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people an acknowledgment of their rights, Gibraltar.

by a constitution. Under date of May 7th, a writer says,

The British have failed in a great at. “ I have the pleasure to announce to you tempt made to purchase up the wool, and that the measures adopted by our govern

so stop the German manufactories! The ment, in the case of Mr. Meade, bave Germans were patriotic enough to refuse had the desired effect, and that that

to sell it.

genteman was set at liberty three days ago. It exhibits the power and respectability The ice on the Neva at Petersburgh, of our country, in compelling to a single was passed over by carriages until the act of justice the cruel despot who arro- 25th of April. gantly stiles himself the king of the two Five ships of the line, and three frigates worlds."

were fitted out at Cronstadt, the beginThe Russian fleet at Cadiz, upon ex- ning of April. amination, prove defective so much so, The grand duke Constantine, the brothat they were all condemned, except one, ther of the emperor Alexander, and vicewhich the Spanish government talk of roy of Poland has been elected a deputy fitting out.

to the diet of Poland by the citizens of Tlie wretched state of the Spanish the Prague, suburb of Warsaw. The finances has caused the stealth of a great grand duke had 103 votes, the next highnumber of cattle to subsist the troops est had three. collected near Cadiz. Great prepara

TURKEY. tions are still making for an expedition to

It is stated in an article from ConstanSouth-America.

tinople, that the negociations between

Russia and the Porte were entirely at a By accounts from Rome, we learn that stand, and that the Spanish minister had public safety becomes daily more con- been unable to obtain the satisfaction he firmed in the Pontifical States. Nearly sought, although supported in his demands all the chiefs of the brigand bands have by other foreign ministers. A suspicion surrendered themselves, amongst these is hinted that the Ottoman court and Peris the noted Cesaris. The army of the sia are about to form a species of federaline of holiness is estimated at about tion to protect themselves against the 9000 men.

European powers. The king of Naples and his brother A Greek, who had turned Turk, lately Charles IV. of Spain, went lately to repented, and professing the Greek rePompeia, where, after inspecting some ligion again, required to be bebeaded, fine works lately discovered, they went conformable to the Mahometan law, for in a carriage through the streets of the deserting the faith of the prophet. His city where the noise of wheels had not desire was complied with, after many atbeen heard for more than 1,500 years ! tempts to change bis resolution. GERMANY.

The Mussulmans in Palestine bave taAn article from Dresden, states that ken possession of the Holy Sepulchre ; and all the fortifications erected by Bonaparte the Abbe Forbin Janson has proceeded to on the right bank of the Elbe, have been Constantinople to reclaim from the grand demolished.

seignor the keeping of the tomb of Jesus. By the last geographical details pub- It produces an annual income of 260,000 lished in Austria, the population of that


ASIA. monarchy amounts to 27,613,000 souls. They are divided thus-21,000,000 catholics, 2,500,000 belong to the Greek The British defeated Holkar on the church, 2,000,000 to the reformed church, 21st Dec. last, near Maheidpooz--he lost 1,450,000 Lutherans, 400,000 Jews, about 2000 men. The fight was obstinate40,000 Unitarians.

the British had 30 officers and 700 men Young Napoleon has received the duke- killed and wounded. They have had a dom of Reichstadt, in Bohemia, which severe battle with the troops of Berar, in title, with the appellation of highness, he which also, they doubtfully claim a vicis hereafter to bear.

tory, and acknowledge the loss of 14 The duke of Saxe Weimar bas grant, officers and 349 men-but in a second ed a liberal constitution to the people of battle the rajah was fully defeated, and bis duchy; he is celebrated as the first lost 40 elephants and 75 pieces of canGerman sovereign who has given to bis






act, it shall and may be lawful, in any Bri

tish built ship or vessel, owned and naviFrom Hainburg it is stated that the gated according to law, or in any ship or Danish frigate Nymph, of 44 guns, had vessel belonging to the subjecis of any sailed for the Mediterranean to protect sovereign or state in amity with his Mathe navigation of Danish vessels, and to jesty, to import into such ports as shall be convey presents to the bey of Tunis. specially appointed for that purpose by

Sicily pays an annual tribute of 25,000 His Majesty, within the province of Nopiasters to Algiers.

va Scotia or New-Brunswick, the folAMERICA.

lowing articles, viz. scantling, planks,

staves, heading boards, shingles, hoops, The revenue of Martinique amounts to horses, neat cattle, sheep, hogs, poultry, five millions of francs.

or live stock of any sort, bread, biscuit, Havana.

four, reas, beans, potatoes, wheat, rice, A letter says “ Nearly one thousand oats, barley or grain of any sort, pitch, tar, slaves arrived in our harbour yesterday- turpentine, fruits, seeds, and tobacco. The celebrated ship called “Fa-ma Ha- Il. Provided always, and be it further benera," built in New York, for the enacted, That none of the aforesaid artihouse of Messrs. Questa Mauzanal and cles shall be imported into the said ports, Brother, of this place, came in yesterday so to be specially appointed, in foreign from Africa, with 723 slaves, a cargo vessels, unless the said articles shall be of worth 300,000 dollars cash.

the growth, produce, or manufacture of 100,449 boxes of sugar, and 306,723 arro- the country to which the vessels importbas of coffee, were exported from Havana ing the same shall belong. in the first months of the present year, III. And be it further enacted, That it during which there were 494 arrivals, and shall be lawful to re-export any of the 567 departures of vessels.

said articles either to the United Kingdom, Floating ice has been recently met with or to any other of his Majesty's possesin the West India seas-moutside the gulph sions, in any British built sbip or vessel, stream, in the 29th deg. of latitude-a owned and navigated according to law. thing never before heard of.

IV. And be it further enacted, That it Hayti.

shalland may be lawful in any British ship March 2.-The following regulation, or vessel, or in any ship or vessel belonging respecting political rights, had been added to the subjects of any sovereign or state, in to the 38th article of the constitution, amity with his Majesty, to export from the by a decree issued in the beginning of said ports, to be appointed for that purFebruary :

pose, gypsum, grindstones, or other pro“ A white man who marries a woman duce or manufacture of the said provinces; of Hayti, becomes a citizen, and after a and also any produce or manufacture of residence of one year and a day, is eligi- the United Kingdom, or of his Majesty's ble to all offices, and may become a pro- colonies or plantations in the West-Indies, prietor on the island ; a white woman or any goods whatever, which shall have marrying an inhabitant of Hayti, becomes been legally imported into the said proa female citizen at Hayti.

vinces, any thing in any law to the con“ A white man of any part of the world, trary notwithstanding. marrying a negress in the place where he V. Provided always, and be it further resides, may come to the territory of the enacted, That none of the aforesaid articles republic. On his arrival the expenses of shall be exported from the said ports, so his voyage shall be paid him.

This re

to be appointed, to any foreign country or gulation is applicable to both sexes.” place, in any foreign vessel, unless such

By a decree of the month of February, foreign vessel shall belong to the counthe decimal system is adopted for the coin. try to which the said articles shall be It is said that the decimal almanac will exported. be introduced, and that only the names to VI. And be it further enacted, That it the months chosen by the French republic shall and may be lawful for His Majesty, will be changed for others, suitable to the by and with the advice of his privy Coun. climate of the country.

cil, to make such rules and regulations for

the importation and exportation of goods Nova Scotia and Ner-Brunswick. and commodoties as aforesaid, at the said “Free Port Act,” received the sanction ports, with such penalties and forfeitures of the Prince Regent on the 8th of May. for the breach thereof, as shall seem fit The following are the provisions of this Act: and necessary to his majesty, by and with That, from and after the passing of this the advice aforesaid. VOL. FIN-No. 1v.



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VII. And be it further enacted, That and Rodney, two of the Commissioners this act shall continue in force during the sent out to the new republic by our gopspace of three years from and after pass- eroment last fall, in the Congress, have ing the same, and until six weeks after returned in her. Mr. Bland, another of the commencement of the then next ses- the Commissioners, who went out in the sion of Parliament.

Congress, remains at Buenos Ayres, in Canada.

the quality of a public representative from Hydrophobia. Mr. Gray,—I took the the government of the United States. liberly some time since to send you the The Congress touched at the island of receipt of a remedy for the Hydrophobia. Margarita. The island was still in posIt appeared to have succeeded in many session of the patriots, who had rendered trials, and soon acquired reputation. I it almost impregnable. General Arismennow send you another, of which the effi- di, second in command of the patriot cacy is authenticated by a distinguished forces, had his head-quarters at Margacurate of this province, as ascertained by rita. above eighty successful cases.

Gentlemen in the Congress say that the Take the under shell of an Oyster, put affairs of the patriots were never in a it into the fire till it becomes red hot, then more flourishing condition. They had pulverize and sist it-break four eggs, of lately been reinforced by a fine brigade of which make an omelette with the pow. artillery, composed entirely of British der-fry it with a large table spoonful of troops, which rendezvoused at St. Thomas olive oil. The patient must eat this after in New Guyana, in March last. We are fasting six hours, and he must fast also six unequivocally assured that so late as the hours after it. The remedy must be re- 22d of June, Cumana bad not been attack, peated on the third and fifth days. ed by the patriots, on the contrary it was

If the patient is averse to taking the hourly expected to surrender without reremedy in this shape, he may take thesistance, as the patriots had for some time powder in a glass of white wine.

been closely besieging it, and had drawn

S. C. B. their lines to within pistol shot of the Boucherville, June 14, 1818.

town. Brown and Aury had united their During the late warm weather the St. feets at Margarita and were waiting the Lawrence, at Cape Chat, was nearly orders of the Commander in Chief, Gen. closed up with ice, and the mountains Bolivar. and highlands in that quarter, on both We also learn that the morning the sides of the river, were covered with Congress was getting under way from snow. Indians, come in from a hunting Margarita, a dispatch vessel arrived there excursion, only about 40 miles to the from the Main, bringing positive intellinorthward of Quebec, report that on the gence of the death of the Spanish Gener1st inst. the winter's snow was still lying al Morillo, occasioned by a lance wound in the woods, and not a bud had appeared he received in the body about 7 or 8 on the trees, which, in this neighborhood, weeks before. were in leaf on the 20th May

The late actions in Chili bave resulted We have additional accounts of the in the total defeat of the royalists; their proceedings of the reformists. The dele- general and a few men only having esgates elected by the townships of Niagara ped. The first action took place on the have met in district convention; and pass- night of the 19th March, when the aded many resolutions preparatory to a pro- vanced guard of the patriots were put to vincial convention to be held at York on the route. On the 23d following, a genethe 6th of July next.

ral action took place, and ended at pine Emigrants from Great Britain and Ire- o'clock at night, in the dispersion of the land continue to arrive in great numbers royal forces, with the loss of 3,500 killed, at the port of Quebec. They generally woundled and prisoners. proceed up the river in the steam boats ; On the 5th of April, 1818, in the plaing ibe total number arrived this season, is of Maipo, a battle was fought between the little short of 3000.

royalists and the patriots of Chili; in

which the royalists were defeated Their The United States' frigate Congress, army was totally destroyed, about 2,200 Commodore SINCLAIR, anchored in being killed and wounded, and 3,200 taHampton Roads on Wednesday afternoon, ken prisoners. The patriot loss was about from Buenos Ayres. Messrs. Graham 1000 in killed and wounded.




the fisha

per cent

Read's } ». Hamp. 15

The following is the amount of fish, (HE

that the fishing schooners Cyrus ing season of the year 1817, 736,600 King of Kittery, Polly and Roxana, of Do. do. 1818, 159,700 Portsmouth, Eight Sisters of Portland, and one belonging to Fox Islands, all with Difference in favour of last good fares of fish, bave been taken by the year,

576,900 British sloop of war Syren, in the bay of The islands in the bay of Passamaquod. Fundy, sent into Digby, and stripped of dy, called Moose, Dudley, and Frederick their sails, &c. but the crew of the Cyrus Islands, taken possession of by the BriKing got their ship keeper drunk, obtain- tish during the last war, were delivered up. ed sails from the custom house, which they to the United States on the 30th of June bent, cut their cable, warped out of the last. barbour, got under way, and arrived safe The following interesting account of at the Kittery.

the killed and wounded at the battle of The receipts of the treasury of New. Bunker Hill is extracted from a British Hampshire for the year ending May 31, periodical publication called “ Remem1818, including the balance of the precede brancer" into which it was copied from ing year, amounted to $88,888 15. This a R. I. Providence newspaper. sum was derived principally from the proceeds of the state tax for 1817-dividend

Providence, July 15, 1775.-The folof the following stocks, viz. 895,134 45 lowing is an exact return of the killed, U. S. three per cents, $23,732 76 U. S.

wounded and inissing of the American Six per cents, 817,605 V. S. Seven per army in the action of the 17th of June, al cents, and $25,000 stock of the New

Charlestown, viz. Hampshire bank-$100,58 52 principal Regiments, Killed and Missing. Wounded, re-imbursed of the old U. S. six

Col. Stark's

45 stock-and $6,000, from the United

Gen. Ward's
States, on account of the war debt.

1 6

0 2 The expenses of the government for Col. Scammon's

15 Bridge's

29 the year, including salaries of officers of the state, and travel and attendance of


3 2 Prescot's

42 the members of the Council, Senate,

28 and House of Representatives

Whitcomb 8

5 8 amount to

$25,598 84

31 Brewer's

7 Paid on account of State Pri

11 Nixon's

10 7,000 Do. State House 30,000 Little's


5 Bounty on Wild Cats and


289 87

7 Miscellaneous expenses

136 56

Taxes out-standing

2,585 31

Balance in the treasury

Con. 15 30 88,888 15

The legislature of this state adjourned About 30 missing since returned 30

135 250
on Tuesday last.
A bill passed in the House providing

220 that the salary of the Chief Justice should in future be $1500, and the asso

135 ciate Justices $1300 each. The Senate amended it by substituting 81400 for the Total killed, wounded and misChief Justice, and $1200 for the Asso


353 ciates.

It may be gratifying to the friends of

theological science to learn, that a new G. W. Campbell, Esq. has sailed from building is now nearly completed for tho Boston, with his family, in the United use of the Theological Serninary at AdStates' frigate Guerriere, for St. Peters. dover. Its longth is 94 feet-width 40. burg. He was received and treated with The building is three stories in height, great courtesy at Boston.

and the part of it to be appropriated for


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73,277 57 Gen. Putnam's

Capt. Coit

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the Chapel will occupy two stories, and towns for the choice of delegates to a will finish 60 by 36 feet. The library convention, to be held in Hartford in room is in the third story, of the same August next, for the formation of a Conlength and breadth as the chapel. There stitution of civil government. are also three lecture rooms, we in each The political complexion of the House story, 36 by 20 feet. The building is of Delegates, who are to form a Constisurmounted by an elegant cupola, and is tution of civil government for this state, furnished with a clock of superior work, will be as follows:manship, with a dial in front and rear of Democratic,

105 the building. In point of materials and Federal,

96 elegance, this edifice is said to vie with any in the U. S.

Democratic majority,

9 The foundation is also laid for rebuild- We are gratified to be able to state, ing Philip's Academy which is to be 80 that the Hartford Bridge Company have feet by 40, and two stories high.

made arrangements by contract, to have The Sea Serpent has again made his an entire new bridge completed by the appearance off Cape Ann.

first of November next. It is stated that about 50 ships are

NEW-YORK. now absent from Nantucket on whaling A very large sword fish was taken on the voyages.

10th of June, by capt. Comstock, of the

smack David Porter, about 30 miles south In the evening of the 9th May last, a of Sandy Hook. He is between 11 and man named Elihu Miller, having “ taken 12 feet long, the largest part of the body a cup too much,” wandered to a preci- 4 feet round, bis sword 4 feet long, eyes pice not far north of Rockway's ferry in 9 inches in circumference, and weighs Lyme, and not knowing where he was, about 300 pounds. He is to be seen at deliberately walked, or rather reeled to Scudder's Museum. its brink, from which he fell 46 feet per- It is estimated that two thousand houses, pendicularly among the rocks below. He which will cost five millions of dollars, was found the next morning, taken up are going up in New-York. The present and carried home.. His life for a while population is supposed to be 125,000. was almost despaired of; but he is now in The remains of the much lamented a fair way of recovery.

gen. Montgomery, have been removed It is stated in a North-Hampton paper from Quebec, under the direction of his of the 30th ult. that swarms of Locusts nephew col. Livingston, to the city of are now visiting the town of Hadley, and New-York, where they were committed extending their ravages along the east to the tomb on the 8th of July, 1818, bank of Connecticut River, 20 or 30 with all those demonstrations of respect miles south of that town. Many of the which his character and patriotic services forest trees are already apparently dead; were eminently calculated to inspire. and the progress of the Locusts is as dis. The funeral service was read by bishop tinctly marked as the progress of a fire. Hobart, and an impressive eulogy deThe female Locusts are armed with a livered by the Rev. Dr. Mason. sting of nearly the third of an inch in The Hessian Fly-We are extremely length, and of the stiffness and point of a sorry to say, is committing great ravages wire sharpened. They attach themselves in the wheat fields in the vicinity of Alto the under side of the stall limbs, and bany. In some neighbourhoods in Bethcommence the process of stinging. Their lehem, Guilderland, &c. it is not expected progress is to the extremity of the limb, that so much will be obtained from the which is as distinctly marked as it could crops as the seed sown. The season has, be by obliquely puncturing the limb with moreover, been too warm and wet for an awland so raising the awl at each punc- spring wheat and other small grains, ture as to crack the bark in a regular, con- which were not in general sown in the tinued, and upless impeded by some ob15th or 20th of May. The fly has also struction, nearly a right live. There are made its appearance among the barley. about three incisions to an inch, each Grass promises to be very abundant, penetrating to the heart of the limb, which and farmers have begun to cut clover. is filled with small worms, or eggs, of the Corn, considering how late it was plantcolour and appearance of very small ker. ed, looks remarkably well. nels of rice, but distinctly visible to the

PENNSYLVANIA, naked eye.

Dr. Coxe of Philadelphia, has been On Saturday the 4th inst. the freemen appointed by the Trustees of the Univerof the state assembled in their respective sity of Pennsylvania, Professor Materia

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