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Harold Reeves., 1926
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Página 29 - The Fine Arts, and Illustrated Editions. Half-Hour Lectures on the History and Practice of the Fine and Ornamental Arts. By WB SCOTT. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. with 50 Woodcut Illustrations, 8s. 6d. An Introduction to the Study of National Music; Comprising Researches into Popular Songs, Traditions, and Customs.
Página 14 - ENGEL'S (CARL) Music of the Most Ancient Nations ; particularly of the Assyrians, Egyptians, And Hebrews; with Special Reference to the Discoveries in Western Asia and in Egypt. With 100 Illustrations. 8vo. 16s. ENGLAND (HISTORY or) from the Peace of Utrecht to the Peace of Versailles, 1713—83. By LORD MAHON (now Earl Stanhope). Library Edition, 7 Vols. 8vo. 93«.
Página 28 - Sacra, a Collection of Anthems in score, selected for Cathedral and Parochial Churches, from the most eminent Masters of the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries.
Página 17 - Fnnished and ended the leventh of September in the yeare of our Lorde God 1591 and in the 33 yeare of the raigne of our sofferaine ladie Elizabeth by the grace of God queene of Englande, etc. By me Jo. Baldwine of Windsore. Laudes Deo.
Página 4 - THE MUSIC OF THE BIBLE With some account of the Development of Modern Musical Instruments from Ancient Types.
Página 15 - An exposition of the musical system of Mr Logier: with strictures on his chiroplast, etc. By a committee of professors in London. London, Budd and Calkin, 1818, 1 vol. in-8°. 6317. A refutation of the fallacies and misrepresentations contained in a pamphlet entitled « An exposition of the new system of musical education », published by a committee of professors in London.
Página 32 - CARACTÈRES DE LA DANSE. HISTOIRE D'UN DIVERTISSEMENT PENDANT LA PREMIÈRE MOITIÉ DU xviiie SIÈCLE, avec un portrait en héliogravure de MUc Prévost et une réalisation de la partition originale de J.-F.
Página 8 - PANURGE A L'OPÉRA EN 1785. On sait que Panurge a fourni le sujet d'un opéra-comique mis en musique par Grétry et ainsi intitulé : Panurge dans l'isle des Lanternes, comédie lyrique en trois actes, représentée pour la première fois par l'Académie royale de musique le mardi 25 janvier 1785 (Paris, de l'imprimerie de P.
Página 31 - Bible Music : Being Variations in many Keys on Musical Themes from Scripture.
Página 26 - An Essay on the History and Theory of Music,' and on the qualities, capabilities and management of the Human Voice.

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