Report into the Loss of the SS Titanic

The History Press, 8 sep. 2016 - 384 páginas
Samuel Halpern has written widely on Titanic and often used the 1912 wreck report as a source of reference. It occurred to him one day how fascinating it would be if a team of dedicated, passionate, and expert authors were to issue a modern day report, with the knowledge we have today—what would such a report look like? In this book we have the answer. Following the basic layout of the report, this team provides fascinating insights into the ship herself, the American and British inquiries, the passengers and crew, the fateful journey and ice warnings received, the damage and sinking, protocol and process of rescue, the circumstances in connection with the SS Californian and SS Mount Temple, and the aftermath and ramifications around the world.

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Samuel Halpern has written many articles on Titanic and gives regular presentations. A member of the Titanic Historical Society and Titanic International Society, he has organized authors from around the world to write this book, including Steve Hall and Bruce Beveridge, Tad Fitch, George Behe, Cathy Akers, Jordan, Captain Charles Weeks, and Mark Chirnside.

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