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Even at the heels, in golden multitudes.
He presently,—as greatness shows itself,-
Steps me a little higher than his vow,
Made to my father, while his blood was poor,
Upon the naked shore at Ravenspurg ;
And now, forsooth, takes on him to reform
Some certain edicts, and some strait decrees,
That lie too heavy on the commonwealth,
Cries out upon abuses, seems to weep
Over his country's wrongs; and by this face,
This seeming brow of justice, did he win
The hearts of all that he did angle for,-
Proceeded further; cut me off the heads
Of all the favourites, that the absent king
In deputations left behind him here,

When he was personal in the Irish war
Blunt. Tut! I came not to hear this.

Then, to the point.-
In short time after, he deposed the king;
Soon after that deprived him of his life;
And, in the neck of that, tasked the whole state
To make that worse; suffered his kinsman Marco,
(Who is, if every owner were well placed,
Indeed his king,) to be engaged in Wales,
There without ransom to lie forfeited ;
Disgraced me in my happy victories;
Sought to entrap me by intelligence;
Rated my uncle from the council-board;
In rage dismissed my father from the court;
Broke oath on oath, committed wrong on wrong ;
And, in conclusion, drove us to seek out
This head of safety; and, withal, to pry-
Into his title, the which we find

Too indirect for long continuance.
Blunt. Shall I return this answer to the king ?
Hot. Not so, Sir Walter: we'll withdraw awhile.

Go to the king; and let there be impawned
Some surety for a safe return again ;
And in the morning early shall mine uncle
Bring him our purposes; and so farewell !

EXERCISE LXIX.-CUPID'S WARNING.-H. F. Gould. [This piece is intended as a lesson in modulation. It illustrates those sudden and easy changes of voice, which belong to the tones of sportive and sly humour.]

“ TAKE heed! take heed !

They will go with speed,
For I've just new strung my bow:
My quiver is full; and, if oft I pull,
Some arrow may hit, you know."

“Oh! pull away,

Did the maiden say,
“For who is the coward to mind
A shaft that's fung by a boy so young,
When both of his eyes are blind ?”

His bow he drew,

And the shafts they flew,
Till the maiden was heard to cry,
“Oh! take this dart from my aching heart,
Dear Cupid, or else I die!”

He said, and smiled,

I'm but a child,
And should have no skill to find,
E’en with both my eyes, where the dart now lies ;
Then you know, fair maid, I'm blind!

But pray, be calm,

And I 'll name a balm
That's brought by an older hand,
And I'm told is sure these wounds to cure :
'Tis Hymen applies the band.

Now I must not stay,

I must haste away,

mother has bid me try
These fluttering things, my glistening wings,
Which she tells me were made to fly!”


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