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fathom, and too wide for its most expanded thoughts to traverse.

But the subject of the evolution of worlds in which may be viewed the grand, progressive birth of the Universe, requires a somewhat more detailed elucidation than that which is given in the foregoing comprehensive survey. Minds which have studied deeply the philosophy of Nature, will readily comprehend the fact that the sun of the solar system is still a mass of burning substance, and that this is the parent of the earth and other planets which revolve around it. This body has a nearly perfect correspondence with the vast primary central Sun, from which all the suns of the firmament have been evolved. And in this analogy is presented an important truth, which will serve to explain the entire mystery which has been so long enthroned in the heavens. The original Sun was a combination of the primitive elements) it was the condensation of what primarily existed in an invisible and intangible form, and, as we have seen, it surrounded the sublimated essence of the germinal Spirit, as the external clothing and embodiment of the Divine Brain. Yet the essence of the Divinity was diffused throughout every portion of this chaotic matter, and constituted the principle of motion which was implanted in all' its depths. And, moreover, the primitive outbirths of this essence—in other words, the refined elements of magnetism and electricity, were also caused to pervade the expanded whole, forming the basis of the gross combination of elements, and giving such direction to its movements as. would be indicated by their own innate and legitimate tendencies.

With this fact in view, it is easy to comprehend the causes that produced the original evolution of worlds. Let it be noted that, in a certain philosophical sense, magnetism is the

principle of affinity, while electricity is the principle of repulsion. What is signified by this remark, is simply as follows: magnetism forms, as it were, a connecting link between one body and another, or between different portions of the same body, binding them together by the power of an innate attraction, which attraction results from a chemical union among the particles of this substance; but on the other hand, electricity in certain conditions manifests a repelling force when brought in contact with the same fluid in corresponding conditions,—as, for instance, it is shown by scientific experiments, that two bodies positively charged with electricity will have a tendency to repel each other and fly off in straight fines from any given center. Now by a constant operation of the magnetic force, certain portions of the vast ocean of flame before alluded to, were drawn together through affinity so as to form a comparatively dense body; and this, by means of the same attractive power, becoming positively charged with the electric element, was naturally repelled and thrown off in a straight line from the original mass, rushing and whirling through the deep of space with an unimaginable velocity. In the first Stages of its progress this body appears like a flaming comet, dragging in its course a long and fiery trail, and seemingly plunging, aimless and ungoverned, into an unfathomable abyss. But if we could view this body with the vision of the spirit, another appearance would be presented. We should then find that, though it may have passed over a distance of thousands and millions of miles, it still maintains a connection with the great source of matter from which it was evolved; for we should observe that there were subtile and delicate, yet powerful threads of magnetism flowing with it in its outward course, and uniting it, as with strong and indissoluble ties, to its parentbody. By the influence of these magnetic threads, the velocity of the flaming mass is gradually lessened, while its course is turned from the straight line of simple motion. Then, after a long and indefinite period, an equilibrium becomes established between the projectile and attractive forces—or, to einpioy more suitable terms, the electrical repulsion and magnetic attraction are made equal ; and by the power of both these forces combined in harmony, the created body progressively assumes a spherical form, and is caused to commence and continue a circular movement around the burning throne of Oiik nipotence.

In these remarks may be viewed an illustration of the manner in which the suns of the firmament were primarily evolved. But it should be remembered, as it is a self-evident truth, that the bodies which were thus thrown off into space, were endowed with the same general nature, and governed by the same specific tendencies, as were manifested by the original mass. The subtile elements of magnetism and electricity, moving and controlling by their agency all grosser elements, still continued their peculiar and legitimate workings. Therefore, in the course of ages, the blazing suns which were born from the first repository of matter, gave birth in turn to bodies of lesser magnitude; and these again were the cause of producing others of still inferior size,—and this was done by means of the same principles and forces which were employed in the primary creation. And as the motion of the first great sun was circular, in accordance with the harmonious movements of Divine wisdom, so the motion of all bodies which were evolved from this, including suns, planets and satellites, partakes of the same character, these ever revolving with an undisturbed order around the far-distant and superior Center on which they are all dependent. Hence we arrive at the interesting fact, that the entire structure of the Universe is one complete solar system, that its movements describe a series of perfect circles, and that its center is a majestic Sun, which enshrines the inmost soul of God.

How beautiful, how sublime, and glorious, are all these wide-spread creations! Inconceivable in number, and seemingly boundless in extent, they shine like gems on the bosom of the all-pervadiug Life. Beauty, harmony, and perfection reign supreme. Worlds on worlds, systems on systems, governed by definite and established laws, move in silence on their majestic course, and there is no jar, no confusion or discord, to disturb the voiceless music of the spheres. And as the soul looks up to those shining orbs—as it listens to the wondrous story of their birth—as it contemplates their number, their magnitude, and extent, it may gain exalted and truthful conceptions of the Divine nature and economy, and learn wisdom from the unerring lines which are traced by the Almighty hand. From the radiant sky, though it be enwrapt in eternal silence, there flows down a divine revelation—a spirit-language, which falls with celestial sweetness on the senses of the soul. No written revelation of the Divine existence—no verbal description of the handiwork of God, could be made so impressive and powerful as those living witnesses, and that still, small voice. How elevating and peaceful is the influence which they impart, and yet how grand the contemplations to which they lead I Here is contained the confirmation of the soul's most cherished faith ; for who can view the countless worlds in the firmament —who can read the unchanging laws by which they are governed—who can behold the sublime order and harmony with which they move in their endless circles, and say within his heart there is no God, or feel his soul unmoved with reverence for the wisdom of the skies? It is here—in the vast creation— that we may find the truly sacred volume, whose characters of light reveal the principles of wisdom.

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