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FOR MARCH, 1813.

Travels in various Countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa. By

Edward Daniel Clarke, L. L. D. Part the second. Greece, Egypt, and the Holy Land. Section the first. 4to. pp. 714.

[From the Eclectic Review, for November, 1812.]

We gladly resume the consideration of Dr. Clarke's travels. The present volume is a continuation of that formerly published by the same author, of which a very ample summary will be found in some of the preceding numbers of this journal. To the merits of that publication we there gave a very decided testimony; nor are we disposed now to subtract a syllable from what we at that time said in its praise. On one head of accusation, indeed, against the author, we are inclined. to think that we were then less copious than perhaps the occasion required ; an omission not unnatural, in the discharge of the more agreeable office of pointing out to the consideration of our readers the interesting and valuable matter by which our own attention had been attracted and engaged. The fault to which we allude, is an habitual exaggeration in the descriptions given by Dr. Clarke of the debasement of the Russian character, and especially, in so much of that description as more immediately applies to the habits and manners of the higher classes of society. That the views of these subjects, exhibited in the former volume of this work, are faithful transcripts of the impressions made by what he saw and heard on the mind of the writer, will be doubted by no man who has the happiness of knowing Dr. Clarke, or who has had the good fortune to read his book. But then it must be remembered, that he saw the Russian Empire at a most unfavourable VOL. I. New Series.


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