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General character of the north-eastern States of America of the middle

Statesthe southern-Town of Pittsburg-Alleghany mountuins-Lau-

easter-The Susquehanna-Harrisburg, Shippensburg, and Strutsburg

-interesting account of a tavern and its occupiers Bedford-Sublim-

ity and horrors of a night passed in a forest - Thoughts on natural his-

tory-St. Pierre,


Sun-rise in a deep valleyBreakfast at an inn-- American forests gene-

rally free from underwood The Author kills a large bear in the forest :

its deliberate precaution on being shot-An Indian camp; gradual ex-

pulsion of the Indians into the interior, and their approximate exter-

minationGrandeur and beautiful.tints of un autumnal scene - Lau-

rel-hillDelightful vale leading to Pittsburg---Expences at the Ameri-

can inns-Comfort a term of very various application.


Situation and descriptim of Pittsburg—its manufuctories, ship-building,

and population-State of educution here- Character and Persons of the

Ladies --Religious sects—SchoolsMarket-house, and prices of provi-

sions--Price of land Amusements.


The subject of emigration from Britain cowsidered History of an emi-

grant farmer-Kentucky peopled by a puffing publicationLord Sel-

kirk's colonizations - District least pernicious for emigrunts.


Morgantown - The Monongahela River-Cheat River and George's Creek

-New Geneva, and Greensburg-Brownsville William's port-Eli-

zabeth town--Mackee's port, and Braddock's defeut-An Indian for-

tified camp described An interesting object discovered near it-An

eient Indian barrows; or burial places-Remains of urms, utensils and



Town of Erie-Description of the Alleghany River, Trude on it-Its rise

and progress-Towns and other remarkable places in its course-Wa-

terford, and journey thence to Meadvilie-Big-sugar-creek, and Frank-

lin-Montgomery's falls-Ewalt's defeat Freepori-Sandy creek-

The navigution of the Alleghany dangerous-Bituminous well. Alledged

virtues of the water of the river...

-Onandurgo Lake, and salt springs

round il-Fondness of the aniinals here for salt-Buffaloes ; interest-

ing narrative respecting the destruction of those unimais. Destruction

of deer-Birds frequenting the saline waters-- Doves-Unhealthiness

of the climate and cautions on that subject--The most salubrious sit-

wutions Details of the runner in which the commerce of the two riv-

ers is conducted - Immense circuitous Journey performed by those chief-

ly enguged in it-Every thing done without money as store described,

and its abusos_Anecilote.


Traces of a general delugeOther great natural phenomena, difficult to

be accounted for-Peculiar wonders of the vegetable and of the tissit


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kingdom - List of native plants classed into medicinal, esculent, orna. mental, and useful Vegetable products of the earth Important ina. quiries and suggestions concerning some of them--Abundance of vegetwo ble and of mineral productions here, which might be turned to great account if properly explored American warriors-statesman, and de. bates in Congress-divines, lawyers, physiciuns, and philosophers Buffon's assertion correct, that both man and inferior animals degence rate in America,

LETTER VIII. General view of the River Ohio, and its beauties--its advantage--ite

course-its islands its depth and navigation its obstructions might easily be removedAdvice to persons wishing to descend the Ohio.

LETTER IX. Proper season to descend the Ohio a Monongahela, or Kentucky boat de.

scribedConfluence of the Monongahela and Alleghany waters--Sublime sceneryHamilton's island-Irwin's island_difficulties in the

-Hogs' and Crows' islands--Mackintosh's townWarren's town -Young's town- -Grape island its inhabitants-cause and manner of their settlementits grape-vines-George towna spring producing an oil similar to Seneca oil.experiments to discover its cause deductions: from them.

LETTER X. Course of the Ohio to Stubenville-Custard island-Stubenville Congrese

lands-Indian honourable confederacy-Insidious means of some il disposed wliites to possess the country and exterminate its inhabitants the Indians become undeceived, and resume the great federal tomahawk.. They put to death many of their cruel invaders, who place themselves, under the protection of Congress, and receive its support Events of an Indian war-Peace restored its terms--- Finesse of Congress to possess. the Indian lands_Hence urose the North-west territory, now the Ohio State-The subject of Congress lands continued-nature of their sales, and price of these lunds--their great profit to land-jobbers--increase of population of the State a Dutch purchaser, his sentiments after experience,

LETTER XI. Charlestown Vicious taste in building to the river-copied from Philadel

phia-its punishment-Navigation from Charlestown to Wheeling this port-town described its origin-sketch of the inhabitants and their propensities--a Virginian horse-racea boxing-mhtchA ball and supper- the sequel-u puthetic story..

LETTER XII. A mail coach road from Philadelphia to Lexington n Kentucky, severa

hundred miles-accommodations on the road-en :hanting valley and creeks their origin_history of the first settlement of Cooandanaga by Irish emigrantsiis judicious regulations-Mr. Fitzpatrick its head manner of passing Sunday in this little republic-general situation its inhabitants - Long Reach-Indian imitutions of animals,

LETTER XIII. · Pogs night and day currents, their variation, advantages and disadvan

triges-- Indian practical philosophyma subliine prospect-an interesting breakfast-settlement of the banks of Long Reach-description of thema wpassage to Marietti-a dangerous falla-Little Muskingum Riven..

Marietta, a flourishing town deserted-ship building and commercial enterprize-has the only church from Pittsburg, one hundred and eighty miles distant--the laws strictly enforced its tradesmen, generals, colonels, majors, &c.

LETTER XIV. Varietta-an inundation-Fort Harmer-Indian antiquities. Be a lover

of truth, the marim of the Western world-Indian tradition-an anecdote an excursion-the Muskingum Rivera prospect--discovery of a vault-a beautiful tesselated pavement and other remarkable remains of Indian antiquity--large human skeleton and other curious antiques -the depository remains of a chief in ancient times--the author's re.. marks on these remains of antiquity--predelection of the Indians for tall and robust chiefs--wild turkeys.

LETTER XV. Indian incantations and charmspriestsTheir extraordinary knowledge

and gifts-interesting explanation of the cause-very remarkable antiquities encounter with a rattle snake, which is killed-deer-wila turkeys--Lanesvelle--farther very remote and grand antiquities-golden treasure found the bubble bursts.

LETTER XVI. Little Kenhaway RiverBelleprie-Bacchus's Island-fine view of it

the house its elegant and interesting inhabitants—a rural evening and supper-Big Hockhocking River-New Lancaster town--its sudden rise and as sudden decline by a contagious sicknessDutch cupidity and its consequences Belleville town and Islandthe Devil's Creek- Letart's Fullsdanger of passing them, especially in the night-Campaign Creek-Point Pleasant, a handsome little town.

LETTER XVII. Farther particulars of the great Kenhaway River-Lead mines-attro.

cious massacre of Idians, the family of the celebrated Logan, the friend a of the whites its consequences the battle of Point Pleasant-the

speech of Logan-catalogue of Indian birds character of the Mockingbird and the Virginia Nightingale.

LETTER XVIII. Galliopolis, a French Settlement-Historical account of its rise, progress, and fallits present miserable state.

LETTER XIX. Various rivers and creeks-saw millsa fine salt spring and an Indian

pottery-Great Sandy Creek-central situation of its mouth-erroneous, accounts of Kentucky-corrected-extravagant price of landsman ercursionvestiges of the remains of a Chief of uncommon size-gamewild hogs-remains of an Indian village an alarm-explained.m-wolves hunting their prey.

LETTER XX. Settlement of the French families removed from Galliopolis--their mode of hife and domesticated animals--a French rural repast and dance-navigation to Alexandria account of the town and its vicinage-Portsmouia i-The Scioto river-Chilicothe, principal town of the Ohio State -difficult access to it-The Pickauee Plains a grand situation for a capital-Antiquities of Chilicothe and barbarous taste of the inhabitants -the Governor, his worthy charucter-slavery entirely abolished its beneficial effects-Salt springs-Run to Maysville.

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