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leave at each house in the city a tract decessor in receipts, expenditure, and monthly, by which they distribute 396,000 apparent usefulness. Its object is to every year. This Society publishes à diffuse Christian instruction, by assisting Christian Almanack, but they are not stated pastors, ministers, and itinerants, subject to stamp duty as with us.

to uphold and increase the congregations AMERICAN HOME MISSIONARY So- and missionary stations committed to CIETY was formed in 1826, and each them. Its progress has been as folsucceeding year has surpassed its pre- lows : 1827 Aid afforded to 196 Congregations and Districts in Support of 169 Missionaries. 1828 Ditto 244


Ditto 201 Ditto. 1829 Ditto 401



304 Ditto. It is found that 289 Sabbath Schools, York, on the 6th of May, 1828. It conembracing 16,000 pupils, are connected sists of the friends of the Sabbath of with the labours of these agents, who every name, and declares, “That as also superintend 134 Bible Classes, which the weapons of the Christian warfare include 3000 members.

are not carnal but spiritual, the means Thirty-four of the churches under the employed by this Society for effecting care of these missionaries have, within their design shall be, exclusively, the the last year, enjoyed special revivals of influence of personal example, of moral religion, and 1678 individuals, have been suasion, with arguments drawn from added to the churches in all the stations, the oracles of God, from the existing which is estimated to be about the num- laws of our country, and appeals to the ber of hopeful conversions that have consciences and hearts of men.” been known during the past twelve During the year 100,000 copies of an months.

Address to the People of the. United The receipts of the year were 26,997 States have been circulated The puldollars.

pit and the press have proclaimed the AMERICAN EDUCATION SOCIETY. baneful effects of neglecting the fourth The object of this Institution is to edu- commandment, and a strong expression cate pious young men for the work of the of public opinion has been obtained ministry, and it has been in operation in favour of the Sabbath. Of this a 14 years. The unrestricted constitution striking illustration is afforded by the of the American Collegiate and Literary fact that 467 petitions were last year Institutions, enables men of every com- presented to Congress, praying that the munion to prosecute their studies within travelling of the mails, and other Post them, and the design of this Society is, Office business, which, to the disgrace therefore, to select suitable candidates of the Government, has been permitted for the ministry, and to support and until now, may be discontinued; and superintend them while engaged in their though their prayer was not granted, varied studies. They aim at a thorough yet they are resolved to persevere till education, classical and theological, for the Sabbath be respected throughout seven years, four years to be spent at some the Union ! College, and three years at some Theolo. gical Seminary. Since its establishment,

AMERICAN SEAMAN'S FRIEND SOCIETY. 404 young men of piety and talents have

This Society was formed in January, been assisted in their preparatory studies,

1826. It commenced a Sailors' Magazine and there are now 200 ministers labouring and Naval Journal in September last. in the churches who were beneficiaries of Boarding Houses for seamen have been this Society. The average expense is small. established in Boston and Charlestown ; about 75 dollars per year, and many a Register Office for Seamen wanting American Churches engageto support places has been opened ; a Savings for seven years, from 5 to 30 students. Bank has been chartered, and Bethel The church of the Rev. W. Patton, of operations are in vigorous operation. They New York, is pledged for 10, that is propose to employ Sea Missionaries to 750 dollars a year for seven years. What visit ports where there is a great resort of Congregational Church in England is British and American Seamen. There making similar efforts to secure a learned

are ten places of worship for seamen, and pious ministry?

in different parts of the Republic, most THE GENERAL UNION for promoting of them large and commodious houses, the Observance of the Christian Sabbath built on purpose for them. This Union was formed by a most respec, table delegation from the several States, (The remaining Religious Institutions of which met in General Convention at the the United States will be noticed in our American Tract Society House, New next.].

MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE. been examined by the leading Congrega

tional ministers in London, and donations WESTERN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, will be received by them, or may be sent UNITED STATES.

to Mr. Baynes, 28, Paternoster Row. The great valley of the Mississippi, and its tributary streams, contains a

EDUCATION AND INDUSTRY IN surface of more than 1,800,000 square

CANADA. miles. Here there is at present a A Society for this object was orgascattered population of more than four nized in London, 1825, under the pamillions of people, but so rapidly in- tronage of the Duke of Sussex, the creasing, that it is supposed the desti. Bishop of Salisbury, Lord Bexley, and nies of the American Union may be others of high respectability, which has, eventually controuled by the character with the assistance of the benevolent in of this its western population. At the Canada and the United States, opened present time it is computed that four-fifths a school at Caughnawaga, of 100 Indian of its people are living without the benefits pupils ; another at Kingston, of 100, of a regular ministry, and there are now mostly poor children; at Quebec, of 45; at more than a thousand organized churches Montreal, of 150; at Westleyville, of 50; without a stated ministry, and a much besides granting aid towards building larger pumber could soon be formed, bad four school-houses among the Indians and they but men of competent learning, and a poor settlers. And what will be highly right missionary spirit, to send forth. gratifying to all Christians, with the

Infidelity on the one hand, and the books sent from this country, a large missionaries of the Romish Church on number of Sunday Schools and libraries the other, threaten this rising population, have been assisted in both Provinces. and to rescue the people from these The Rev. T. Osgood, its agent, has for miseries, is the design of the Western many years devoted hiinself with great Theological Seminary. It has been esta- zeal and perseverance to the advanceblished in the neighbourhood of Pitts- ment of education and religion in these burgh, by the General Assembly of the Provinces, and has conferred lasting Presbyterian Church in the United benefits on the community, by promotStates, a body distinguished alike by ing the establishment of Lancasterian, their learning, numbers, and attachment Sunday and Infant Schools, and by in. to the faith. They have deputed the troducing the system of providing emRev. A. D. Campbell, as their agent, toployment for poor emigrants and other visit England and Scotland on behalf of destitute persons, who, without such prothis new Institution, and to solicit not visions, must have been left to depend only donations of money, but books to solely on public and private charity. form the Library of the Seminary. Mr. Mr. Osgood is now in London, to make Campbell is honoured by the friendship an appeal in its behalf, to the benevoof General Jackson, now President of lence, piety, and liberality of a British the United States, who has given him an public, in order to the further advance. autograph letter, dated from the Presi- ment of civilization among the aboriginal dent's House, Washington, in which he inhabitants of North America, and to the says, “I take pleasure in recommend securing and diffusing of the blessings of ing him to the attention of the pious and education among the poor and widely good amongst whom, by change or other dispersed inhabitants of these new and wise, he may be associated, as a Pres. destitute settlements. byterian minister, eminently beloved at Besides the usual official documents, home for his private virtues, and re- Mr. Osgood brings with him the followspected for his talents and efficiency ing honourable testimonial : as a preacher. He is an agent of the “We, the undersigned, having known Western Theological Seminary in the Mr. Osgood for some years past, do United States, and undertakes this hereby state, that we consider his exerjourney with a hope that the truly reli- tions in obtaining employment for the gious of every sect will befriend an In- destitute, and the means of moral and stitution devoted alone to the Gospel, religious instruction for the ignorant, and a more general diffusion of its to have been highly meritorious; and blessings." The feeling of fraternal that the Provinces of Upper and Lower regard toward the Nonconformist Canada have felt, and are still feeling, Churches of England is strongly cherish- the effects of them. We also state, that ed by the Presbyterian body of North Mr. Osgood has, for a series of years, America, and we do, therefore, trust entirely devoted himself to benevolent that our brethren will, by gifts of books exertions for ameliorating the condition or cash, prove that they reciprocate the of his fellow-creatures, and that we confeeling. Mr. Campbell's credentials have sider him well entitled to the confidence


and support of the charitable and well- The Rev. J. Burnett, of Cork, ascended disposed.

the desk, and delivered an animated and "J. Reid, Chief Justice of the Court eloquent address to the pupils and their K. B. Montreal.

parents, after which the Rev. William L. C. FoucHER, I Two Assoc. Jus- Orme closed that service by prayer. “ GEORGE Pyke, tices of said Crt. The company then strayed around the “ L. J. PAPINEAU, Speaker of the lovely grounds and neighbourhood of this

House of Assembly, L. Canada.” noble edifice till the dinner hour, and the “ Montreal, 8th April, 1829."

fineness of the day added greatly to their We have also the satisfaction to state, on enjoyment of its picturesque scenery and the personal authority of Jas. Buchanan, charming prospects. Esq., His Majesty's Consul at New York, A cold collation was provided in the who has travelled several times through spacious hall, where the company rethe upper provinces of Canada, that Mr. assembled, and Mr. Favell presided.. Osgood's unassuming and unwearied be He announced the legacy of £100. nevolence has been the source of much from the late Mr. Page, towards the progood in those interesting, but almost un jected library, and Mr. White contriknown settlements. It is scarcely neces- buted £20., and Mr. Piper £10. to the sary to add, that from Boston, New same object. York, and Philadelphia, he brings cre The company was addressed by Joseph dentials, signed by some of the most dis. Gutteridge, George Bennet, and William tinguished ministers in those cities. Piper, Esquires, and by the Rev. Mr. - Donations in useful books, as well as Blundell, the Chaplain, Rev. Mr. Burmoney, are therefore respectfully solicit- net, and other ministers present. We ed, and will be faithfully forwarded, if beg leave cordially to recommend this sent to Mr. Nisbet, Berners Street; or important establishment to the patronage to Mr. Davis, 56, Paternoster Row. of the dissenting community. MILI HILL GRAMMAR SCHOOL


The 99th Annual Meeting of this InANNIVERSARY.

stitution was held on Thursday, June The Twenty-first Anniversary of the

25th, at the College. After the ordinary Protestant Dissenters Grammar School,

business had been transacted, and the was celebrated at the Institution, on

reports of the Rev. Dr. J. P. Smith and Wednesday, June 24th.

the Rev. W. Walford, the valued Tutors, The morning of the day was occupied

were read, the students, 15 in number, with examinations, &c. which took place

were examined in Theology and Ethics in the chapel, in the presence of about

by the Rev. Dr. Winter, assisted by other 200 Gentlemen and Ladies, the parents

Gentlemen. The Treasurer, Professors, and friends of the pupils.

and friends, afterwards dined together Samuel Favell, Esq. the Treasurer, pre

at the Mermaid Tavern. It is proposed sided, and the Rev.J.P.Smith, D.D., deli

to celebrate the Centenary of this Instivered, on behalf of the Education Com

tution next year, and Dr. Winter has mittee, a detailed account of the departe

consented (D. V.) to deliver an Address ments of tuition, going over each class,

on the occassion.* and naming the respective books used in

HIGHBURY COLLEGE. the study of the Classics, Mathematics,

The students of this Institution passed French Language, General Knowledge,

their annual examination on June 30th and Religious Moral Instruction. The

and July 1st. On the former day the Mathematical Examination had been held

examination was confined to the lanon a preceding day by Professor De

guages, under the direction of a select Morgan, of the London University,

number of ministers, who furnished the

following report :of the proficiency of many amongst the

.“ We, the undersigned, having atpupils. The Doctor then proceeded to

tended the usual examination of the deliver the prizes awarded to the several classes, after which the pupils were called * We have abridged these articles upon to deliver their orations. Those from the lengthened reports of the from the classical authors were Oratio World Newspaper, a journal which is Artabani ad Xerxem, from Herodotus, distinguished for its devotedness to the which was delivered by Master Oldfield, cause of Benevolent and Christian Instiand Oratio Senecæ ad Cæsarem Neronem, tutions, and for the general faithfulness which was recited by Master Blundell. with which it reports their proceedings. These were followed by a French dia. The unequivocal tone which it maintains logue, Parliamentary Debate, and other in support of nonconformist principles, English Recitations, all (of which were claims for it the patronage of the dissent. delivered with a degree of correctness and ing body, and which, we are glad to hear, taste highly creditable to all concerned. is progressively increasing.-Editors.

students at Highbury College, have the theological essays were read by two of greatest pleasure in bearing testimony the senior students; one on the Doctrine to the diligence and proficiency, which of the Incarnation, the other on the they displayed in the Classical and He- Mediatorial System. brew languages. The proceedings of the It is earnestly hoped, that the friends day were such, as to reflect the highest of an educated ministry will endeavour, credit on the Institution; on the ability by their liberal contributions, to liquiof the excellent tutors, by whom it is date a debt of £3000. which yet remains conducted; and on the talents and ap. on account of the erection of the Colplication of the students.

lege. “ Copious portions of the books professed were read at the option of the


On Wednesday, the 1st of July, a “ Class of the first year-'The four General Meeting of the Subscribers to Georgics; the first six Books of the the Western Academy was convened at Æneid; the Analecta Minora ; and the Exeter, when the business of that In. first Book of the Odyssey.

stitution commenced under the Presi.Class of the second year - The dency of the Rev. G. Payne, LL.D. Odes and Epistles of Horace; three In the morning, the Rev. J. Saltren Books of the Odyssey; and an Oration having been called to the chair, the Reof Lysias.

port of the Committee was read, and “ Class of the third year-In Cicero, various resolutions were moved and the Orations against Cataline, the 1st adopted. Many excellent speeches were 2d, and 9th Philippics ; and first Book made, and much liberality evinced by of Herodotus and Edipus Tyrannus of the Ministers and Gentlemen present, Sophocles,

all of whom appeared to feel great in6 Class of fourth year. The 10th, 13th, terest in the prosperity of this important 15th, and 16th Satires of Juvenal; the Institution. first and second Books of 'Thucydides;

In the evening the Rev. Dr. Payne and the Book of Job in Hebrew.

preached a judicious and highly appro. “ J. HUMPHRYS, LL.D. priate discourse, from 2 Cor. ii. i6., after « E, HENDERSON, Ph. D. which, the Rev. J. Saltren addressed “ W. J. HOPE. A.M. the Candidates for the Christian ministry. « EBEN. MILLER, A.M in his usual strain of simplicity and “ Jos. BERRY.”

fervour. On July 1st, the students were exa- All the proceedings of the day were mined in theology and several branches peculiarly gratifying; and it is hoped, of literature, before the Rev. Samuel that the friends of religion, and of an Rooker, in the chair, Rev. Dr. Bennett, enlightened and effective ministry, will and other ministers and gentlemen. not allow the usefulness of this Seminary Several essays were read, and questions to be circumscribed for want of pecuniary answered upon philosophical and theolo- support. gical subjects ; when it appeared, that

REMOVALS. the classes of students had respectively In November last, the Rev. D. A. pursued a course of study in Mental Jones, then of Foleshill, near Coventry, Philosophy and Ethics, the Elements of accepted a unanimous invitation from the Algebra, Civil and Ecclesiastical History, Independent Church and Congregation the Interpretation of Scripture, the at Chorley, Lancashire, to become their Evidences of Christianity, Systematic pastor, and commenced his stated la. Theology, and Hebrew Antiquities and bours there the first Sabbath in the prePhilology.

sent year. In the evening, the annual meeting Rev. B. Byron, of Lincoln, bas acwas held at the College, T. Wilson, Esq. cepted a call to the pastoral office from in the chair; when the report of the the Church of Christ at Ashburton, past year was read and adopted ; and Devonshire.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND MINOR CORRESPONDENCE. COMMUNICATIONS have been received during the past month from the Reverend

Messrs. R. Halley-R. Ashton - J. Bulmer-J. Leifchild --J. Bounsell--B. Byron-- D. A. Jones, S. Bowen. Also from Messrs. J. B. Williams - James Edmeston--M. Cooper-T. Williams-

Henry Dunn- Joseph Maitland-J. P.T.Zeta-An Old Deacon--A Constant
The Communication of a Constant Reader will probably appear in our next.

We propose to publish a revised List of our Churches, with all the Ecclesiastical Statisties we can collect, in our next Supplement, and we beg, therefore, to solicit the assistance of our kind Correspondents to complete it.

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An old writer mentions it as a narrow circle. But this neither mark of special wisdom for a moves them from their steadfastness, Christian man to do worthily at nor their joy. When they labour, Bethlehem; that is, to fill up the it is not to attract the gaze of the station, whatever it be, in which idle, or to obtain the applause of the providence of God has placed the ignorant, but to do the will, him, with constancy, credit, and and to possess the approval of honour,

him, in whose favour is life. The accomplishment of this ser. Hence, if put into the ministry, vice requires, however, great self- they watch for souls; they give denial, and vigilance : and it will attendance to reading, meditation, be attempted in vain, upon right and prayer: they preach the word : principles, and to right ends, with- they are instant in season, and out divine grace, as well for guid- out of season; reproving, rebuking, ance as ability. To those ardent and exhorting with all long-sufferand bustling spirits, whose elementing and doctrine. Beloved by the is display, and whose energies are poor, esteemed by the rich, and spoiled by seclusion, the duty must reverenced by the ungodly, they be one of uncommon toil; as diffi- have, as the effect of perseverance cult as the imposition of a forcible in well-doing, a good report of all restraint would have been upon the men, and of the truth itself. impetuosity of Jehu.

Among this honourable class a But there is, and always has place is due to the Rev. Samuel been, in the church of Christ, a Lucas, formerly of Shrewsbury : class who cherish · different and a name which, though it makes do nobler views; who pay little at figure either in the history of the tention, and desire to pay compa- church, or the world, is, neverratively none, to excitements merely theless, written in heaven; and its external. Men of sober judgment, fragrancy has not yet perished considerable self-knowledge, well- from the earth. managed zeal, and invincible tide Mr. Lucas was born of respectlity. They seldom soar, and they able parents, at Bury St. Edmond's, as seldom fall. Indifferent to in the County of Suffolk, in or human applause further than it about the year 1748. His father pleases God, as the consequence carried on the wool-combing, of just actions, to award it, they or worsted-yarn business, at that are content with a record on time the staple trade of the high. They are, oftentimes, scarcely place, but made po open proknown beyond the confines of a fession of religion. His mother NO, 57. VOL. XIII.

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