Translation Universals: Do They Exist?

Anna Mauranen, Pekka Kujamäki
John Benjamins Publishing, 2004 - 221 páginas
Translation universals is one of the most intriguing and controversial topics in recent translation studies. Can we discover general laws of translation, independent of the particularities of individual translations? Research into this is new: serious empirical work only began in the late nineties. The present volume offers the state of the art on the issue. It includes theoretical discussion on alternative conceptualisations and new distinctions around the basic concepts. Several papers test hypotheses on universals in the light of recent work in different languages, and some suggest new ones emerging from empirical work over the last two to three years. The book contributes to the search for generalities in translation, the methodological solutions available, and presents emerging evidence on the kinds of regularities that large-scale research is bringing forth. On a more practical level, the applicability of the hypotheses and findings to translator education is, as always, a concern for translation studies.


Translationspecific lexicogrammar? Characteristic lexical
A universal of translated text?
A corpusbased analysis of clause
What happens to unique items in learners translations?
Tampering with a potential
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