The Economy of Nature Explained and Illustrated on the Principles of Modern Philosophy, Volum 2

J. Johnson, 1796 - 46 pàgines

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Pàgina 71 - ... in a bed of water. In order, however, to be more certain, we sent in a Levantine mariner, who, by the promise of a good reward, ventured, with a flambeau in his hand, into this narrow aperture.
Pàgina 71 - Recovering the first surprise, however, we entered boldly ; and had not proceeded above twenty paces, when the supposed statue of the giant presented itself to our view. We quickly perceived, that what the ignorant natives had been terrified at as a giant, was nothing more than a sparry concretion...
Pàgina 385 - ... often, and in different parts of it. a bright pale flame, and very different from the deep red of the lava : this was occasioned by the burning of the trees that supported the vines. Soon after the beginning of this eruption, ashes fell thick at the foot of the mountain, all the way from Portici to the Torre del Greco ; and what is remarkable, although there were not at that time any clouds in the air, except those of smoke from the mountain, the ashes were wet, and accompanied with large drops...
Pàgina 410 - ... was thrown out of its place, in such a manner that it was with no small difficulty I kept my feet, and expected nothing less than to be soon crushed to death, as the walls continued rocking to and fro in the...
Pàgina 370 - Etna, like the former, is compofed of lava ; but this is now covered fo deep with earth, that it is no where to be feen but in the beds of the torrents. In many of thefe it is worn down by the water to the depth of fifty or fixty feet, and in one of them ftill confiderably more.
Pàgina 197 - The officers appointed by the Duke of Cornwall assay it, by taking off a piece of one of the under corners of the block, partly by cutting, and partly by breaking; and if well purified, they stamp the face of the block with the...
Pàgina 384 - ... before it had arrived at the vineyards and cultivated lands. The crater, and all the conical part of Vesuvius, was soon involved in clouds and darkness...
Pàgina 413 - I had now a long narrow street to pass, with the houses on each side four or five stories high, all very old, the greater part already thrown down, or continually falling, and threatening the passengers with inevitable death at every step, numbers of whom lay killed before me, or what I thought far more deplorable— so bruised and wounded that they could not stir to help themselves.
Pàgina 390 - Wednesday the 18th, the wind having for a short space of time cleared away the thick cloud from the top of Vesuvius, we discovered that a great part of its crater, particularly on the west side opposite Naples, had fallen in, which it probably did about four o'clock in the morning of this d.ay, as a violent shock of an earthquake was felt at that moment at Resina, and other parts situated at the foot of the volcano. The clouds of smoke...
Pàgina 71 - Levantine mariner, who, by the promise of a good reward, with a flambeau in his hand, ventured into this narrow aperture. After continuing within it for about a quarter of an hour, he returned, carrying some beautiful pieces of white spar in his hand, which art could neither imitate nor equal.

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