Story of Lee County, Iowa, Volumen 1

Nelson Commins Roberts, Samuel W. Moorhead
S. J. Clarke publishing Company, 1914

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Página 272 - The proceeds of all lands that have been, or hereafter may be, granted by the United States to this State, for the support of schools...
Página 271 - The Board of Education shall provide for the education of all the youths of the state, through a system of common schools, and such schools shall be organized and kept in each school district at least three months in each year. Any district failing, for two consecutive years, to organize and keep up a school, as aforesaid, may be deprived of their portion of the school fund.
Página 222 - In the opinion of the court the Maine was destroyed by the explosion of a submarine mine, which caused the partial explosion of two or more of her forward magazines. "8. The court has been unable to obtain evidence fixing the responsibility for the destruction of the Maine upon any person or persons.
Página 46 - States, shall be of any validity, in law or equity, unless the same be made by treaty, or convention, entered into pursuant to the constitution...
Página 31 - WE cross the prairie as of old The pilgrims crossed the sea, To make the West, as they the East, The homestead of the free...
Página 272 - AD 1841 ; and all estates of deceased persons who may have died without leaving a will, or heir, and also such per cent, as may be granted by Congress on the sale of lands in this State, shall be and remain a perpetual fund, the...
Página 57 - This was no sooner done, than a horde of speculators rushed in to buy land of the half-breed owners, and, in many instances, a gun, a blanket, a pony or a few quarts of whisky was sufficient for the purchase of large estates. There was a deal of sharp practice on both sides ; Indians would often claim ownership of land by virtue of being half-breeds, and had no difficulty in proving their mixed blood by the Indians, and they would then cheat the speculators by selling land to which they had no rightful...
Página 47 - States, wished to be more intimately acquainted with the situation and wants of the different nations of red people in our newly acquired territory of Louisiana, and has ordered the General to send a number of his warriors in different directions to take them by the hand and make such inquiries as might afford the satisfaction required.
Página 298 - Attorney, who shall be a resident of the district for which he is elected, and who shall hold his office for the term of four years, and until his successor shall have been elected and qualified.
Página 223 - That the United States hereby disclaims any disposition or intention to exercise sovereignty, jurisdiction, or control over said island except for the pacification thereof, and asserts its determination when that is accomplished to leave the government and control of the island to its people.

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