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I have been forc'd to-add St. Jerom's Epiftle-to Nepotianus; because 'tis not to be met with, that I remember, otherwise than amongst his Works, or in some Collection of his Epistles, which all Persons can't 'command the use of. * The Nature of my Design confin'd me to a very few Books ; such as might plentifully instruct, and yet not discourage or averkurden, young Beginners. 'Twas therefore impossible for me to mention many excellent ones, which every Body esteems, and for which none has a juster Value than my felf. This made my Choice diffi. cult. I hope, it has not proved in many Inftances unhappy. The whole Number of them may be bought for about Twelve Pounds, as will appear to those who confoder the Catalogue. i.sudinis 3 COLCHESTER, A T BENNET.

Jan. 16.1714: :sinh. PL . £ tje

ADV E.RT I S. E ME N T. W Hereas in the following Papers I have made

VV fome References to the Second Part of the Rights of the Clergy, which is now printing, but have : omitted the Numbers of the Chapters, because I

have already found it neceffary to alter the Divi. ision of them during the Working of the Prefs : I do

hereby promise, that when that Book is printed off, · Which Mall be as fast as my Circumstances will suffer me to attend the doing of it, I will give such a Table at the End of it, as shall direct the Reader how to make the Figures of Reference with his Pen, without prejudicing his Copy of this Book.


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