Biographical Peerage of Ireland

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Página 386 - That sir John Hotham had done nothing but " in obedience to the command of both houses of " parliament, and that the declaring of him a traitor, " being a member of the house of...
Página 487 - Jan. 1832, and was in 1835 created a Peer of the United Kingdom, by the title of Baron Fitz-Gerald of Desmond, and of Clan-Gibbon, Co.
Página 386 - Inftead of any anfwer to his Majefty upon thefe two mefTages, or fadly confidering how this breach might be made up, they immediately publifh (together with a declaration of their former jealoufies of the Papifts ; of the malignant party ; of the Lord Digby's letter intercepted; of the Earl of...
Página 515 - BOO, or such like words, or otherwise, contrary to the king's laws, his crown, dignity, and peace, but to call only on St. George, or the name of his Sovereign Lord the King for the time being ; and if any person or persons do contrary, or offend in the promises, he may he taken and com.
Página 385 - ... from the Parliament, he never imagined it would engage him in rebellion; but believed, that the King would find it neceflary to comply with the advice of his two Houfes ; and that the preferving that magazine from being poflefTed by him, would likewife prevent any poffible rupture into arms.
Página 387 - ... before the beginning of the war; and was, in truth, the immediate caufe of the war. It was the more wonderful, that a perfon of a full and ample fortune, who was not difturbed by any fancies in religion, had...
Página 100 - He died Dec. 10, 1674, and was buried in the Temple church, near the grave of his friend Selden, who had appointed him one of his executors, and whose friendship for him is recorded on sir John's monument.
Página 16 - When the civil war was over, he went abroad with a pass from the parliament ; but when the fleet revolted to the prince of Wales, he readily went on board, and distinguished himself by the vigour of his counsels. His advice, however, was not followed, but...
Página 516 - There was an association of the lords of the Pale, or district of only five counties, in which alone the English laws were predominant till the reign of Henry VIII. in order to prevent the Irish from maurauding, and to suppress insurrections, &c.
Página 68 - Omne solum forti patria, vtjs, (x,e, quia pains," " 1 he first part," iayc a. republican ; Cromwell not attached to any kind of government, but of all kinds liked that the least. Ludlow spoke his mind plainly, and was never taken for any other than he professed himself to be ; Cromwell valued himself upon acting a part, or rather several parts, and all of them equally well : and when he performed that of a Commonwealth's-man, he performed it...

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