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OR, Several Cases of Conscience Practically Re solved, by sundry Minifters,

September, 1661.
Annesley Samuel 10-17
Commending our selves to every mans Conscience

in the sight of God, 2 Cor.

4. 2.

Vnicuiq; eft liber sua conscientia, & ad hunc librum dif

cutiendum & emendandum omnes alii inventi sunt.

Bernard. de Inter, Dom. p. 1072, c. 28.

Ουδείς γαρ έτως έτι μαρτυς έξι φοβερός, έτε κατήγορο Λαγός, ώς ή σύνεσις ή

XaTornio Tais 'exa's op nfurãos. Polyb. Frag. p. 1029.

The Third Edition.

LONDON, Printed by T. Milbourn, for Fosbwa Fohnson, to be sold by Edw.

Brewster at the Crane, and Nevil Simmons at the Princese Armes in St. Pauls Church-Yard, Tho. Parkhurft at the Bible and Three Crowns in Cheapfide, and by Robert Boulter at the Turks-Head over

against the Royal Exchange, 1671.

Monthlow Hollany

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To my most unfeignedly Beloved Parishi

oners of St. GILES Gripplegate.

My Dear Friends,

Hele Sermons, both preached and printed, are

the meer product of love to your Souls. I
never yet (that I remember) went thorow the
Parish without some (though not sutably com-
passionate) heart-aking yearnings towards my
charge,to think (and oh that I could think of ic

according to the worth of Souls)how many thoxSands here are posting to Eternity, that within a few years will be in Heaven or Helly

and I know not how, so much as to ask them whither they are going. While God continues me your Watchman, I shall affectionately desire, and solicitously endeavour to keep my self pure from the blood of all men, and that not only Ads 22. 26. for the saving of my own Soul, by delivering my Message ; buc that you also may be saved by entertaining it. I am willing therefore to commend unto you some legible provocations to serious Piety, and therefore have procured a contribution of help, that in the multitude of Spiritual Counsellors your

Proy. 11. 14:

may have fafery, In short, my Brethren give ine leave to say, that

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