Report on the invertebrata of Massachusetts. Ed. by W.G. Binney

William Greene Binney

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Página 57 - Inglorious friend! most confident I am Thy life is one of very little ease; Albeit men mock thee with their similes And prate of being as happy as a clam!
Página 58 - ... Albeit men mock thee with their similes And prate of being * happy as a clam ! ' What though thy shell protects thy fragile head From the sharp bailiffs of the briny sea ? Thy valves are, sure, no safety-valves to thee, While rakes are free to desecrate thy bed, And bear thee off,-— as foemen take their spoil,— Far from thy friends and family to roam ; Forced, like a Hessian, from thy native home, To meet destruction in a foreign broil ! Though thou art tender, yet thy humble bard Declares,...
Página 411 - ... on the posterior part, and its edges free throughout the whole circumference. Upper surface of the body marked with longitudinal lines, or shallow furrows, darker than the general surface, sometimes black, anastomosing with each other, and forming a sort of net-work ; between the reticulated lines are narrow, irregular oblong plates, or smooth, flattened tubercles, giving the surface the appearance of a mosaic work, with lines of dark cement ; reticulations less distinct on the sides, and disappearing...
Página 413 - ... tentacles white ; base of foot sallow white. Body when extended cylindrical, elongated, terminating acutely with a short but prominent keel ; upper part covered with long and narrow prominent tubercles. Mantle ample, oval, rounded at both ends, with numerous very fine concentrical striae.
Página 396 - Animal whitish, grayish, or blackish, large compared with the shell. Head, eye-peduncles, and eyes black ; tentacles very short. The prolongation of the mantle extends from under the shell, over the back and neck to the base of the eye-peduncles, but is unattached and free...
Página 454 - Lamarck, and so it is as it exists in the country; but in the city it is sometimes two inches in length, when not fully extended, and of a corresponding bulk. The dark lines are most strongly marked in the large variety. The small variety is more delicate in its markings and has a tinge of yellow on the foot. It is still restricted in its distribution, so far as known, to the neighborhood of Boston alone.
Página 442 - Shell light chestnut, cylindrical ovate; whirls rather more than four, ventricose, the last occupying nearly onehalf the length of the axis ; aperture lateral, composed of two unequal curves meeting in the centre of the peristome, with five prominent, white teeth, namely, one upon the transverse margin, two upon the umbilical margin, and two upon the labial Fig. 435. 250 margin ; peristome thickened, not reflected ; umbilicus a little open.
Página 459 - ... of the back and one on each flank, extending from the head to the posterior extremity, anastomosing more or less with each other, and having smaller spots of the same color between them; inferior margin white or yellowish; foot whitish. Mouth surrounded with a circular row of papillae.
Página 413 - ... mantle simple, not extending beyond, and accurately fitting to the peristome of the shell, into which the whole animal may retire ; head obtuse ; eyes at the end of long, cylindrical, retractile peduncles ; tentacles short, retractile ; generative orifice on the side of the head, behind the right eye-peduncle ; respiratory orifice in the collar, at the angle of the aperture of the shell, anal orifice immediately adjoining. Shell discoidal, globose or conoid, aperture transverse, oblique, lunate...
Página 468 - Animal colorless ; tentacles stout, hyaline, one third the length of the foot. The foot is short, thick, distinctly divided into two segments, the anterior of which is bilobed, and projects, when the animal is in motion, considerably in advance of the head. Eyes oval, situated on the back, near the base of the tentacles. Its motions are very sluggish. It carries the shell directed horizontally ; the shell is so transparent that the viscera of the animal may be seen through it. It has been said to...

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