The United Service Journal and Naval and Military Magazine, Parte 1

H. Colburn, 1832

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Página 520 - And, now and then, a sigh he stole, And tears began to flow.
Página 317 - May the great God, whom I worship, grant to my country, and for the benefit of Europe in general, a great and glorious victory, and may no misconduct in any one tarnish it; and may humanity after victory be the predominant feature in the British fleet! For myself individually, I commit my life to Him that made me; and may His blessing alight on my endeavours for serving my country faithfully!
Página 245 - There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.
Página 10 - Rightly to be great Is not to stir without great argument, But greatly to find quarrel in a straw When honour's at the stake.
Página 475 - They, looking back, all the eastern side beheld Of Paradise, so late their happy seat, Waved over by that flaming brand; the gate With dreadful faces thronged and fiery arms. Some natural tears they dropped, but wiped them soon; The world was all before them, where to choose Their place of rest, and Providence their guide.
Página 177 - How gloriously her gallant course she goes! Her white wings flying — never from her foes — She walks the waters like a thing of life, And seems to dare the elements to strife.
Página 315 - Your Excellency must excuse me for bringing one of my midshipmen. I make it a rule to introduce them to all the good company I can, as they have few to look up to, besides myself, during the time they are at sea.
Página 475 - ... out at the windowes of the Court, and the rest ranne up to the toppes of the towers : the shippes hereupon discharge their Ordinance, and shoot off their pieces after the...
Página 512 - ... human emotions have poured all their tenderness, their admiration, their tears, and their eloquence, we would have to say that it was only an empty vision, a lifeless image, a being outside the nature of things that has aroused the innermost depths of their souls. For not a single drop of real pure Hellenic blood flows in the veins of the Christian population of modern Greece.
Página 382 - Come trovasti, o scelerata e brutta invenzion, mai loco in uman core? Per te la militar gloria è distrutta, per te il mestier de l'arme è senza onore; per te è il valore e la virtù ridutta, che spesso par del buono il rio migliore: non più la gagliardia, non più l'ardire per te può in campo al paragon venire.

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