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A Description of the Ware from the Wall Period


Author of the Catalogues of, and Guide to, the British Pottery and Porcelain in
the British Museum; 66
Porcelain of all Countries"; and Joint Author
with William Burton of " Marks on Pottery and Porcelain "

1 vol., royal 4to., pages i-xii of introduction and 208 of text.
illustrated by 92 Collotypes containing several hundred
examples of Worcester Porcelain and 17 Chromo-lithographs,
also 16 Illustrations in the text; cloth

Price £6. 6s.


The utmost care has been taken to attain the greatest possible perfection
in producing this work. The paper has been specially manufactured, entirely
from rag without the use of clay, retaining at the same time a surface suitable.
for collotypes and for the text.

After much consideration chromo-lithography was employed for the
coloured plates in preference to the more modern colour processes, as greater
exactitude was attained in reproducing the original colours by this method,
although the cost was greatly increased, some plates costing more than one
hundred pounds each. It was deemed better to have a small but truthful
number of colour plates than a large array of colour that would be misleading.
The same care has been exercised in producing the collotypes.

1 vol., atlas folio, pp. viii, 159, with 33 plates WHOLLY OR PARTLY IN COLOURS, containing 41 figures, 16 smaller COLOURED figures with the text, and 377 monochrome illustrations, the latter taken mostly from Carpets, also from Oriental MSS., Bookbindings, and other Art Objects; in portfolios £30. net

or, finely bound in half levant morocco, gilt edges, the plates and text guarded throughout £36. net

Edition limited to 290 copies

the same, ÉDITION DE LUXE, with 30 of the plates PRINTED ON WHITE SILK; in portfolios £63. net

Edition limited to 10 copies





Including a Description of hitherto unfigured Carpets in the Royal Collections of Sweden and Denmark and the Imperial Collection of Turkey



THIS work, which is uniform in size and style with that issued by the Austrian Government in 1892, has been printed at the Imperial Press, Vienna.

Since it was first announced in February, 1906, the author has had placed at his disposal so much interesting and new material, that it has been found necessary to considerably enlarge the contents of the book. Instead of the one hundred illustrations mentioned in the preliminary prospectus the text contains nearly four hundred reproductions illustrating the history of ancient carpets. In addition there are forty-nine wholly or partly-coloured reproductions instead of the thirty announced previously.

The work is a complete history of carpet-making from the earliest times to about 1800, when the really fine Persian work ended.

To carpet manufacturers this book, containing so many new designs, is of unique importance. Unlike the great Austrian book, which relied for its illustrations on carpets exhibited publicly, the carpets figured in the work under notice are mostly inaccessible.

To the amateur and the student the work, by reason of the author's researches among Arabic, Persian, and other MSS., commends itself as a synthetic history of Oriental Art.




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