'To Banish Ghost and Goblin': New Essays on Irish Culture

David Clark, Rubén Jarazo Álvarez
Netbiblo, 16 jul. 2010 - 205 páginas
This book presents a series of essays on some of the most challenging issues which are facing Irish Studies scholars in the twenty-first century. It aims to provide a variety of views on topics such as gender, media, the North and the revision of traditional approaches to Irish studies as seen by a number of scholars at the end of the first decade of the third millennium. The breadth of scope is justified by the dynamic growth of the field over the last decade and points to the diverse academic and national backgrounds of the authors of the chapters and the enthusiasm with which the cultural concerns of the island of Ireland are tackled in other countries. Writers from Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany and Spain provide original viewpoints on Irish topics which are as bold as they are refreshing. The awareness of the unique situation of Ireland and her cultural practices has provided a scenario in which interest in the literature, art, film and other cultural manifestations is great, and it is hoped that this volume will play a part in stimulating debate about some of the fascinating areas of Irish cultural matters discussed herein and will provide a useful work of reference for anyone interested in the rich and ample field of Irish Studies.

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preface xv
Joseph OConnor and the World of the New Irish Male
Paul Durcans Poetry a SelfPortrait in Contemporary Ireland
Sacrederotic Beauty in Joyces Nausicaa
The Art of Reconciling a Dichotomy
Daddy says I mustnt tell because its a secret The Subversion
Literary Testimony
The Main Irish Migratory Trend
Two Countries Divided by a Common Language?
Northern ireland
From Paulin to Pushkin
Cultural Representation of Nomadic Culture in Northern Ireland
Danced some hearty jigs
In a brand new pair of brogues
Marsha Merhan and Multiculturalism in Irish Fiction

The Imagined Landscape
Gender issues in Bram Stokers Dracula
Charles Donnelly Dark Star of Irish Poetry and Reluctant Hero
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