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guage is illustrated – allusions to Church of Englanul of the Two Thoueastern customs shortly noticed - the sand Nonconformist Ministers by the situation of cities, countries, &c. men. Act of Uniformity on Bartholomew's tioned - and the symbolical style of Day, August 24, 1662. By Algernon prophecy expounded.” We have not Wells. Londo:t : Hulutsioorth and Ball, proied the accuracy of the whole 8vo. 56pp. 2s.- We owe to the author work, but from the correctness of the of these excellent discourses many articles we have consulted; and from apologies that they have lain so long the general neatness and care which on our table, when their worth decharacterizes the volume, we are per- manded that they should be early insuaded it will be found replete with troduced to the notice of our readers. valuable and accurate information, The subjects of these sermons are and eminently calculated to advance identified with the cause of Jiberty, the intelligent and profitable perusal piety, and true bappiness, and we reof the divine word.

joice that they are discussed in a temDr. Watts's Scripture History is perate, dignified, and Christian man: well known and justly valued : we ner, reflecting great honour on the think, however, it was susceptible of head and the heart of their author, so great improvements, and we congra- that we predict he will command the tulate Mr. Whitridge on the produc- respect of his readers, even were be tion of a new edition, which is, in may not secure their concurrence. every way, superior to the first edi- We trust his manly example will, on tion of the Doctor's, which was pre- suitable occasions, be imitated by pared under some disadvantages, and our brethren, as we are convinced never revised.

that these topics are not presented Mr. W. has divided the work into to our bearers from the pulpit with ten periods, after the proposed are the frequency which their important rangement of Mr. Prebendary Town and close connection with spiritual send, to cach of which he has pre- religion requires. fixed a synopsis of general history connected therewith, and a table of those portions of Scripture which relate to it. The text is occasionally

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. illustrated by pertinent notes, and the

Mr. Edmeston has in the press, " The Woman of

Shanen, a Drama:ic Sketch, and other Sacred whole is very creditable to the indus Poems." try of the editor. To those parents Three Sermons, on the Prosperity of a Christian who wish to instruct their children in

Church, and the Scriptural Means of promoting

the Revivals of R-ligion, Preached at Stepney, the history of the Scriptures, we cor by the Rev. Joseph Fletcher, A.M. Will be pabdially recommend this cheap volume,

lished early in February.

The Advantages and Deficiencies of the Protesand we believe that they will derive

tant Reformation: а Se mon preached at Ken. information from its contents, as well sington before the Monthly Association of Con

gregational Ministers, and published at their as their families.

request, by J. P. Dobson, lu one vol. 12mo. “The Scripture Diary" for 1829, Preparing for publication. is by the same editor, and presents to

" A Mother in Israel ;" being a Sketch of the

Character of the lat. Mrs. Ewing, of Glasgow. the heads of Christian families a Ca. By the Rev. E. Miller. Will be published lendar and Directory for scriptural in a few weeks. reading throughout the year, by which

Forty-five Expository and Practical Lectures, on the whole of our Lord's Sermon on the Mount. By J. E. Guod. To be published in one vol. 8vo.

The Christian Minister's Pocket Compauion: and biblical matters are also intro

containing Selections of the most striking Passages relative to the Ministerial Office, Character,

&c, from the Works of eminent Authors, Ancient that this guide is conducting the Bible

and Modern By W. Shuttleworth, 1 vol. 18mo.

Will appear in a few days. reading of many households.

The Rev. J. Young has in the pres, in one

handsome volume 12mo. “ Scripture Balances ; Allegiance to CHRIST, Liber

being a Selection of the Promises and threaten. TY OF CONSCIENCE. Two Sermons ings of the Holy Scriptures, oj steniatically ar

ranged.” delivered in the Independent Meeting

In the press, and will shortly be published, a House, Coggeshall, Essex, on Lord's Collection of Hymns, from Dr. Watts and other

Authors, adapted for Cu..gregational Worship.

By W. Urwick, Minister of York Street Chapel, Anniversary of the Ejectment from the Dublin.



The present are times of great diffi

culty. Man, more than ever enemy to Neapolitan Edition of the Sacred the truth, renews his attacks every day Scriptures.

with increased energy and artifice, with

the hope to expel for ever from the « Anxious you should not incur the hearts of the faithful, the sentiment of charge of having stated an untruth, I religion. But the Holy Scriptures are have carefully translated the prospectus a shield of defence against all attacks; of the Neapolitan edition of the a sword of keenest temper, powerful to Bible. It seems the honest intention resist the assaults of the enemy. Whoof the parties engaged that it should ever will furnish himself with these suffibe known, from the number of adver- cient weapons, shall be sure of victory. tisements with which the booksellers The promise can never fail. Meditate are furnished for circulation; but it is then on the Holy Scriptures : endeavour not advertised on the walls like the life to understand their fullest meaning : of the Virgin Mary, the Revelations of feed daily on the divine word. You Saint Bridget, and the Sayings or Doings shall fortify your faith, and advance step of the Monks and Fathers. When I by step in piety and holiness. first saw the advertisement, I mentioned These are our motives for the present it to the Rev. Mr. Benson, who hap- publication. The necessity of the case pened to be here, and he said the same demands it. Other places are exerting thing was doing in all the Italian States. all their power in promoting the good On his authority I stated its universality; work. It would be a disgrace to Naples and I thought his authority good, because to be backward. The book will be I knew that one of his objects in his printed in the cheapest possible form travels, was to ascertain, as much as consistent with correctness, that it may possible, the exact state of the existing come within the reach of all. church. However this may be, I have, Here follows the conditions. It is to at any rate, established the fact as far as be in sixteen volumes; the price of each Naples is concerned, and this may be

volume according to the number of sufficient for your purpose.

sheets, at three grains a sheet, (abont a Vecchio e Nuoro

penny farthing, or not quite three halt Testamento Secondo



Editor." Tradotto in Lingua Italiana,

Naples, 20th March, 1828. e con Annotazioni dichiarato da Monsignore Antonio Martini,



Our English readers will participate PROSPETTO.

with us in the surprise and pleasure Monsignore Martini's Italian Version which the following Resolutions have ex. of the Bible is so well known, and in cited. We do unteignedly rejoice that such great reputation, that it is quite un- Clergymen of known piety in the Irish necessary for us to praise it. The object Church are taking such measures, but of this learned prelate was to collate the then we cannot suppress our astonishvarious translations, and to avail himself ment, that proceedings which in the Eng. of the aid of all who had treated the lish Church would be condemned as “ irsubject. The result of his labours has regular" and subversive of “ discipline!" been eminently successful. This elegant should be tolerated by the Episcopal translation, enriched as it was with most Bench. Surely they govern with a lighter valuable notes, had scarcely issued from band than some Diocesans of the Sister the press, when it was sought for, and Establishment in this country. reprinted' in all the principal cities of “At a Meeting of some Members of Italy. The book was soon in every hand, the Established Church, held on Thursand the immortal Pope Pius the Sixth day, the 30th of October, 1828, at was so much pleased with it, that he dis- 7, Rutland Square, East, the following tingnished the work and the author by Resolutions were entered into: -bis decided approbation.

66 Ist. That feeling an especial respons: siblity resting upon us to exert our resolutions, from time to time, without selves at the present moment in proclaim any report of the discussions by which ing the Gospel of Christ to all who, in they have been preceded. As a member this country, are “ignorant and out of of the Body, Mr. Ivimey, has, howthe way,' we form ourselves into an As- ever, published a pamphlet, entitled, sociation of Members of the United “Dr. Williams' Library, and the Debaté Church of England and Ireland, for the on the Roman Catholic claims," in which purpose of carrying into effect this ob- there are statements calculated to project, to be denominated, The Established duce very incorrect impressions on the Church Home Mission.

public mind, we feel it our duty to give “ 2dly, That being in the midst of a some account of the proceedings. Roman Catholic population, we are “The special meeting” was convened, ready to confess that we have been as usual, by a requisition, signed, as is • verily guilty concerning our brethren,' necessary on all such occasions, by three in that we have not more plainly and ministers of each party united in the body, faithfully preached to them the great viz, the Presbyterian, Independent, and truths of the Gospel of Christ, and that Baptist Denominations. It required the we desire now to direct our attention meeting “ to take into consideration the and exertions more particularly to our expediency, at the present juncture, of brethren of that persuasion.

issuing Resolutions declaratory of our " 3dly, In furtherance of this object, earnest desire of the repeal of all the it is proposed to avail ourselves of the remaining Statutes that attach civil disoccasional labours of employed and bene- abilities to religious opinions, and of our ficed Clergymen, who shall be disposed loyal confidence in the wisdom and con to devote a limited portion of time to ciliatory spirit of the Legislatnre and of the work of the Lord, in this depart. his Majesty's Government; and, also, ment of the vineyard, their places being the propriety of petitioning both Houses supplied by such persons as shall be ap- of Parliament for the speedy adoption of proved by their respective Diocesans, as such measures as may allay discontent, well as of the labours of such Clergymen and unite all the subjects of the realm as shall appear to the Board to be quali- in the enjoyment of equal religious lified, and are willing to devote their berty.” whole time to the work of Missionary The Body was summoned for Tueslabour.

day, Jan. 20th, when the Rev. F. A. “4thly, That, as it is our especial object Cox, LL.D. was called to the chair. to bring the Gospel to the hearing of our The Rev. R. Aspland addressed the Roman Catholic brethren, under every assembly in a powerful speech, and circumstance, we wish it to be under- moved the Resolutions inserted below, stood that our Missionaries are expected which were briefly seconded by Dr. not only to address them from the pulpits Winter. The Rev. J. Ivimey rose to of the Established Church, but also in move an amendment, and produced a all places where it is possible to collect a bulky manuscript, containing his speech, congregation.

which he begged permission to read. «5thly, That the affairs of this Asso. This was immediately resisted, as conciation be conducted by a Board of trary to the usage of that body. Mr. I. Twenty-one Ministers of the Established however, persevered in a very extended Church, who shall fill up any vacancies reading of his notes, and, as many of which may occur in their body.

his remarks were not thought relevant, “othly, That the following constitute he was twice called upon to speak to the the Board :- Rev. Wm. Cleaver, Robt. question, and his statements excited ocDaly, L. Foot, Wm. Fawsset,' R. G. casional' laughter; but the “confusion" Greene, John Hare, George Hare, and “awfully tremendous clapping” of George Hazelwood, Henry Moore, Richd. which he speaks in his pamphlet, must Murray, B. W. Mathias, Robt. M'Ghee, be the creatures of his own imagination.. H. Newman, C. Otway, Wm. Purdon, The amendment was as follows:-Peter Roe, A. Ross, J. H. Singer, Robt. “That as the consideration of the RoStevilly, Éd. Wade, and Hugh White. man Catholic Claims is likely to be Secretary Rev. Denis Browne."

brought shortly before Parliament, and

as that subject does not relate to ReliPROCEEDINGS AT THE SPECIAL MEET- gious Liberty, properly so called, we

INGS OF THE DISSENTING MINISTERS consider it wonld be highly inexpedient AT THE LIBRARY, RED CROSS STREET. at this critical juncture for this Body to

publish any Resolutions, or to present The deliberations of this venerable any Petitions to Parliament, for the Rebody being considered private, it has peal of Statutes which attach civil disabibeen our practice only to publish its lities to the Roman Catholics, on account of the allegiance they owe to a foreign were finally carried by forty-eight votes Potentate, and who are therefore un to fifteen! able to give a pledge of entire sub. “That we cannot assemble as a jection to the Monarch of these Realms. body. without again expressing our And from the proof of justice and kind- fervent gratitude to the Almighty Disness, lately given to the Protestant Dis- poser of events, for the signal benesenters, by the repeal of the Test and fit conferred, through His gracions Corporation Acts, that we ought to ex- providence, upon the Protestant Dispress our loyal confidence in the wis- senters of Great Britain, by the late dom and conciliatory spirit of the Le- repeal of so much of the Corporation gislature and his Majesty's Government, and Test Acts as imposed the Sacranot doubting but they will speedily mental Test. adopt such measures,' as to their wis. “ That deeply impressed with a sense dom shall appear most proper, •to allay of the importance of this measure to the discontent of his Majesty's Roman the interests of true religion, and to the Catholic subjects.' And for the above peace and prosperity of the kingdom, reasons this Body thinks it most expe. we deem it our bounden duty to put dient to observe and maintain a strict upon record our earnest desire of the neutrality, and therefore to avoid adopt- repeal of all the remaining Statutes that ing any proceedings which may be con: attach Civil Disabilities to Religious sidered as expressing a favourable opi. Opinions. nion in regard to the Claims of the Ro- That, at the present crisis, we feel man Catholics."

ourselves called upon to declare our The Rev. Mr. Douglas seconded the loyal confidence in the wisdom and amendment, and, as on former occasions, conciliatory spirit of the Legislature and drew largely on the patience of his bre- of his Majesty's Government. thren.

“And that Petitions be presented by The addresses of the Rev. Messrs. this Body to both Houses of Parliament Aspland, Ivimey, and Douglas having in the ensuing Session, praying the been extended to a great length, the speedy adoption of such measures as may time of the meeting was nearly expired, unite all the subjects of the realm in the so that after the Rev. Joseph Hughes enjoyment of equal religious liberty. bad briefly spoken in support of the THOMAS Rees, LL.D., Secretary." Resolutions, the meeting adjourned to Tuesday, the 27th, at 12 o'clock.

EPISCOPAL DISCIPLINE IN TIIE DIOOn that day, after the despatch of

CESE OF LONDON, some preliminary business, the debate was resumed, and a leading Indepen- Dr. Blomfield has been “ enthroned" dent Minister moved “the previous Bishop of London. This ceremony took question,” avowing most fully his entire place at St. Panl's Cathedral on Friday, agreement with the sentiments of the the 16th of January, with appropriate Resolutions, but fearing that they might pomp! Should some of our readers occasion a nearly equal, and, conse- ask, what this ceremonial means, we quently, inexpedient division of the body. might employ the language of a celeHis proposal was seconded by a venera. brated journal. " We really cannot ble Baptist minister, and, we think, four tell. There is no allusion to any such or five Independent ministers spoke in ceremony in the Gospel of Christ; it support of his motion, at the same time cannot, therefore, be a Christian cereexpressing, we believe with only one ex- mony, and cannot properly pertain to ception, their concurrence in the senti- a Christian Church, or a Christian Biments of the Resolutions. The debate shop. It is most probably some pagan continued, with great animation and rite, passed through the calendar of eloquence. for four hours, during Popery into our reformed church. It which, six Presbyterian, twelve Inde- were better that the Bishops should pendent, and four Baptist ministers practise humility, conciliate the clergy addressed the chair. We report these amongst whom they preside by brotherly numbers to prove that the published in- kindness, and set an example of modesinuation that the Body has been in- ration to the laity, than that they should fluenced and led on by the Unitarian occupy themselves in costly exhibitions ministers is entirely without foundation. and state shows, which can only excite We have, of course, no authorized return envy." * We fear, however, these of the division, but if we distinctly remarks have been lost on the Right heard, “ the previous question" was ne. Reverend Diocesan, for if the reports gatived by a majority of fourteen. The Amendment was only supported by nine votes! and the following Resolutions * The Times Newspaper.

of the public journals be true, he has murders, as, perpetrated with a view to commenced a course of discipline, which dissection. This substantiated is so shockwill do little to increase the popularity ing, that the most obdurate mind revolts of the Established Church. By an from the recital of its details. The actual article in “ the Standard,” ot' 24th Janu. returns of the English government is ary, we learn that Dr. Blomfield has India, to the inquiries of their superiors commanded the Rev. Mr.P-(understood at home, give an average of forty-eight woto refer to that excellent Minister, the Rev. men burnt alive every month, during two Josiah Pratt) to discontinue a prayer meet- preceding years. Murders there are not ing held at his own house!! The venerable done in obscurity, but in open day, amid “ Book Society,” formed in 1750, and collected multitudes, under the eye of established on the Catholic principles of our own government, and in the presence upiting Churchmen and Dissenters in of their official delegates, and notwithpromoting Christian knowledge, and standing that the local authorities in conducted by a joint Committee of some quarters where the practices are Churchmen and Dissenters, has occa- most common, have declared that there sionally had collection sermons in the is a crying necessity for suppressing churches of this city; and in the list them The Chairman of the Honourable of Episcopalian preachers, the venerated the East India Company, in his place, is names of Jones, Romaine, Venn, and reported to have said, that in the year Newton occur. The Rev. Hugh M`Neile, 1824, 527 were thus destroyed by the of Albury, had engaged to preach at most horrible of deathis; 1823, 639; in Christ Church, Newgate Street; but 1826, only five hundred and eighteen!!! upon the translation of the Bishop of If Edinburgh be not five hundred miles Chester to the See of London, he declined from the British Court, and India be the service, because he had not been fifteen thousand, I maintain, that the permitted to preach in the latter diocese, inhabitants of the latter country, as well during the Episcopate of Dr. Blomfield. as of the former, are equally subjects of Another clergyman was therefore ob the British empire, and equally claim tained, but a communication was made, our sympathy and protection. Is it posit is said, by the Bishop's Chaplain to sible that the simple fact just stated can the Curate of Christ's Church, prohibit be credited, and that a human heart can ing the service, and accompanied with be found to exist in a British breast, an intimation, that it was his Lordship's which does not bleed for the woes thus determination to prevent the use of perpetuated under a government into the churches of his diocese, in aid of whose hands Providence has thrown any Society, having Dissenters on its these distant provinces, for their protecCommittee !

tion and welfare? If my feeble voice We had hoped, that Dr. Blomfield cannot be heard on behalf of the most was convinced, that such is the amount delicate and tender part of our species, of ignorance, vice, and infidelity in his the most helpless and yet the most opSee, that it is desirable that good pressed, let the eloquent Burke be heard. men of every denomination should unite * The blood of man should never be shed, to lessen it. We shall be glad, there but to redeem the blood of man. It is fore, to learn, for the sake of public well shed for our family, for our friends, morals, that we have been misinformed; for our God, for our kind. The rest is but should these statements prove true, vanity, the rest is crime.'. and the Reverend Prelate still pursue thé We trust that the friends of humanity same course, we shall not only pity the and religion do in various places design littleness, but laugh at the impolicy of to petition the Legislature in the apmeasures, which can only tend to increase proaching Sessions, and to facilitate their the evil which his Lordship vainly sup- design, we insert a draught of a petition, poses he can suppress.

which has been forwarded to us for that

purpose. FORM OF PETITION FOR THE SUP66 To the Honourable the Commons of PRESSION OF SUTTEES, &c.

the United Kingdom of Great Britain The horror which the recent murders and Ireland, in Parliament assembled. at Edinburgh has spread through the " The Humble Petition of the Congregation empire, need not be described ; every one of our readers has felt appalled at

of --- meeting in such disclosures of human depravity. “Showeth, That yonr petitioners W. Johns, Esq. M. D., of Manchester, have learned with the greatest regret, has published a note in the Guardian that the burning of living women, with the newspaper of the town, in which he re- dead bodies of their husbands, and other mark's --" Rumour attributes about thirty customs by which liuman life is wantonly.

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