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kable Collection of Operas of Sir H. R. Bishop, composer of "Home Sweet
in folio volumes-Old Musical Treatises-Collections of Old Dances Old
Chamber Music-Scarce Musical Biographies and Critical Works-Col-
of Japanese Folk-Songs and Traditional Airs-Original Editions-A Col-
of Old English Clavecin and Harpsichord Music-Old English Organ Music
# Books on the Old Ballads and Traditional Airs of Various Countries-
mody and Hymnody-Songs Sung at the London Pleasure Gardens, in 19
lumes-Spanish Folk Songs and Ballads-Old Operas and many Important
Works relating to Music, Musicians & Musical Instruments





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estcent, London.

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International Post Office Money Order.

BISHOP (Sir Henry Rowley, composer of "Home, Sweet Home," and many
as, Songs and Glees), A Collection of Original Editions of Operas by this
ated Composer, as issued from time to time during his life-time. Vocal
containing the Words and Music, with Pianoforte Accomp., of the Songs,
nd Choruses, together with the Overtures for Piano Solo. These
1ostly Performed at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. The 43 works
n 15 thick folio volumes, uniformly bd, in hf. dark red mor., sprinkled
London, 1808-27

. R. Bishop, b. London, 1786, and learned music under Francesco Bianchi.
as for dramatic composition soon developed itself in a remarkable degree, and
10 the proprietors of Covent Garden engaged him for three years to compose
irect the music, and 1819 saw him in partnership with the proprietor of Covent
n. In the autumn of 1870 he visited Dublin and received the freedom of that
In 1839 he received his degree as Bachelor in Music at Oxford, and the dis-
on of knighthood was conferred upon him in 1842.

iny of his operas are scarce, and as time goes become more difficult to secure.
series above took many years to gather together. They are as follows:-The
iop, or the Child of the Desert-Aladdin, or the Wonderful Lamp, a Fairy
ra The Antiquary-As You Like It (Shakespeare)-Battle of Bothwell Bridge
e Beacon of Liberty-Brother and Sister-Caractacus (Sheridan)-The Circas-


the composer)Comedy of Errors (Shakespeare) Cortez, or the Conquest of Mexic Don John-Englishman in India (composer's presentation copy)-The Farmer's Wife Faustus-For England, Ho! Fortunatus and His Sons: of the Magic Purse and Wishing Cup The Gnome King-The Grand Alliance, an Allegorical FestivalGuy Mannering-The Heart of Midlothian-Henri Quartre-The Humorous Lieutenant, or Alexander's Successors (Beaumont and Fletcher)-The Maid of the Mill The Maniac, or Swiss Banditti-Midsummer Night's Dream (Shakespeare-The Miller and His Men-Montrose, or the Children of the Mist-Native Lund, or Return from Slavery The Rencontre-The Renegade-Roland for an Oliver-The Slave-Twelfth Night (Shakespeare) -The Gentlemen of Verona (Shakespeare)– The Virgin of the Sun-Who Wants a Wife?-Zuma; and adaptations, with new Songs, etc., of Cymon (Arne), Figaro (Mozart)Barber of Seville (Paisiello and Rossini Don Juan (Mozart), John of Paris (Boieldieu).


NORTHCOTT (R.), The Life of Sir Henry R. Bishop, with portraits, facsimiles and List of Works in Chronological order, 158 pp., cr. 8vo, printed bds. (12/- net), 5/6. London, 1920

The portraits include four of Bishop from oil paintings and engravings, Kitty Stephens, Geo. Thomson (Raeburn), Louise Green, Maria Tree, the first singer of Home, Sweet Home," Dr. Crotch, N. Bochsa, John Howard Payne, Mary Ann Paton, Anna Riviere, Anna Bishop (two), together with a Reproduction of the Play Bill of Clari, in which appears "Home, Sweet Home," and other interesting facsimiles.

6072 ABEL (C. F.), Six Sonatas for Two Violins or a German Flute and Violin, with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsi., Opera III, the parts, fol., 15/Lon., R. Bremner, c. 1766 6073 Six Quartettos for Two Violins, a Tenor and Violoncello obligati, ded. to His Majesty, Opera VIII, the set of parts, fol., 10/6. Lon., Printed for the Author by R. Bremner, c. 1780.

6074 ADAM (A.), Le Fidele Berger, Opera Comique en trois Actes, Full Orchestral Score, F. words, 373 pp., fol., cl., 25/Paris, Richault

6075 ADAMS (Thos., Organist of St. Paul's, Deptford), Six Fugues for the Organ or Piano Forte, 25 pp., ob. folio, 10/- Lon., Clementi and Co. 6076 ADLER (Guido), Handbuch der Musikgeschichte, unter mitwirkung von Fachgenossen, Herausge geben von G. Adler. Mit vielen notenbeispielen und Abbildungen von Instrumenten, 1,097 pp., 4to, el., £3/10/1924

The latest word in musical histories. The work is subdivided into periods and special subjects, each of which is written by an acknowledged authority. End section finishes with a valuable Bibliography. 6077 ADMIRED SCOTCH AIR (The), Danced by Mme. Hilligsberg in the Ballet of Barbara and Allen, arranged as a Rondo for the Piano Forte, 5 sp., fol., 3/Lon Preston, c. 1800

6078 AERDE (R. Van), Musicalia, Documents pour Servir a l'Histoire de la Musique, du Theatre et de la Danse a Malines, XIV et XV Siecles, 72 pp., 8vo, 5/1925

Contains many extracts from contemporary docu ments and records.

6079 AGRELL (Giovanni), A Collection of Easy Genteel Lessons for the Harpsichord, Book II, to which is added Vivaldi's Celebrated 5th Concerto, Set for the Harpsichord, 29 pp., ob. folio, 8/6.

Lon., Randall and Abell, c. 1768 3080 AIKIN (John), Vocal Poetry, or a Select Collection of English Songs (words), to which is prefixed an Essay on Song Writing, 249 pp., cr. 8vo. hf. cf., neat, 8/6. Lon., J. Johnson, 1810 A thoroughly revised edition undertaken by the uthor of the 1772 edition; the Essay on Song Writ ng being also entirely re-written.

081 Essays on Song-Writing, with a Collection of such English Songs as are most eminent for Poetical Merit, a new ed., with Additions and Corrections and a Supplement, by R. H. Evans, 352 pp., cr. 8vo, bds., 7/6. London, 1810

A reprint with very few alterations of the 1772

6082 ALBRECHTSBERGER (J. G.), Grundliche A weisung zur Composition; mit deutlichen und au fuhrlichen Exempeln, etc., with music piece throughout, 440 pp., 4to, 12/6. Leipzig, 179 First edition of this celebrated treatise by Bee's hoven's teacher, and still highly valued. 6083 ALCOCK (John), Harmonia Festi, or a Collee tion of Canons; Cheerful and Serious Glees and Catches, for Four and Five Voices, in Score. nevir before Publish'd, long list of subscribers, 59 PS ob. fol., 12/6. Printed for the Author, 179 6084 ALCOCK (John, Junr., M.B.), Eight Easy Vo untarys for the Organ, 17 pp., ob. fol., 12/6. Lon., Longman, Lukey and Co., c. 17 6085 ALMANACH DES SPECTACLES, pour l'an 182 contenant une notice sur les principaux theatre de Paris, personel, repertoire, pieces nouvelles, de buts, etc. Spectacles de Curiosites, jardins, eta )lissements publies de tout genre, etc.. 356 12mo, hf. cf., reat, 4/6. Paris, 1814 Includes names of the orchestral players and coductors.

6086 AMERICA.-Musical Review (The), and Musica World. A Journal of Secular and Sacred Music Vols. XIII and XIV, 1862-3, contains records of al the musical events of the time, operatic perform ances, etc., translation of Marx's Gluck and th Opera, Music Supplements, 2 vols., thick 4to. cl. 10/6. New York, 1862-1 6087 RICKABY (F.), Ballads and Songs of tl: Shanty-Boy, illus., music and words, with His torical and Critical Notes, 244 pp., 8vo, cl., 16/6 U.S.A., 192


To the growing collection of folk-songs from var ous parts of America, is now added this antholog gathered from men who worked in the woods Michian, Wisconsin and Minnesota mainly during th golden age of American lumbering, from 1870 t 1900. Fifty-one of their songs and ballads printed here. Since the author very wisely believe that the melody is as much a part of the ballad a the words, the volume contains the musical notatio for practically all of them.

6089-- Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean, So written and composed by David T. Shaw, sung the Boston, New York and Philadelphia Concert ded. to John S. Du Solle, arr. by T. A. Beck. title displays two flags in colours 5 pp., foli 10/6. Philadelphia, c. 18 Equestrian Quickstep as played at Cook Royal Amphitheatre and by the Boston Brigad Band, arr. for Pf. by H. Fries, 5 pp.. fol., 7/6.


7043 WAGNER'S PROSE WORKS, Trans. by W. Ashton Ellis, 8 vols., 8vo, handsome set, bd. in hf. dark blue cf., gilt tops, £10, searce.


7044 GROVE'S Dictionary of Music and Musicians, latest ed., 5 vols., roy. 8vo, cl., now out of print, £7/10)

AMERICA continued.

6091 Kelly Polka, composed and performed at the concerts of the Pike Star Troupe (for Pf.), by A. H. Fernald, ded. to Edward Kelly, 5 pp., tol., 3/6. Boston, c. 1860 6092 Star Spangled Flag of the Free (The), written expressly for and sung by Kunkel's Nightingale Opera Troupe, ded. to Col. Geo. P. Kane, Baltimore, M.D., col. title showing youth nailing flag to the mast, 5 pp., fol., 7,6. Baltimore, c. 1854 6003 Yankee Privateer Polka, composed for the Pianofort by E. Clarke Isley, ded. to Harry Hazel, editor of the "Yankee Privateer," title with illas. of the Pricateer in Full Sail, 5 pp., fol., 7:6. Boston, c. 1854

60% AMERICAN PATRIOTIC SONGS of North v. South, the Civil War. Time of Abraham Lincoln, etc.. Original folio sheet issues, words and music with pf. acc., as follows:


6095 Flag of our Union (The), a National Song written by Geo. P. Morris, music by W. Vincent Wallace, sung by Mme. Anna Bishop, 5 pp., New York, e. 1851 6096 Our Union Right or Wrong, a National Song sung with great success my Miss Lizzie Parker at the New York Academy of Music, words by S. S. Steel, music by Fred. Buckley, 5 pp.. 10:6 New York, c. 1857 6097 Viva l'America, Home of the Free, National Song by H. Millard, 5 pp., 10/6.

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New York, c. 1859 6098 The Watchword, Liberty or Death!" Song written by Geo. P. Morris, composed and sung by J. R. Thomas, 5 pp., fol.. 10/6.

New York, c. 1860 6099 Our Good Ship Sails To-night, new Song, illustrative of the Departure to the War, and dedicated to the Gallant Patriots now volunteering in the service of their country, sung with the most enthusiastic applause by Madame Anna Bishop. Miss Isabella Hinkley, Signor Brignoli and Mr. Harrison Millard, composed by Stephen C. Massett, title with flag in colours, 7 pp., 21/New York, c. 1861 6100 Our Country Right or Wrong, New Patriotic Song, written by G. P. Morris, and sung with great success at the Academies of Music in New York and Brooklyn, by Miss Isabella Hinkley, composed by E. Muzio, 5 pp.. 10/6.

New York. c. 1861 6101 ANDRE (A.), Lehrbuch der Tonsetzkunst, over 600 pp., in 2 vols., 8vo. bds., 7/6. Offenbach, 1832-8 6102 ANGELIS (Alberto de), L'Italia Musicale d'oggi Dizionario de Musicisti, 373 pp., cr. 8vo, 6/6. Roma, 1918

A Biographical Dictionary of modern Italian Musicians, with lists of their works and official position in the musical world. Contains a large number of biographies not found in any other work of refer

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6103 ANTHOLOGIE DES POETES BRETONS du XVII Siecle, par S. Halgan, Le Comte de SaintJean, O. de Gourcuff et R. Kerviler, with fac. and portrait, only 350 copies issued, of which this is No. 169, printed on hand-made paper, uncut edges. 286 pp., 4to, 10/Nantes, 1884

Issued for the members of the "Société des Bib. liophiles Bretons." Gives a full account of the poets and their times, with numerous extracts of their corks.

€104 ANTONIOTTO (Giorgio), L'Arte Armonica, or a Treatise on the Composition of Musick, in Three Books, with an Introduction on the History and Progress of Musick from its Beginning to this Time, written in Italian and translated into English, in 1 vol., fol.. bds., 15/

Lon., John Johnson, 1760 105 APOLLO'S FEAST, or The Harmony of ye Opera Stage, being a well-chosen Collection of the Fav

Operas compos'd by Mr. Handel, done in a Plain and Intelligible Character, with their Symphonys for Voices and Instruments, finely engraved throughout, with the names of the singers to each song, the set of 5 vols., fol., hf. bd., some covers loose, £4/10/Lon., Walsh, 1732-8 Each volume contains over 200 pages, some over 270. This fine collection contains practically the whole of the great Songs and Arias from his Operas and other works, and, with the names of the singers, forms a remarkable series for reference. There is no other publication issued since which brings within the scope of one work so characteristic a collection of over 500 songs.

6107 ARNOLD (Samuel, Mus.Doc.), A Set of Progressive Lessons for the Harpsichord (First Set), Op. XII, with fine engraved title of cupids and musi cal instruments, 40 pp., ob. fol., 7/6.

Lon., Broderip, c. 1785 6108 ATTWOOD (T.), Overture to the Mouth of the Nile, performed by Messrs. Weippert, Parke, Eley and Mountain, arranged for the Harp or Piano Forte, 7 pp., fol., 3/- Lon., Goulding. Phipps, etc. 6109 AUBRY (P.), Iter Hispanicum, Notices et Extraits de Manuscrits de Musique Ancienne conservés dans les Bibliotheques d'Espagne, with facsimiles and numerous music pieces, 84 pp., 4to, neatly bd., 12 6. Paris, 1908

Contains a chapter of 27 pp., "Notes sur le Chant Mozarabe."

6110 Another copy, paper covers, 7/6. 6111 AUTOGRAPH.-VIOTTI's Grand Concerto in G, as performed at the Hanover Square Rooms, adapted for the Piano Forte by J. L. Dussek, autographed at foot of title, J. B. Viotti." 22 pp., fol., 15/Lon., Printed for the Author

6112 I'm Under Thy Window, Song, written by George Linley, composed by Henry Smart, autographed on title, "Val. Morris, Esq., with best regards from G. Linley," 5 pp., fol., 4/6.

Lon., Leader and Cock 6114- DIBDIN (Mr.), The Advantage of Toping, sung by him in his New Entertainment called The Sphinx, 4 pp., fol., 3/6.

Lon., Printed and Sold by the Author Autographed by composer on front page. 6115 CARNABY (Wm., Huntingdon), Six Songs, dedicated to Right Honble. Lady Templetown, 13 pp., fol., 5/

Ln., Printed for the Author, Rt. Birchall, c. 1798 This copy bears the composer's autograph, as well as that of "Wm. Knyvett, 1843."

6116 AUTOGRAPHED PRESENTATION COPY.Reise-Briefe von Carl Maria von Weber au seine Gattin Carolina, herausgegeben von seinem Enkel, autographed pres. copy from Clara Schumann, 224 pp., cr. 8vo, cl., £2/2/Leipzig, 1886

6118 AVISON (Chas., Organist in Newcastle-uponTyne), Eight Concertos in Seven Parts, Opera Quarta (4 vns., va., vllo. and bass, figured for use for the harpsichord if required), the set of parts, fol., 12/6. Lon., John Johnson, 1755 6119 BACH (J. C.). Fav. Songs in the Opera, Carattaco, în Score, 20 pp., fol., 7/6.


Lon.. Welcker, c. 1768 (Music Master to Her Majesty), Six Sonatas for the Harpsichord or Piano Forte; with an Accomp. for a Violin, Opera X (in Score), nicely engraved ornamental title, 37 pp., ob. 8vo. neatly bd., 21/Lon.. Welcker

6121 6122

Another copy (margins cut close), 15/Six Overtures in Eight Parts (2 vns.. va.. bass, 2 oboes and 2 horns). Opera III, ded. to his late R.H. the Duke of York, the set of parts. fol., £2/2/Lon., R. Bremner, c. 1766 The Favourite Overture in the Opera of Carattaco, in Eight Parts (2 vns., va., vllo., oboes, horns and bassoon), the set of parts, fol.. 15/


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