Following the Drum: The Lives of Army Wives and Daughters, Past and Present

Headline, 2005 - 372 páginas
Spanning four centuries. form the 1660s to the present day, this book tells the stories of the wives, daughters and mistresses of the British army who followed their military menfolk. The backdrops to their stories constitute some of the set pieces of British history, such as the battles of Blenheim, Waterloo, Balaklava and Mafeking. Drawing on memoirs, correspondence and interviews, the author tells of women taken captive, or forced to become fugitives in enemy territory; of women who endured long marches and harsh sieges; women who chose to follow their men on to the battlefield itself; women who had to give birth to the sound of cannon fire and then march on minutes later; women who found themselves widowed and alone in a strange land; and of women who struggled to keep themselves and their families alive as the world they knew disintegrated around them. --book jacket.

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