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or less as he may think proper, instruction which he ought to and pointing out, from their cha- receive from it, ask him the meanracter and employment, the rea- ing of the several parts of the sons why they are spoken of as verse. If he cannot answer, after they are in the Bible.

waiting long enough just to fix his Let him also be provided with a mind on the point, let the minister good map of Palestine and the answer; letting them know, that adjacent countries, that he may he does not ask questions expectshow them the position of places, ing that they will be able to and things, as they occur in the answer all; but that one imporportions of Scripture to which tant object in asking them, is to they shall attend.

. awaken attention, and fix the When the way is prepared, by mind distinctly on the question one or more meetings, as the case to be answered, that the truth may require, let the minister, after conveyed by the answer may be taking the names of those who more clearly apprehended, make wish to attend, give them a por. a stronger impression, and be tion of Scriptures; say the first longer remembered. After exand second chapters of Matthew, hibiting the truths, which God passing by the genealogy, by reveals in that verse, show the merely showing them its object manner in which the same truths and use. Before they separate, are revealed in other parts of let him show them the manner Scripture, by quoting from mein which he wishes them to at- mory the passages in which they tend to it, by going over, in their are found. Then point out dishearing, with a few verses himself. tinctly, in few words, the effects Let him then close, commending which these truths ought to have them, and all who may associate upon the heart and life ; and lead with them, to God and the word each one, as in the presence of of his grace, which is able to en- God, to ask himself whether they lighten and to purify them, and to do have these effects on him. fit them for an inheritance among Suppose, for instance, that the those that are sanctified.

passage under consideration is the III. Manner of conducting the 16th verse of the 5th chapter of exercises.

Matthew; “ Let your light so When they assemble again, let shine before men, that they may the youngest sit the nearest to the see your good works, and glorify minister, and the others farther your Father, which is in heaback, as much as is convenient, ven.” according to age; and let them Who is the speaker ? always take the same seat, that Jesus Christ. the minister may address them in To whom does he speak ? rotation, and know that none His disciples. are passed by. After imploring What does he mean by light? the divine guidance, let the first Holiness; love to God and read a verse. If he does not read love to men. it rightly, as to pronunciation, What does he mean by letting emphasis, tones, cadence, &c. this light shine? let the minister read it over after Manifesting holiness; showing him, and by a proper manner of love to God by obeying him ; reading it, show him, if possible, and love to men by doing good to its meaning. To ascertain whe- all, as they have opportunity, ther he understands it, and the especially to his disciples.

What does Christ offer as a instruction; and it is of great imreason for doing this?

portance that it should lead you That others may glorify God. to glorify God. Your salvation What is it to glorify God? is concerned with it, and the sal

It is to love his character, vation of your fellow men. Look listen to his voice, believe his de- at the difference of effect which clarations, and obey his com- your example will have, provimands.

ded you glorify God, from what Are all who enjoy their reason, it will, if you do not. Others and have the Bible, bound to do may follow you, and thus you this?

be instrumental of fixing them, They are.

according to your character and To do it when ?

conduct, in heaven or in hell. At the present time, and at all The effects of your faith and times.

practice must be felt, not merely What should you from this by yourselves, but by others; verse, judge to be one of the most not only through life, and to the powerful means of leading men end of the world, but to all eterto do this?

nity. Christian example, from all who Thus a minister may enlarge profess religion.

more or less in the application of This should lead those who divine truth, as may be conveprofess religion, to inquire whe- nient, and as circumstances may ther they set such examples. And render it useful. it should lead those who do not If the passage read be the 21st profess religion, to inquire whe- verse of the seventh chapter of ther they are, as is their indispen- Matthew, “ Not every one that sable duty, now glorifying God, saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall by believing his declarations and enter into the kingdom of heaven, obeying his commands ; because but he that doeth the will of my Christ says, that those who hear Father which is in heaven;" the bis sayings, but do them not, minister may ask such questions as are like a man who builds his the following, viz. house upon the sand. In the day What is it for men to call Christ, of trial, their hopes for eternity Lord, Lord? will fail. Hence each one of It is to profess to be his disyou should inquire, whether you ciples. really believe God and obey him. What is meant in this place by Jesus Christ spake this for your the kingdom of heaven? instruction, as really as for that Heaven itself. of those to whom it was at first What does Christ say that men addressed. Though he spake to must do, in order to enter into those that were then living, he heaven? looked down through all future The will of God. ages, and saw the character, con- What is that will ? dition, and wants of all people. That men believe on his Son, He saw that you would be here love his character, and obey his at this time, and be attending commands. to this portion of his word. He What is it to believe on the Son saw the feelings which you would of God? have, and the effects which his It is to have such confidence in word would produce on you. him as to feel that what he says is He therefore adapted it to your true, and to treat it as true.

N, S. NO. 49.

Is this the duty of all who have Having gone through with the come to years of understanding, portion of Scripture allotted for and have the Bible ?

that day, let him in a lucid and It is.

brief manner sum up the truths to Why ?

· which they have attended, and • Because Christ is worthy of such make a direct pungent application confidence, and God commands of them to the conscience and the men to exercise it.

heart. Or let him fasten on some • What effect will such confidence great truth, revealed in some part to Christ have upon a man ? of the chapter, and illustrate that, • It will lead him to forsake his and enforce it strongly on the sins, trust in Christ for eternal life, mind. In this, and in every thing to believe the Bible, and to make pertaining to the exercises, let him it his highest object in all things bring their minds into as close to obey it.

contact as possible with the Divine : How long will such a man con- mind. Make them feel, that in tinue this course?

attending to the Bible, they are To the end of life.

listening to the voice of God, as Where will he go when he really as if they heard him speak dies?

what it contains directly from To heaven.

heaven; and that their salvation What will become of those who depends upon believing and obeyat death have not done the will of ing it. Make them feel that if God?

they, or any of their fellow men They will go away into eternal who bave the Bible, fail of eternal punishment. This should lead each life, it will be because they do not one of you to inquire, Am I doing read it, or do not believe it, or do the will of God? and to feel that not follow it. Make them feel if you are not, you are not going that it is a light which can guide toward heaven, but toward hell. them all to heaven. But in order Every day carries you nearer; and for this, they must follow it; and as life is uncertain, no one can, in to follow it, they must read it the morning, be sure that he shall daily, attentively, devoutly, and not, before night, arrive there. perseveringly. They must beAnd at night, when without doing lieve it on the testimony of Jehothe will of God, he retires to rest, vah, and trusting in Christ alone he cannot be sure but that before for whatever they need, they must morning he shall awake in hell. obey it. Impress upon them, that It is, therefore, exceedingly impor- the exercises of a Bible class are tant that each one should make it not adapted, and are not designed, his highest object to learn the will to supersede the necessity of their of God, and without delay to do searching the Scriptures daily at it; for he that doeth the will of home; but only to assist them to God, abideth for ever.

do this to greater advantage. And The particular questions, how- whatever' information they may ever, which shall be asked, and obtain in a Bible class, they must the application of divine truth search the Scriptures at home, or which shall be made, may be such they cannot expect to be made as the minister shall judge will wise unto salvation through faith most clearly and fully exhibit in Christ Jesus. And as they divine truth, make the strongest read, let them from the heart ask impression, and be the most ex- God to teach them, by his Spirit, tensively and permanently useful. the meaning of his own declara

tions. Let them believe what he with ever growing interest. For declares, and without delay, and this purpose, let the minister walk without ceasing, do what he com- with God, live by faith, reside at mands; resolving in his strength, the throne of grace, and look in. that henceforth they will live, not tensely and continually on the unto themselves, but unto him that eternal world. Let him feel that died for them and rose again the effect of every meeting will be And let their object in doing this felt after earth is dissolved, and be to glorify God, to become in will be told by strains of higher spirit like him, and to do good. and higher glory, or by tones of At the same time, make them feel, deeper and deeper anguish, during as constantly and as strongly as the eternal destinies of men. Let possible, that their dependance him count all things but loss for for what they need to do this, and the excellency of the knowledge to be accepted in it, must be of Christ; exhibit to a greater and placed, not on themselves, or on greater extent, the unsearchable creatures of any description, but riches of Him who is the Alpha and on the Lord Jesus Christ. For Omega of revelation ; determining his sake God can be just, and to know nothing save Jesus Christ yet bestow all needed blessings and him crucified, and looking upon those that trust in him. upward continually for the illumi.

Let every meeting be opened nating and purifying influences of and closed with prayer. Let the the Holy Spirit, who takes of the prayers be simple, humble, fer- things of Christ and shows them vent, pertinent, and short; the to men; that the truth may thus tirst for divine guidance in the be the wisdom and power of God exercises ; and the last for the di- to their salvation. vine blessing to follow them. And And let the members of the let all the members draw nigh to class commence with a fixed purGod daily, and then he will draw pose, trusting in Jesus Christ nigb to them. Let them seek first alone, to ask of God daily to teach the kingdom of God, and his righ- them his will; and daily to listen teousness, and then they shall not to his voice speaking to them in want any good thing. God will his word, that they may underguide them by his counsel, and stand it. And when they do underafterwards receive them to glory. stand, let nothing hinder them They shall see him as he is, and be from doing it; for the purpose of like him through everlasting ages. glorifying God, becoming in temper

The above-mentioned things, like him, and doing good. They with many others connected with will then find that the Bible is perthem, in their various bearings and fect, converting the soul; sure, consequences, which will open to making wise the simple; right, the mind of a faithful minister, rejoicing the heart; pure, enwho sits daily at the feet of Jesus, lightening the eyes ; clean, enand learns of him, cannot indeed during for ever; true and righall, nor even a principal part of teous altogether; more to be dethem, be exhibited at one time. sired than gold, yea than mnch Nor is it desirable that they fine gold; and that in obeying it should be.

there is, indeed, a great reward. After a Bible class is established, It will be a lamp to their feet, and it is of great importance that it a light to their path. It will show should be continued; and that them a way that grows brighter those who attend; should do it and brighter; and it will lead them

to follow it, till they come to a That such Bible classes may be place where they have no need established over all the earth, and even of the sun, nor of the moon; be the means of leading vast mulwhere the Lord himself will be titudes to heaven, may God of his their light, and the Lamb their infinite mercy grant, through Jesus eternal glory.

Christ! Amen.

REMARKS ON BISHOP HEBER'S VIEW OF PRAYER MEETINGS. The journals of the late lamented peculiar coadjutors. But this is Bishop Heber have doubtless not the only point of importance ; been read with some degree of there is in the volume a long interest, both by persons of varied letter of the Bishop to his Clergy, and opposite sentiments on reli- in reply to a variety of points, gious subjects; and the opinions which had been submitted for his of a prelate filling a post so ime consideration, and among the rest portant as that which he lately is that of the clergy uniting with occupied, and possessing a cha- Dissenters in their prayer meetracter so highly esteemed and in- ings. On this subject we were fuential, are likely to have con- prepared to expect, that his Lord. siderable weight on the minds of ship would not approve of the very many readers. The volumes mingling of the ministers of the contain much that is beautiful in church and dissenting missiondescription, though the descrip- aries in such an act of worship; tions are so multiplied and at- but we were not prepared to find tenuated, that they tend to sa- his Lordship disclaiming the prac. tiety; and we lose, amidst the tice of Christians holding prayermagnificent scenery of British In- meetings, as altogether unscripdia, those moral and spiritual tural, and productive of evil landscapes, the work of faithful effects. and laborious missionaries, which In giving his opinion on the would be far more interesting to subject, his Lordship says, “ Such the mind of the intelligent and is the practice reprobated by the judicious Christian.

apostle, of a number of persons But defective as the volumes coming together, with each his are in religious information, it is Psalm, his prayer, his exhortanot the only point in which they tion; the effect of which is not only appear objectionable. It is to be often confusion, but what is worse regretted, that a man of such an than confusion, self-conceit and amiable spirit, such elegance of rivalry, each labouring to excel mind, and such christian charac. his brother in the choice of his ter, should have indulged in any expressions, and the outward earoblique hints against dissenters, nestness of his address, and the and dissenting missionaries; and bad effects of emulation mixing that the labours these holy men with actions, in which, of all others, have been performing, should all humility and forgetfulness of self be merged in the broad shadow of are necessary.” Episcopacy. It is to be deplored, In reading this extraordinary that minds so enlightened should paragraph, we are compelled to pass by important facts, and con- ask, does his Lordship nean, that sider nothing scarcely done, ex- the Apostle reprobated prayer? cept it be effected by their own We believe he does not mean

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