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"First, must the dead-letter of Education’ own itself dead, and drop, piece.
meal, into dust, if the living spirit of Education,' freed from this, its charnel
house, is to arise on us, and with new healing on its wings.", CARLYLE.



Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1840, by

MARSH, CAPEN, Lyon, AND WEBB, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

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In the year 1838, the AMERICAN INSTITUTE of INSTRUCTION offered a Prize of Five Hundred Dollars, for, (to quote the words of the proposal) “ the best Essay on a system of Education best adapted to the Common Schools of our country, to embrace the formation of School Districts, the construction of Schoolhouses, and the entire course of School Education, from the most elementary department to the highest embraced in our public schools ;-it being understood, that the premium will not be awarded, if no Essay be presented, which, in the opinion of the Directors of the Institute, shall be worthy of it.”

The Committee, appointed to examine the Essays that should be offered, were the Hon. William B. CALHOUN, of Springfield, Mass., GEORGE B. Emerson, Esq., of Boston, and Emory WASHBURN, Esq., of Worcester, who, in November, 1839, reported to the Directors, that they had unanimously agreed to award the Prize to the Author of the following Essay. In the performance of this duty, however, it is not to be understood, that each member of the examining Committee endorses every sentiment or opinion embraced in the work. Such a concurrence would be hardly possible, where so great a variety of topics is discussed.

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