The Monthly Review

R. Griffiths., 1807
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Editors: May 1749-Sept. 1803, Ralph Griffiths; Oct. 1803-Apr. 1825, G. E. Griffiths.

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Página 256 - Shades of the dead ! have I not heard your voices Rise on the night-rolling breath of the gale ? " Surely the soul of the hero rejoices, And rides on the wind o'er his own Highland vale.
Página 331 - Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the adjoining Countries, from the latter part of the Reign of Edward II. to the Coronation of Henry IV.
Página 213 - ... to secure twenty or thirty of his prime sailors who happen to be Catholics, to clap them in irons, and set over them a guard of as many Protestants; having taken this admirable method of defending himself against his infidel opponents, he goes upon deck, reminds the sailors, in a very bitter harangue, that they are of different religions; exhorts the Episcopal gunner not to trust to the Presbyterian quarter-master; issues positive orders that the Catholics should be fired at upon the first appearance...
Página 257 - Nature of verdure and flowers has bereft you, Yet, still, are you dearer than Albion's plain : England ! thy beauties are tame and domestic, To one who has roved on the mountains afar; Oh ! for the crags that are wild and majestic, The steep frowning glories of dark Loch na Garr!
Página x - ... that hydrogen, the alkaline substances, the metals, and certain metallic oxides, are attracted by negatively electrified metallic surfaces, and repelled by positively electrified metallic surfaces ; and contrariwise, that oxygen and acid substances are attracted by positively electrified metallic surfaces, and repelled by negatively electrified metallic surfaces ; and these attractive and repulsive forces are sufficiently energetic to destroy or suspend the usual operation of elective affinity.
Página 391 - And western gales unlock the lazy year ; The joyous birds thy welcome first express, Whose native songs thy genial fire confess ; Then savage beasts bound o'er their slighted food, Struck with thy darts, and tempt the raging flood.
Página 335 - On his way to seek for the comb, or when returning with it, the devil must have entered the body of this John ; for, with the comb, he brought a short Spanish dagger, that had a broad point, to accomplish his evil intentions.
Página 235 - Turk, stretched at his ease in his pavilion on the banks of the Bosphorus, glides down the stream of existence without reflection on the past, and without anxiety for the future. His life is one continued and unvaried reverie. To his imagination the whole universe appears occupied in procuring him pleasure. The luxuriance of nature, and the labours of a tributary people spread out before him whatever can excite or gratify the senses ; and every wind wafts to him the productions of the world, enriched...
Página 350 - ... their parents, but, whether Peter be not as noble as Anthony ; that the family of John has such, or such a blemish ; that when a marriage took place in this family, that of Diego went into mourning. Such puerile conversations banish every manly sentiment from the heart, powerfully influence manners, create divisions between families, keep up a spirit of distrust, and break the bonds of charity, which are the very foundation, and object of society. "The system of education,
Página 337 - ... the beginning of the world there were no slaves, and that no one ought to be treated as such, unless he had committed treason against his lord, as Lucifer had done against God ; but they had done no such thing, for they were neither angels nor spirits, but men formed after the same likeness as these lords who treated them as beasts.

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