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Fic Simile
of the Medal Struck by order of the United Committe.
to Commemoratr the Reveal of the Torta Corointin Áds.

Hub. Dec 1.7629. by Mes? Foldsworth Ball.18 S. Paul's Church Yard, London

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JANUARY, 1829.



Few men of the presenlay bave thing of the spirit which belonged been better known, or Tre gene- to the subject of the volume, and rally loved and respectedhan the which appears to be breathed by Rev. Legh Richmond. lithout its respectable author. It is a possessing very extraordinal parts happy mixture of narrative and inor learning, the decision of hishris- structive counsel ; both illustrative tian character, the suavity « his of the principles and practice of manners, and his anxious desire to the Gospel, and bearing upon the promote the best interests of his various relations which Christians fellow creatures, gave liim an in- sustain. fluence of a very extensive and powerful description over the

“Legh Richmond was born at Liver

pool, on January 29, 1772. It was his christian public of this country,

country privilege to have a most estimable mother, His connexion with the Tract So- endued with a superior understanding, ciety was productive of great be- which had been cultivated and improved nefit to that important Institution: by an excellent education and subsequent

reading ; and who, with considerable nawhile it opened a field of labour

tural talents and acquirements, manito Mr. Richmond peculiarly adapt fested a constant sense of the importance ed to his genius and talents. The of religion. life of such a man was a great

“This affectionate and conscientious

parent anxiously instructed him, from his public blessing, and his death

infancy, in the Holy Scriptures, and in must be regarded as a loss not the principles of religion, according to likely to be soon or effectually the best of her ability; a duty which was repaired.

subsequently well repaid by her son, who

became the happy and honoured instruIt affords us great pleasure to ment of imparting to his beloved mother receive, and to recommend to our clearer and more enlarged views of divine readers, a memoir of this excel.

truth than were generally prevalent during lent individual, in all respects

the last generation. It seems highly pro

bable that the seeds of piety were then worthy of him, and calculated,

sown, which in a future period, and we conceive, to extend his useful under circumstances of a providential ness, even after his departure. It nature, were destined to produce a rich is impossible, we think, to read

and abundant harvest.

“ Ye that are mothers, and whose ofthis book, without catching some- fice it more peculiarly is to instil into the

* A Memoir of the Rev. Legh Richmond, A.M. of Trinity College, Cambridge; Rector of Turvey, Bedfordshire; and Chaplain to His Royal Highness the late Duke of Kent. By the Rev. T. S. Grimshawe, A, M., Rector of Burton-Latimer, Northamptonshire; and Vicar of Biddenham, Bedfordshire. London: Seeley and Sons, Fleet Street. 1828.

N, S. NO. 49. VOL. XII.

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