The Works of the English Poets: Gay

H. Hughs, 1779
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Página 115 - And thus reply'd the mighty lord : •* Since every beaft alive can tell 35 That I fincerely wifli you well, I may, without offence, pretend To take the freedom of a friend. Love calls me hence; a favourite Cow
Página 142 - courts were not forbid, Nor kings nor fubjefts would be rid. Were he in power, we need not doubt him ; ,55 But, that transferr'd to thofe about him, On them he throws the regal cares ; .And what mind they ? Their own affairs. If fuch rapacious hands he truft, The beft of men may feem unjuft.
Página 115 - me near yon' barley-mow ; 40 .And, when a lady 's in the cafe, You know, all other things give place. To leave you thus might feem unkind ; But fee, the Goat is juft behind.
Página 54 - partial Fortune blame, Who faw her lovers ferv'd the fame ? At length from all her honours caft, Through various turns of life flie paft; • Now glitter'd on a taylor's arm, Now kept a beggar's infant warm ; Now, rang'd within a mifer's coat, Contributes to his yearly groat ; Now, rais'd again from low approach,
Página 23 - INTRODUCTION TO THE FABLES* PART THE FIRST. THE SHEPHERD AND THE PHILOSOPHER. REMOTE from cities liv'da Swain, Unvex'd with all the cares of gain; His head was filver'd o'er with age, And long experience made him
Página 173 - be fo hard to get, Till two, a party .at Piquet ? .Play might relieve the lagging morn : 35 By cards long -wintery nights are borne. Does not Quadrille amufe the fair, Night after night, throughout the year ? Vapours and fpleen forgot, at play They cheat uncounted hours away.
Página 121 - to mean our own. If general morals feem to joke On minifters, and fuch-like folk, A captious fool may take offence ; What then ? He knows his own pretence. 10 I meddle with no ftate-affairs, But fpare my jeft to fave my ears.
Página 76 - With pride and envy fwell'd, aloud A voice thus thunder'd from the Cloud. " Weak is this gaudy god of thine, Whom I at will forbid to fliine. Shall I nor vows nor incenfe know ? «; Where praife is due, the praife
Página 12 - you ftill may be our gueft; Our haunted room was ever held the beft : If then your valour can the fright fuftain Of rattling curtains and the clinking chain; If your courageous tongue have power to talk, When round your bed the horrid ghoft fliall walk; If you dare
Página 183 - Each took the part that he advis'd, And all were equally defpis'd. A Farmer, at his folly mov'd, The dull Preceptor thus reprov'd. " Blockhead, fays he, by what you 've done, 135 One would have thought them each your fon; For parents, to their offspring blind, Confult nor parts nor turn of mind, But ev'n in infancy

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