A Tour in Switzerland, Or, A View of the Present State of the Governments and Manners of Those Cantons: With Comparative Sketches of the Present State of Paris, Volumen 2

G. G. and J. Robinson, 1798

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Página 193 - Or wak'd to extafy the living lyre. But knowledge to their eyes her ample page Rich with the fpoils of time did ne'er unroll ; Chill penury reprefs'd their noble rage, And froze the genial current of the foul.
Página 21 - And rapture fo' oft beheld ? thofe heav'nly fhapes Will dazzle now this earthly with their blaze Infufferably bright. O might I here In folitude live favage, in fome glade 1085 Obfcur'd, where higheft woods, impenetrable To ftar or fun-light, fpread their umbrage broad And brown as evening : Cover me, ye Pines, Ye Cedars, with innumerable boughs Hide me, where I may never fee them more.
Página 283 - Thy mufe fliall mount my Lammer-Geyer's wing, «« Pafs o'er my untrod heights, with daring courfe, » While the cold genii of each new-born fpring " For thee unlock the river's viewlefs fource.
Página 31 - ... the rights of the people as their own privileges, and who encourage...
Página 283 - For thee my fylphs in diftant lands fhall trace, " Where, far diffufed, my vivifying powers " Awake, ungrateful bard, in blufhing grace, " To life and love, awake thy wedded flowers. " For thee: — but ah, my penfive form he flies, " For nymphs of golden locks, and florid hue ! " No charms have fnow-white tints, or azure eyes," She wept, and folded in a cloud, withdrew.
Página 9 - And rectify the will; Where midst some vast expanse, the mind Which swelling virtue fires, Forgets that earth it leaves behind, And to its heaven aspires; Where far along the...
Página 282 - What lavifli wreathes your poet loves to twine ! " Know, partial bard ! philofophy allows ." That one bright chaplet might belong to mine. " Ah, why a veftal to a ' fiend' transform, ' " Bid to my fteeps thy glitt'ring bands repair, " Direft with cruel aim their arrowy ftorm, " And chain a godilefs to the
Página 65 - O'erwhelms the sober pomp of elder days: Corruption follows with gigantic stride And scarce vouchsafes his shameless front to hide; The spreading leprosy taints ev'ry part, Infects each limb, and sickens at the heart. Simplicity! most dear of rural maids, Weeping resigns her violated shades; Stern independence from his glebe retires And anxious freedom eyes her drooping fires: By foreign wealth are British morals changed, And Afric's sons, and India's, smile avenged.
Página 34 - ... in some districts the trials of criminals are days of festivals to the judges, at the expence of the wretches they condemn ; and crimes over which a regard to public morals should throw a veil, are made to flaunt in the face of day, in order that the number of convicts may swell the purse of the tribunal.
Página 10 - Where on the flope, with fpeckkd dye, The pigmy herds I fcan, Or foothed the fcattered chalets fpy, The laft abodes of man ; XIV. ' Or, where the flocks refufe to pafs, And the lone peafant mows, , Fixed on his knees, the pendant grafs, Which down the fteep he throws ; XV. Or where the dangerous pathway leads . . High o'er the gulph profound; From whence the fhrinking eye recedes, Nor finds repofe around ;

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