Eunomus: or, Dialogues concerning the law and constitution of England. With an essay on dialogue, Volumen 4

B. White, 1785

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Página 107 - Country dances began at ten, and at twelve a very fine collation was provided for the whole company, from which they returned to dancing, which they continued as long as they pleased, and the whole day's entertainment was generally thought to be very genteelly and liberally conducted. The Prince of Wales honoured the performance with his company part of the time ; he came into the music incog.
Página 113 - As some way-faring man, who wanders o'er In thought a length of lands he trod before, Sends forth his active mind from place to place, Joins hill to dale, and measures space with space, So swift flew Juno to the blest abodes, 90 If thought of man can match the speed of gods.
Página 107 - Page, who, joined to the other judges, serjeants, and benchers present, danced, or rather walked round about the coal fire, according to the old ceremony, three times ; during which, they were aided in the figure of the dance by Mr. George Cooke, the prothonotary, then...
Página 57 - I'm to leave On this side the grave To some one or other— And I think to my brother. Because I foresaw That my...
Página 106 - As soon as dinner was ended, the play began, which was Love for Love, with the farce of The Devil to pay. The actors who performed in them all came from the Haymarket in chairs, ready dressed ; and, as it was said, refused any gratuity for their trouble, looking upon the honour of distinguishing themselves on this occasion as sufficient. "After the play, the Lord Chancellor, Master...
Página 58 - Much as in me lies To the son of my mother, My own dear brother, To have and to hold All my silver and gold, As the affectionate pledges Of his brother, JOHN HEDGES.
Página 136 - L'on connaît beaucoup mieux les besoins de sa ville que ceux des autres villes, et on juge mieux de la capacité de ses voisins que de celle de ses autres compatriotes. Il ne faut donc pas que les membres du corps législatif soient tirés en général du corps de la nation, mais il convient que, dans chaque lieu principal, les habitants se choisissent un représentant.
Página 24 - ... the rest of the audience, such and so great a commotion of mind, that we could not help staring at one another, on account of the visible change of colour that was caused in every one's countenance. The effect was not of the plaintive kind. I remember well that the words expressed indignation, but of so harsh and chilling a nature that the mind was disordered by it. Thirteen times this drama was performed, and the same effect always followed, and that too universally, of which the remarkable...
Página 107 - When this was over, the ladies came down from the gallery, went into the parliament chamber, and stayed about a quarter of an hour, while the hall was putting in order. Then they went into the hall and danced a few minutes.
Página 105 - Bishop of Bangor, and by the Judges and Serjeants who had been members of that house. There was a very elegant dinner provided for them and the Lord Chancellor's officers; but the Barristers and students of the house had no other dinner...

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