The Medico-chirurgical Review, and Journal of Practical Medicine


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Página 642 - O, how this spring of love resembleth The uncertain glory of an April day ; Which now shows all the beauty of the sun, And by and by a cloud takes all away ! Re-enter PANTHINO.
Página 642 - Remains," it is remarked, that "there is a kind of physiognomy in the titles of books, no less than in the faces of men, by which a skilful observer will as well know what to expect from the one as the other.
Página 436 - Such opinions, from quarters, where a modest teachableness would have been more becoming than an arrogant contempt for the results of other men's inquiries, involuntarily suggest to the mind a comparison of their authors with the saintly persecutors of Galileo, who resolved, by solemn statutes, that nature always had operated and always should operate in accordance with their views of propriety and truth.
Página 146 - FASCICULUS OF ANATOMICAL DRAWINGS, SELECTED FROM THE COLLECTION OF MORBID ANATOMY IN THE ARMY MEDICAL MUSKUM AT CHATHAM. Drawn on Stone by Waterhouse Hawkins. London, 1838. THE Army Medical Museum at Chatham has become celebrated as a collection of morbid preparations.
Página 641 - ... riches are useless, honour and attendance are cumbersome, and crowns themselves are a burden ; but, if diseases are painful and violent, they equal all conditions of life, make no difference between a prince and a beggar ; and a fit of the stone or the colic puts a king to the rack, and makes him as miserable as he can do the meanest, the worst, and most criminal of his subjects.
Página 527 - Cut off the supplies, as the Duke of Wellington did in his campaigns, and the enemy will leave the citadel." A barrister had a small ulcer on the leg which was difficult to heal, and he determined to apply to Mr.
Página 345 - Were all books reduced thus to their quintessence, many a bulky author would make his appearance in a penny paper : there would be scarce such a thing in nature as a folio : the works of an age would be contained on a few shelves ; not to mention millions of volumes that would be utterly annihilated.
Página 641 - Health is the soul that animates all enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless, if not dead, without it: a man starves at the best and the greatest tables, makes faces at the noblest and most delicate wines, is old and impotent in...
Página 432 - And he who shall be said to be a sot [ie simpleton] and idiot from his birth, is such a person who cannot account or number twenty pence, nor can tell who was his father or mother, nor how old he is, etc., so as it may appear that he hath no understanding of reason what shall be for his profit nor what for his loss.
Página 532 - ... des recherches sur le développement , le volume , le poids , la structure de ces organes chez l'homme et les animaux vertébrés ; l'histoire du système ganglionnaire des animaux articulés et des mollusques, et l'exposé de...

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