Thesaurus ornithologiae, Volumen 1


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Página 8 - Manuel d'ornithologie, ou tableau systématique des Oiseaux, qui se trouvent en Europe, précédé d'une analyse du système général d'ornithologie, et suivi d'une table alphabétique des espèces.
Página 208 - Supplement to the American Ornithology of Alexander Wilson. Containing a Sketch of the Author's Life, with a Selection from his Letters ; some Remarks upon his Writings ; and a History of those Birds which were intended to compose part of his Ninth Volume. Illustrated with Plates, Engraved from Wilson's Original Drawings. By George Ord, FLS, Member of the Am.
Página 7 - E.) A | Dictionary | of | British Birds. | — | Reprinted from | Montagu's Ornithological Dictionary, | and incorporating | The Additional Species | described by Selby; Yarrell, in all three editions; and | in natural-history journals. | — | Compiled and edited by | Edward Newman, FLS,FZS,&c.,&c., | Editor of the 'Zoologist.
Página 13 - ZOOLOGICAL ILLUSTRATIONS: OR, ORIGINAL FIGURES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW, RARE, OR INTERESTING ANIMALS, selected chiefly from the Classes of Ornithology, Entomology, and Conchology, 6 vols.
Página 157 - HISTORY OF THE BIRDS OF EUROPE, not observed in the British Isles. Illustrated with 238 Coloured Plates.
Página 202 - American ornithology; or, the natural history of birds inhabiting the United States, not given by Wilson.
Página 180 - Tableau élémentaire d'ornithologie , ou Histoire naturelle des oiseaux que l'on rencontre communément en France, suivi d'un traité sur la manière de conserver leurs dépouilles pour en former des collections , Paris , 1803; ibid., 1822, 2 vol.
Página 165 - A | Synoptical Catalogue | of | British Birds; | intended | to identify the species mentioned by different names | in several catalogues already extant. | Forming | a book of reference to observations | on | British Ornithology. | — | By Thomas Forster, FLS | Corresp.
Página 533 - Europe within the temperate zone, many parts of Asia, and the north of Africa. (Selby.) Calendula. (Linn.) Bill thick, much compressed; the culmen curved and convex ; the commissure arched ; the tip of the upper mandible wide above and inflexed. Wings long or moderate ; the first quill very small and spurious ; the second nearly equal to the third and fourth ; lesser quills short, emirgiuate. Tail slightly forked. Lateral toes equal. Africa. The Deutirostral type — C. maynirostrii, ' Ois. d'Afr.,
Página 6 - HISTOIRE NATURELLE DES MAMMIFÈRES Classés méthodiquement, avec l'indication de leurs mœurs et de leurs rapports avec les Arts, le Commerce et l'Agriculture, par PAUL GEIIVAIS ; illustrations par MM.