The Works of the English Poets: Somervile

H. Hughs, 1779
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Página 74 - O'er yon dank rushy marsh The sly goose-footed prowler bends his course, And seeks the distant shallows. Huntsman, bring Thy eager pack, and trail him to his couch. Hark ! the loud peal begins, the clamorous joy, The gallant chiding, loads the trembling air. Ye Naiads fair, who o'er these floods preside, Raise up your dripping heads above the wave, And hear our melody. Th...
Página 25 - My courser hears their voice ; see there with ears And tail erect, neighing he paws the ground ; Fierce rapture kindles in his reddening eyes, And boils in every vein.
Página 275 - The good old puss and the young kitten ; And being now familiar grown, Each look'd upon him as her own ; No longer talk'd of Dear or Honey, But of plain downright matrimony. At that dread word his Worship started, And was, (we may suppose) faint-hearted : Yet, being resolv'd to change his state, Winks both his eyes, and trusts to fate. But now new doubts and scruples rise, To plague him with perplexities ; He knew not which, alas ! to choose, This he must take, and that refuse.
Página 24 - No widow's tears o'erflow, no secret curse Swells in the farmer's breast, which his pale lips Trembling conceal, by his fierce landlord aw'd : But courteous now he levels every fence, Joins in the common cry, and halloos loud, Charm'd with the rattling thunder of the field.
Página 132 - On that devoted head ; if e'er thy heart " Prov'd haggard to my love, if e'er thy hand " Declin'd the nuptial bond ? But, oh ! too well, " Too well, alas ! my throbbing breaft perceiv'd " The black impending ftorm ; the confcious moon " Veil'd in a fable cloud her modeft face, " And boding owls proclaim'd the dire event.
Página 199 - Brave archers march in bright array, In troops the vulgar line the way : Here the droll figures...
Página 33 - Dehli, opening wide her gates, Pours out her thronging legions, bright in arms, And all the pomp of war. Before them sound Clarions and trumpets, breathing martial airs, And bold defiance.
Página 52 - But perilous th' attempt. For if the steed Haply too near approach, or the loose earth His footing fail, the watchful, angry beast Th' advantage spies, and at one sidelong glance Rips up his groin. Wounded, he rears aloft, And, plunging, from his back the rider hurls Precipitant ; then bleeding spurns the ground, And drags his reeking entrails o'er the plain.
Página 44 - Wide-gaping, threatens death : the craggy steep, Where the poor dizzy shepherd crawls with care, And clings to every twig, gives us no pain ; But down we sweep, as stoops the falcon bold To pounce his prey : then up the opponent hill, By the swift motion slung, we mount aloft.
Página 61 - Justice may guard the throne, but, join'd with thee, On rocks of adamant it stands secure, And braves the storm beneath ; soon as thy smiles Gild the rough deep, the foaming waves subside, And all the noisy tumult sinks in peace.

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