Exploring the World of Biology: From Mushrooms to Complex Life Forms

New Leaf Publishing Group, 2009 - 153 pàgines
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The newest book in our Exploring series, Exploring the World of Biology is a fascinating look at life - from the smallest proteins ans spores, to the complex life systems of humans and animals. Includes: Numerous illustrations and photographs - visual learning aids to help make concepts easy to understand Special "Explore More" activities with questions, discussion ideas, and research opportunities for students Chapter questions make it easy to test students for learning comprehension Topics include food for energy and growth, plants, insects, life in water, reptiles, birds mammals, biological names, and more!

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A solid biology textbook

Revisió d'Usuari  - c miley - Christianbook.com

Here are some various observations I made: --There are 14 chapters that are approximately 10 pages each, ranging from microscopic organisms to mammals. --Although it is listed as a middle school ... Llegeix la ressenya completa

I really like this book so far.

Revisió d'Usuari  - Minnie676 - Christianbook.com

I am really enjoying this book so far. We end up looking up youtube videos to watch to remember more of what we read. We dissected a mushroom, and we just make up things as we go along that go along with the lessons and readings in the book. Llegeix la ressenya completa

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