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231; influences on, 231; variations of, Wasp's nest, progress of a, 551.
232, vegetation of various countries, Wat Tyler's rebellion, origin and pro-

gress of, 206 ; meeting of the rebels
Vendôme, conference of Huguenots at, with the king at Mile-end, 206 ; at

Smithfield, and death of Wat Tyler,
Viper, the scarlet, 452.

207 ; dispersion of the rebels and exe-
"Visit, A, to the Birthplace of St. Bernard: cution of their leaders, 208.

early home of the saint, 510; approach Water, simple method of clearing, 381.
to Fontaine, 511; group of vintagers, Weeds,' 305.
511; chapel of St. Bernard, 512; tradi- Wellington, duke of, anecdote of, 18.
tion of his birth, 512; the village William the Conqueror, his proceedings
church, 512; a doubtful effigy, 513; after the battle of Hastings, 17; builds
statue of St. Bernard, 513.

the White Tower, 18; his entry into
«Visit, A, to Sark:'the island little known, London, and coronation, 139; his

467 ; mode of communication with charters to the city, 140.
Guernsey, 468; strangers' letters, 468 ; William Rufus, his encouragement of the
appearance of Sark from the sea, 468; Jews, 196.
interest of the passage, 469; the landing, William IV., anecdote of, 112.
469; the tunnel, 469 ; lodgings, 470; Wilson, John, his improvements in type-
the aborigines, fairies or Druids, 470; founding, 81.
feudal constitution, 470 ; early mission- Wisdom not necessarily connected with
aries, 471 ; religious establishment, 471; knowledge, 562.
abandoned to pirates and wreckers, Woffles, what, 217.
471; their destruction, 472; Sir Walter Wolves, former existence of, in Britain,
Raleigh's account of the capture of the and modes adopted for their extirps-
island, 472; local tradition, 473; de- tion, 136, note.
population of Sark, 473; rehabited, and Woman, the domestic, preferable to the
a grant of the island obtained by De heroine, 214; her governing principle,
Carteret, 474; feudal powers of the 562.
seigneur, 474; natural defences, 475; Woodpecker, gold-winged, habitation of
good works of De Carteret, 475; various the, 345; the ivory-billed, 350.
proprietors, 475; fatal accident in Worde, Wynkyn de, introduces the
1839, 476; the present seigneur, 476. Roman letter into England, 79.
Vladimir 11. of Poland, his wise govern- Worms used as food, 545.
ment, 314,

Wren, his observations on Bow church,
Voissi, massacre of Huguenots at, 440.


Wren, Carolina, confidence of the, 346.
• Walcheren Expedition, The: its date,

493; its object, 493; cause of its failure, Xavier, Francis, becomes a disciple of
494 ; its early successes, 494 ; neglect Loyola, 524; his missions to India and
of the commander-in-chief, 495 ; suffer- Japan, 524; his death near Canton,
ings of the troops from the Walcheren 525.
fever, 495; the island abandoned, 496;
result of parliamentary inquiry, 496 ; Yule-sheaf, the, in Sweden, 156.
ministerial changes consequent there-
upon, 496.

Zouaves, notice of the tribe, 92; their
Waldenses, massacre of the, 259.

numbers, 94; formation of the French
Warren, earl, supposed monument of, in corps of Zouaves, 94; abandoned by

the church of St. Mary Overies, 408. the natives, 95; its importance, 95;
Wars, religious, of France, sketches of fondness of the Zouaves for cats,
the, 256, 428, 481.




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