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II.-Account of his own Studies

Burdensomeness of superior wisdom ...

Suggestions of conscience

Polish and refinement of style
Early education of Milton
Preference of his native language
Subjects for epic poetry

Magnificent idea of tragedy

Public sports and pastimes

Spirit of poetry, and promise of a great poem
Milton's reasons for declining holy orders ...

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VI.-Tenure of Kings

None but the virtuous love freedom

Vacillation of the Presbyterians

Gibberish of the laws ...

Sir Egerton Brydges' idea of Milton

Presbyterian ideas of Charles I. ...

Dr. Symmons' remarks on the Presbyterians

Milton's enumeration of the crimes of Charles I.

The sword of justice

Monarchy of Adam-Sir Robert Filmer
Origin of civil government
Anecdote of the elder Cyrus
Coronation oaths-Doctrine of resistance
Slavish spirit of the Jews
Admissions of James I. in favour of freedom
Jewish and heathen kings
Opinion of Livy on the expulsion of the kings
Christian doctrine of resistance
Opinion of the Greeks and Romans on tyrannicide ...
Scriptural doctrine the same
Tyrants hate God's church
Sadleir's Rights of the Kingdom
Tyrannicide of the ancient Britons

Opinions of John Knox ... ..

Opinion of Buchanan

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Tenure of Kings.

Resistance of the States of Holland ...
Conduct of the Presbyterians
Creation of precedent ...
Christiern of Denmark
Rebellion of Naples ...
Plurality-hunting of the clergy
Curse of Meroz
Opinions of Luther ...

of Zwinglius ...

of Calvin and Bucer ...
Notions of Hobbes on tyrannicide
Refugee Protestant clergy
Scripture and reason ...
Reasonings of the Presbyterians
Tactics of the clergy ...
Answer and conclusion
Explanatory Note

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