1823, oblong folio (237), March 12, Sotheby Parsons, £10 Alken (H.) Sporting Notions (no title), 36 col. plates, orig. hf. roan, label on side (1832-3), folio (241), March 12, Sotheby Edwards, £6 15s. Alken (H.) Sporting Scrap Book, 49 (should be 50) col. plates (stain on one plate), hf. mor., g.e., M'Lean, 1824, oblong folio (248), May 28, Sotheby Spencer, £12 5s. Alken (H.) Symptoms of being Amused, 42 col. plates, containing 192 humorous sketches, with descriptions, orig. hf. mor., g.e., label on side, McLean, 1822, oblong folio (236), March 12, Sotheby David, £6

Alken (H.) Touch at the Fine Arts, 12 col. plates, orig. hf. roan (rubbed), McLean, 1824, 8vo. (8), March 12, Sotheby Suckling, £8 Alken (H.) Tutor's Assistant, 26 col. plates, orig. wrappers, gold lettered label, McLean, 1823-4, oblong folio (238), March 12, Sotheby Suckling, £5 5s.

[1 15s., orig. bds., some leaves stained and 5 plates repaired, Nov. 25, Sotheby, Lot 297.]

Allen (J.) Principles of Modern Riding for Ladies, plates, orig. bds., uncut, 1825, 8vo. (180), Feb. 17, Sotheby Rimell, 14S. Allen (Thos.) New and Complete History of the County of York, plates by N. Whittock on India paper, numerous extra plates inserted, 3 vol., hf. cf., 1826-31, 4to. (494), Feb. 17, Sotheby Braun, I 12S. Allibone (S. A.) Dictionary of English Literature, with Supplement by J. F. Kirk, 5 vol., hf. mor., Philadelphia, 1900, 8vo. (353), July 16, Sotheby Halliday, 1 145.

[£5, hf. pigskin, July 16, Hodgson, Lot 222.] Allot (Robt.) England's Parnassus, or the Choysest Flowers of our Modern Poets, first ed. (margin of A 5 mended, some headlines cut into, wanted the 2 blanks in A and the last in K), new russ. ex., Imprinted for Nicholas) L(ing), Cuthbert) B(urby) and T(homas) Hayes), 1600, sm. 8vo. (24), Nov. 4, Sotheby B. F. Stevens, £65

[$175, mor. gt., g.e., by Rivière, Dec. 2, Anderson Galleries, New York, Lot 21.] All the Year Round, conducted by Charles Dickens, 20 vol., hf. mor., with Dickens' bookplate and Gadshill Place saleticket in each, 1859-68, 8vo. (451), Nov. 12, Puttick Halliday, 13 IOS. Almack (E.) Fine Old Bindings, with other Interesting Miscellanea in Edward Almack's Library, facs. in col., plates, one of 200 copies, hf. buckram, uncut, t.e.g., Blades, East and Blades, 1913 (309), Feb. 3, Sotheby

Edwards, £4 2s. 6d. Almain Armourer's Album, introduction by Viscount Dillon, reproduced in colour by W. Griggs, 1905-Ornamental Heraldry of the XVI. Century, ed. by Sir W. Stirling Maxwell, illustrations, 1868, together 2 vol., folio (8), Oct. 21, Sotheby Quaritch, £2 IOS. Almanach des Gourmands, fronts., 8 vol., polished cf., Paris, 1803-12, 8vo. (409), Nov. 25, Sotheby Edwards, 1 28. Almanach Géographique ou petit Atlas (name on titles), 2 vol., contemp. mor. gt., g.e., Paris, 1770-1, 16m0. (404), April 14, Sotheby Braun, 1 14S. Almanach Royal, année MDCCLXVII., contemp. French mor gt., arms of Charles Just de Beauvau, gt. end-papers, g.e., Paris, 1767, 8vo. (193), Oct. 17, Sotheby Parsons, £26 Almon (J.) Complete History of the Late War in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, ports., maps, 1774, 8vo. (375), May 27, Puttick

etc., cf., Dublin, Maggs, £3 3s.

Alphéraky (S.) Geese of Europe and Asia, col. plates by F.
W. Frohawk, orig. cl., 1915, folio (924), Aug. 13, Hodgson
£1 125.
Alphonsus de Spina. Fortalicium Fidei, ed. princeps, lit. goth.,
248 leaves, double columns, four illuminated initials,
decoration on first page, small initials painted (a few
stains), orig. bds. and stamped leather, initials W. P. and
crown at top, iron studs on lower edge of board [Hain
*872, Proctor 210], s. n. (Argentorati, J. Mentelin, c.
1471), folio (836), May 13, Sotheby
Maggs, £9 10S.
Alphonsus de Spina. Fortalicium fidei, 160 leaves, including
first blank, lit. goth., capitals in red (a few worm-holes),
orig. stamped pigskin over wooden bds., remains of clasps
[Hain *873, Proctor 2044], Nurembergk, impensis A.
Koberger, 1485, folio (837), May 13, Sotheby Lewine, £2 12s.
Alpine Club. Journal, plates, Vol. i.-xxx., xxxi. (2 parts
only), 30 vol. and 2 parts, Vol. i.-xxvii. orig. cl., xxviii.-
xxxi. ready for binding, 1864-1917, 8vo. (131), April 14,
Edwards, £18 10s.

[£23, Vol. i.-xxx. and Index to Vol. i.-xv., 1864-1916,
orig. cl., March 18, Puttick, Lot 211.]
Alpine Club. Peaks, Passes and Glaciers, ed. by J. Ball and
E. S. Kennedy, first ed., second series, illustrations, 2 vol.,
orig. cl., 1862, 8vo. (210), March 18, Puttick Edwards, 158.
Alpine Club (French). Annuaire du Club Alpin Français, 30
vol., complete, hf. roan, 1874-1903-La Montaigne. Revue
mensuelle du Club Alpin Français, Vol. i. to ix., hf. roan,
not uniform with the foregoing, 1904-13, together 39 vol.,
8vo. (212), March 18, Puttick
Edwards, £9
Alpinus (Prosperus). De Praesagienda vita, et Morte Aegro-
tantium lib. VII., device of cat and mouse on title, Venetiis,
Haeredes M. Sessae, 1601—Jacobi Grevini De Venenis lib.
II., woodcuts, Antw. ex. off. C. Plantini, 1571, in 1 vol.,
old French mor. gt., interlaced double C's and arms of
Charles de Valois, Duc d'Angoulême, son of Charles IX.,
sm. 4to. (19), Nov. 14, Sotheby
Quaritch, £9 15s.
Alunno (F.) Della Fabrica del Mondo, cf., cut copy, Venetia,
1570, folio (584), March 18, Puttick Berthel, 1 7s. 6d.
Alvarez (Fr.) Historiale description de l'Ethiopie (trans. by

J. Bellere), italic letter, old cf., covered with interlaced
Y's in blind, Anvers, 1558, sm. 8vo. (23), June 30, Sotheby
Ellis, £7 10s.
Alvarez (Fr.) Ho Preste Joam das Indias, lit. goth., title in
red and black, with woodcut partly col., initials E. W."
in margin of title, orig. limp vell., from the Heber library,
Em casa de Luis Rodriguez, 1540, folio (22), June 30,
Quaritch, £31

[In the Heber catalogue the initials " E. W." written in
margin of title-page are ascribed to Edmund Waller, the

Alvarotis (Jac. de) Opus novum ac perutile super Feudis, lit.
goth., 226 leaves, the first blank, initials and capitals

painted [Hain *888, Proctor 8523], old cf. (Dunn copy,
£5 5s. in Feb., 1914), [colophon]... Impressum (Lugduni)
per Nicolaum Philippi ac Marcum Reinhart, año 1478,
folio (839), May 13, Sotheby
Maggs, £16 1OS.
Amadis of Gaul. The Fifth Book of the Most Plaisant and
Delectable History of Amadis de Gaule, trans. by T.
Johnson, first ed., black letter, mor. ex., Printed by Ť. J.
for Andrew Kembe at St. Margaret's Hill in Southwark, and
Charles Tyres at the Three Bibles on London Bridge, 1664,
sm. 4to. (25), Nov. 4, Sotheby
Rice, £5 15S.
Amadis of Gaul. Le Prodezze di Splandian, che seguono i
quatro libri di Amadis di Gaula, suo padre, italic letter,
title cut round and mounted, contemp. Venetian leather,
panels gt. to a Grolieresque pattern, Venetia, G. Giglio,
1559, 8vo. (204), July 28, Sotheby
Dobell, 10s.
Amadis of Gaul. Los Quatro Libros de Amadis de Gaula,
titles in red and black, 136 small and 5 large woodcuts
(title re-margined and some pp. with MS. notes in mar-
gins), old mor., g.e., by Hering, Venecia, J. A. de Sabia,
1533, 8vo. (316), July 9, Hodgson F. Edwards, £15 5s.
Amadis of Greece. Most Excellent and Famous History of
the most Renowned Knight, Amadis of Greece, by a
Person of Quallity (sic), black letter, woodcuts and a full-
page equestrian figure of the knight for a i., mor. ex., g.e.,
by Rivière (Huth copy, £5 in 1911), Printed for J. Deacon
at the Angel in Gilt-Spur-Street without Newgate, and J.
Blare at the Looking-Glass on London Bridge, 1693, sm.
4to. (841), May 13, Sotheby
Bain, £10
Amboyna. See True Relation
Ambrosius (S.) De Officiis libri tres, lit. rom., 100 leaves (2
in duplicate) [Hain 910, Proctor 5874], hf. bd. (Wodhull
copy), Impressus Mediolani Chirstofol (sic) Valdarfer,
1484, sm. 4to. (22), Nov. 14, Sotheby Tregaskis, £5 158.
[Amelotte (Denis).] La Vie du Père Charles de Condren
second Superieur général de la Congregation de l'Ora-
toire de Jesus, red ruled throughout, old French mor. gt.,
g.e., Paris, 1657, 8vo. (8), March 3, Sotheby


Tregaskis, £2 25.
Acts Passed at the First Session of the General
Assembly of the Territory of the United States of America,
South of the River Ohio, Began and Held at Knoxville,
on Monday, the Twenty-Fifth Day of August, M.DCC.
XCIV., old deer-skin, uncut (worn), tear at lower margin
of title and some pages stained, Knoxville: Printed by
George Roulstone, Printer to the Territory, M.DCC.XCIV.
(1794), 8vo. (213), April 22, American Art Association $160

[First ed. of the first compilation of Acts and Ordin-
ances of the New Territory of Tennessee.]

America. Boston Weekly Post-Boy (The) for June 22, 1741,
4 pp. in double columns, title between two woodcuts (first)
page defective at foot), unbd., 1741, 4to. (649), April 8,
Barnard, 3 IOS.

America. Brief State of the Province of Pennsylvania, 1755 -Answer to an invidious Pamphlet, intituled, A Brief State of the Province of Pennsylvania, 1755, together 2 vol., hf. cf., 1755, 8vo. (622), Dec. 2, Sotheby Barton, £8 America. Confession of Faith Owned and Consented to by the Elders and Messengers Of the Churches In the Colony of New-England, Assembled by Delegation at Say-Brook, September 9th, 1708, etc., orig. sheep (few headlines frayed), re-sewn in the orig. covers, in case, New-London in N. E. Printed by Thomas Short, 1710[Imprint on second title] New London. Printed by Thomas Short, 1710, 12mo. (119), April 22, American Art Associa$610


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[The Lefferts copy, with leather label, of the orig. ed. of the Saybrook Confession. See Peter's General History of Connecticut," London, 1781, pp. 142-3.] America. Declaration of Independence by Massachusetts. Broadside. By the Great and General Court of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay. A Proclamation, etc., untrimmed edges [Watertown, Benjamin Edes, 1776], large folio (34), April 22, American Art Association $145

[ocr errors]

[The first proclamation by the New Government of Massachusetts advocating open hostilities with Great Britain. Reproduction of broadside in catalogue.] America. Impartial History of the War in America between Great Britain and her Colonies, folding map (mounted), ports. (last leaf defective), cf., g.e., by Rivière, R. Faulder, 1780, 8vo. (470), May 20, Sotheby Friernan, £15 5S. America. Paris Papers, or Mr. Silas Dean's late intercepted Letter to his brothers and other intimate Friends in America, hf. cf., New York, n.d., 8vo. (575), Feb. 17, Sotheby H. Stevens, £4 America. Treaty held with the Indians of the Six Nations, at Philadelphia, In July, 1742, PP. 25, mor. gt., g.e. (piece inserted at top corner of title, last leaf repaired, small piece in one margin inserted), Philadelphia : Printed and Sold by B. Franklin, at the New-Printing Office, near the Market, M.DCC.XLIII. [1743], sm. folio (172), April 22, American Art Association $425

[Orig. ed. The Henry Stevens copy, with bookplate. See H. F. De Puy's "Bibliography of the English Colonial Treaties with the American Indians." Reproduction of title-page in catalogue.]

America. See also Atlas, Map, Tracts American Oriental Society. Journal, Vol. ii. to xiii.-Vol. xvii. to xxix., in 24 vol., buckram-Vol. xxx. to xxxiv., Pt. iii., and 9 subsequent parts, in 27 parts, wrappers, 1851 to 1918, together 63 vol. and parts, 8vo. (18), Nov. 12, Puttick Grant, £13 American Stud Book (The), containing Full Pedigrees of All the Imported Thorough-Bred Stallions and Mares, with their Produce, with an Appendix, Vol. i.-vi. (with dupli

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