Fossilia hantoniensia collecta, et in Musæo britannico deposita


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Página iii - The fossil shells, of which the following plates are exact drafts, were collected in the county of Hampshire, out of the cliffs by the sea-coast between Christ Church and Lymington, but more especially about the cliffs by the village of Hordwell, which is nearly midway between the two former places. They are found in their natural state, excepting their loss of colour, and exceedingly well preserved, below a stratum of gravel and sand about fourteen or fifteen feet thick, in a bluish kind of clay...
Página v - The originals arc said to be in the Branderian collection of the British Museum. " but very few are known to be natives of our own, or, indeed, any of the European shores ; but the far greater part of them upon a comparison with the recent are wholly unknown to us.
Página vi - Hißcry in genera^ is rarely attempted, but by fuch as are in fame degree acquainted with the Latin, I thought this Preface in the Vulgar Tongue^ and the Accuracy of the Drawings might be fujficiently fatisfaEtory to thofe whoMre wanting in that farticular.
Página v - Solander, one of the officers of the Britifh Mufeum, who is at this time employed by the truftees to compofe a fyftematical catalogue of the natural productions of that intire collection.
Página v - Part of them, upon a comparífon vtith the recent, are wholly unknown to us. And now I think I have nothing more I» do, than te acknowledge myfelf indebted for the fcientißc Dcfcriptton of them ta the learned and ingenious Dr.
Página iii - Foreft, as may be perceived when Sinkings are made in the Earth for Buildings...

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